How many books you have?

  • How many books you have?

    Yes, the question is simple... Just write how many books you have and what percentage you have read so far...

  • i don´t know for sure...
    i´ve read almost all of them, say 98%.

  • I have 217 books right now and I've read %90 of them, I think...

    • Warfoki said...
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    • 8 May 2010, 20:30
    I myself have about 200-250 books, never counted them. I however made a ctalogue out of the books which can be find in our household. 1621, to be exact. But I haven't add the books I got last month, that means some 20 books more.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 6 Jun 2010, 16:37
    Around 60 or 70; I've only read about 20-25 of them though. :/

  • Over two hundred for sure; last time I counted was years ago. I've read about 80% of them

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  • My family collection 2200 books aprox, very huge I think and a lot of walls of my house , mine are like 170, and I've read around 150, the others are about history, biology and that stuff (not books novels anyway)

  • 32, so that's really less ( I had more, but I didnt read those anymore. Didn't like them. So I put them away). But I'm planning at buying more!

    I read almost all those books. Just not the few I recently bought.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jul 2010, 21:00
    57 teen books. And lots of other, for adults. But I haven't read those. Maybe one day.

  • My most recent count topped off at around 100, but I've brought home plenty more since then and I'll be damned if there aren't still plenty more buried out in the far reaches.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Jul 2010, 20:04
    I read books, not collect.

  • I estimate 40-50 meters of books, >75% read

  • I really like to own the books I've read, I have also several titles in different versions, e.g in German and English or when there are special editions. Tried the library more than once, but I love how a new books smells and feels, and how it changes during my reading.

    I own between 1000-1500 books, stopped counting quite a while ago. 98-99% of those I have read.

  • I've got somewhere around 150 books, with probably one-third of those not being read yet.

  • I own 228 books (or something like that, last time I counted them was couple of a months ago) and I've read 90-95% of them ^^

  • ~100 but they are for childrens, I have bought them when I'm about seven or eight years old. Now I borrow books from library.

    • dumu-zi said...
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    • 20 Aug 2010, 07:25
    Warfoki said:
    I however made a ctalogue out of the books which can be find in our household. 1621, to be exact.

    I did the count, too, so there's another patient fellow over here - 1440, two years back and I read ~ 80%. Yet, I'd say the number is not that important if not related to some other (small) details, for example - the age of the reader versus the collection of books.
    If some people cannot afford to buy books (or don't care in owning them), I bet that there's always a library around and can borrow some, so, again, that number is just an ordinary number without any significance whatsoever.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Aug 2010, 11:02
    far too much for my shelves far too little for my literature's appetite.

  • I don't know exactly but I've read all of the books I have, I'm sure;-)

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Aug 2010, 21:31
    About 1000. This is a diminished amount from a library consisting of many more, but I had to sell off my collecion more than once.
    LIke getting teeth pulled!

  • I counted once, 5 years ago, now i don't really see the point counting. I guess I have several hundreds. not all of them read, some of them read years ago, some are just waiting to be read and some will one day be given away.
    I buy lots of books and I borrow even more from the library - as I study phylology I just can't buy all the books we study, though I would love to possess many of them.

  • I've never tried to count them, but I'm sure that there are more than 600 of them...

  • 120 where I currently live and study plus another 60-70 back at my parents' place. Read about 75% of them, need to have a big reserve of unread books.

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    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Sep 2010, 19:39
    i've got about 100 books, and i read ALL of them, mostly twice or actually thrice !! :)

  • estimated

    about 200 in my living room, read roughly 90% - another 20 or so in my bedroom, also 90% i think - I donate alot of books regularly as it would be too much if i kept all of the books i have bought through the years...

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