I Can't Stand Eponymous Albums!

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Created on: 7 Jan 2010
If you hate seeing a band or artist name one of their albums (often their first) after themselves, then this group is for you.

Eponymous albums run rampant through almost all genres of music, so chances are you've all run across quite a few in your listening career. Why can't artists take the time to come up with distinct names for their albums? They are artists afterall... shouldn't they be creative? Perhaps it is easier to remember a self-titled album and thus leads to better band recognition, but come on!

Please note, this group is only against the music industry practice of eponymous or "self-titled" albums, not any of the artists who follow this practice. Many of my own favorite artists have fallen victim to the dreaded eponymous album plague and many of the biggest, best, and most influential bands have too. Arguably, some of the best albums ever released were eponymous. This, however, does not change the fact that they should have had real names!

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