Stereotyping Based on Music Preferences?

  • Stereotyping Based on Music Preferences?

    People always seem shocked when they find out that I listen to Korn, because I don't "look" like someone who'd listen to them. Apparently, all Korn fans are overweight angsty Hot Topic goths or something (at least that's what a man in this forum I'm in said). I'm not angsty. I don't really like Hot Topic. I wear pink and purple a lot. XD So that assumption he made is clearly wrong.

    I know there's a lot of artists out there whose fan base gets stereotyped (i.e. fans of new Green Day are wannabe punks, fans of Avril Lavigne are posers, fans of emo music are sad and need to get over themselves, etc.). Those are some ones that I've heard before.

    Has this happened to anyone else? Are people surprised at what type of music you listen to? Has anyone ever been stereotyped based on what they listen to? Have you ever (or do you currently) hold any preconceived opinions about a certain artist's fan base?

  • I'm always called an emo or goth. but then i start walking around and singing some pop band or dance song.
    people are quite surprised by what I listen to.

  • Since the "G" word has already been used twice in this thread...

    I listen to a lot of goth music, and I also look like I'd listen to a lot of goth music. This has caused people to be surprised that I...

    -Don't hate Christians
    -Am not much of a drinker (I all but got accused of lying about this one by an old co-worker)
    -Can not, in fact, hook them up with someone who'll sell them weed
    -Am not just looking for attention (as evidenced by the fact that I get really uncomfortable when I'm the center of attention)
    -Am not at all into the "fetish" scene (and here's my own negative stereotype - it's because it's so full of histrionic drama queens)

    Right after the Columbine shootings I used to get a lot of grief from total strangers who would yell things like "stop shooting people!" (Inevitably it would be some middle aged white guy - hey, Jeffrey Dahmer was a middle aged white guy! Stop eating people!)


    I've also been called a Nazi for having a handful of Death in June songs in my iTunes. None of which had even remotely objectionable lyrics, by the way. Sigh.

  • Ukrainians are not funky

    I'm Ukrainian and i enjoy the occasional groove. People seem to be very surprised by that. Maybe they think i should listen to military marches all day. It's not that the funk is in my blood, but i was practically raised by Michael Jackson, so yes, i know a groove when i hear it.

    p.s lol "Stop eating people!"

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 16 Feb 2008, 11:24
    Listening to stuff like MCR makes people think you're a whiney bastard
    Listening to metal makes you look like a close-minded, annoying turd.
    Listening to pop music makes you look like a simple moron.
    Listening to underground stuff makes you look like you have no life
    Listening to punk makes you look like somekind of a rebel-poser.

    In Hip-Hop, however the situation is different. The obly one we can blame for stereotyping Hip-Hop is the rappers themselves. Most of the name, listening to rap makes you look like a misogynist gangsta. That's one of the reasons I'm moving away from rap.

    • Jan74 said...
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    • 16 Feb 2008, 17:36
    I lol'd at "stop eating people" too.

    I suppose I look like someone who listens to Maroon 5 and James Blunt. I don't, but I have to dress professionally, and looking "grown up" = listening to whatever soft rock is popular at the time, in people's minds.

  • I love punk and emo. I also dress kind of punk-ish. Black shirts, studded belt, chains, wristbands or fingerless gloves, skater shoes. I like dressing like that 'cause I think I look good like that. I'll get dirty looks from middle-aged or old people, or "preps". They kind of give me this disgusting look like I'm a terrorist or something. I can just imagine what their thinking. "He's probably some anarchist, let's walk into the GAP, hunny, so we don't walk by the anarchist." or "Hey I wonder if there are cuts under those wristbands."

    Just to clarify. I'm not entirely happy with the War or the Government, but not any more than the average person. Also, I'm a pretty happy person, so the emo stereotype doesn't apply.

    "If I could choose my own name, I'd choose something that's bold and fits, like anger, aggression, cunningly brash, by the skin of my teeth, but with timing and class." - I and I, Bayside
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Feb 2008, 04:53
    People seem to stereotype me with listening to stoner music... And not that I don't like some Cypress Hill or Kottonmouth Kings, but I think my musical taste goes a lot deeper than just "stoner msuic". I am the only stoner I know who listens to pop, electronica, ambient or jazz. Pretty much everyone who blazes at my school listens to only hip hop or metal.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 19 Feb 2008, 12:10
    Gianrafaelcarlo:LOL what a bunch of morons. I don't really like this style either, but I believe everyone should dress the way they want to. I love seeing people looking different =D

    JonnySeidz:Why not Cypress? I love 'em =( Still, your opinion.

    • DJRJ_AU said...
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    • 20 Feb 2008, 00:10
    People at work laughed when I described myself as a "self-confessed audio whore". Then they saw my music collection and began to believe.

    • Jan74 said...
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    • 21 Feb 2008, 01:50
    DJRJ_AU said:
    People at work laughed when I described myself as a "self-confessed audio whore". Then they saw my music collection and began to believe.

    I usually say I'm addicted to music, and people go "me too! I have like 5 GB of music in my computer!". Then I let them know the extent of my problem and their jaws just drop.

    But you know, it is not my fault. People keep making *more* music all the time! The collection is never ending.

    • mo827 said...
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    • 21 Feb 2008, 21:47
    i was waiting outside to be let in to a brother ali concert (he's an indie hip hop artist on rhymesayers ent.) when one be lo (another rapper on rhymesayers) walked up to me and said "you don't look like a typical indie hiphop fan." i still can't figure out if he meant it's cause im a chick,cause im black,or both but if i ever see him again, i'm def gonna ask! :)

  • It's interesting that this form of stereotyping has happened to so many people. I think I get weird stares for my music preferences because I'm a female, I'm black, and I dress "preppy."

    The "stop eating people" comment made me lol, too. :)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Feb 2008, 06:28
    After reading these, now I'm interested in what people think I listen to if they don't know me well. I rarely talk about music in real life, however odd that sounds, so I don't know :-/

  • People often think I cannot listen to 'serious' music just because I like 80's hair metal.
    Yeah, hair metal is fun and kinda foolish, but that doesn't mean i cannot listen to anything new or different.

  • People was shocked that I liked acoustic songs like On My Own, Nine Inch Nails' Hurt etc. They thought I only listened to black metal and screaming 24/7. And then they were even more shocked when they found out I liked 2pac, eminem, snoop dogg, dr. dre etc.

  • People was shocked that I liked acoustic songs like On My Own, Nine Inch Nails' Hurt etc. They thought I only listened to black metal and screaming 24/7. And then they were even more shocked when they found out I liked 2pac, eminem, snoop dogg, dr. dre etc.

  • I'm actually really curious as to what people stereotype me as. I dress in solid color or band Tshirts and cargo pants or shorts with big brown skater sneakers. Kind of skater-punk if i had to classify myself. But I listen to quite a bit of metal, progessive rock and some orchestrated stuff. My close friends know this though, because we speak a lot about music, but I have no clue what others think.

    love is an act of blood and im bleeding a pool in the shape of a heart
  • I let a coworker of mine go through my iPod [which has a bright pink case] and the first words out of her mouth were,'You like country!?'

    I'm pretty sure I don't fit in any stereotype but poser. I wear band shirts of bands that I don't like [I.E. Nirvana. Not a fan.] But it's also one of my favorite shirts. [Go figure...]

  • I'm the same way with the shirts. I've got some from some bands I like recently, and some I've gotten from tours (or stores that had "band" sections) from when I was younger which seem to either fall into the category of don't-like-that-much-anymore or bought-the-white-option-in-a-bad-lapse-of-judgment-and-now-is-noticeably -stained. The few exceptions are usually too baggy to go with my newfound scenester look. (OK, yes, I'm a poser too.)

    It's not so much I don't like these bands anymore, and even though I certainly don't love them as much as I once did, but looking back, I don't think I was ever on "must-wear-logo-on-chest" love with any of them. Like, John Lennon. He was a legend as a Beatle and afterwards, but I have all the Beatles records. I settled for John's greatest hits. The more I read about how John treated Julian and how lavishly he lived after telling the world to "imagine no possessions", the less I want to wear that shirt. (Don't read too far into that, I still hold him as a genius and great guy. It's just that I've come to realize that if I'm wearing a Beatle, it should be George.)

    (Also, I think country falls victim to the stigma that precedes it, and if people kept an open mind, they'd find a song or two... hell, maybe an artist they really like. Mine's Brad Paisley. Dude's witty. And can shred.)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Apr 2008, 19:21
    I suspect most people who know me aren't too surprised at what I listen to. They may find it a little odd that I can listen to someone like Chicane and then August Burns Red, but it doesn't inspire a serious :O reaction.

    But honestly, I don't truly know how people stereotype me.


    • mc_moro said...
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    • 14 Apr 2008, 21:20
    I am a serious person but people get shocked when find out that I like rock music and when a rock song starts I jump and sing with a beer in a hand, drinking a lot so instantly they change their minds and think that I do drugs and that I am a dangerous person jajaja.

    Knock your heads!!!

    "¿Qué hay detrás de la máscara, qué es aquello que anima al personaje?"
    Octavio Paz
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 May 2008, 05:57
    I guess because I usually wear a lot of metalcore/post-hardcore band shirts (Norma Jean, Underoath, Emery, Thrice, etc.) people tend to think that I'm a hardcore kid, but actually are pretty surprised when they find out how deep my music collection goes.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 15 May 2008, 19:29
    I hate it when you listen to Madonna or similiar you get labeled as a "pansy faggot".

    And if you like bands like Manson or similiar you are angsty wannabe dark kid who wants to be special or something.

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  • i hate the fact that paramore is my favorite band and i have red hair so everyone thinks im some noob fan who has only like them since misery buisness and wants to be hayley williams...

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