good fantasy literature

  • good fantasy literature

    I'm trying to find some new fantasy books that I like. I've read David Eddings and like his style. I also read the hell out of the Lord of the Rings(the whole trilogy). Any writers that I might want to look at?

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    • 21 Jun 2009, 04:29
    You should definitely check out ROBIN HOBB. The Farseer Trilogy.
    Her discriptive powers match her excellent visual imagination. The settings are intriguing as are her multidimensional characters. Her books are a must have for anyone that loves a good fantasy novel.

  • R.R Martin
    Robert Jordan
    Elizabeth Moon

    Quality stuff...

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  • G. R. R. M. - A Song of Ice and Fire (series)
    J. R. R. Tolkien - The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Children of Húrin and everything else you can find by him
    R. A. Salvatore
    Brent Weeks - The Night Angel trilogy
    Terry Pratchet
    Tad Williams - Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn (series)
    Robert Jordan - The Wheel of Time (series)

  • Michael Moorcock - The Elric of Melnibone books
    Robert E Howard - The Conan books
    HP Lovecraft - The stories set in the dream world are fantasy, such as "the dream-quest of unknown kadath", the "white ship" and "the other Gods".
    Lyndon Hardy - secret of the sixth magic

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    • daguka said...
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    • 21 Jun 2009, 21:35
    series of warcraft
    david gemmel

  • I second or third George R R Martin.
    I also like Lynn Flewelling, especially the trilogy beginning with The Bone Doll's Twin

    Someone recommended Brandon Sanderson. Just ordered Elantris so I'll report back. Anyone heard of him?

  • I would highly recommend Raymond E Feist's books, starting with Magician.

    Also second the Robin Hobb recommendation, but blimey those books are depressing!

  • Rowan_of_Rin said:
    I would highly recommend Raymond E Feist's books, starting with Magician.

    Also second the Robin Hobb recommendation, but blimey those books are depressing!

    Why depressing?

    As for the thread - C. S. Friedman - The Coldfire Trilogy, excellent dark fantasy trilogy ;D

    • xcott said...
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    • 5 Jul 2009, 07:07
    My favorite fantasy, second to Lord of the Rings, is The Dragon Bone Chair series (The Dragon Bone Chair, The Stone of Farewell, and To Green Angel Tower [1& 2]) by Tad Williams. He sets high standards in fantasy writing.

  • Well, I can't say nothing new unfortunatelly, but I can second or third or fourth some of the other suggestions.
    Robert Jordan - great story in The Wheel of Time , just it's really long and not finished yet as he died.
    George Martin
    Raymond Feist - I don't really think his books are depressing, they're really cool.
    Robin Hobb - I haven't read The Farseer Triology, which posiegirl reccomended, but I've read the other triology connected to the same charectares, only older. It's The Tawny Man Trilogy

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  • I'd suggest my favourite fantasy author Sergey Lukyanenko.
    But if you wanna read him, start with the "Watch" series. First one is Night Watch. There's a movie too, but the book is way better, in my opinion. His style is very light and I, personally, found them really entertaining.

  • I've read Night Watch and really liked it, but I haven't read the rest yet. Personally I'd recommend Terry Brooks for fantasy. He has two main series. His Magic Kingdom of Landover series is really light fantasy, while his Shanarra serieses (is that how you'd do the plural of series?) are darker. He also has The Word and the Void series which, in his latest Shanarra series, is connected to the world of Shanarra. I also like Jim Butcher's Dresden Files.

  • Now I am reading third volume of "The Sword of true" by Terry Goodkind.

    I can really recommend you this once, first two volumes I read instead of sleeping - 4 days for each volume (about 800-900 pages).

    Adventures of Richard could really get you, and there is a lot of fantasy connected characters and creatures. Wizards, dragons, magic. And main character isnt perfect, also has a lot of fails.

  • I think Terry Pratchett and George Martin will be good :)

  • The Name of the Wind: (Kingkiller Chronicles, Day 1) by Patrick Rothfuss

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 7 Jul 2012, 13:47
    I can highly recommend you Brandon Sanderson. He writes Fantasy novels with creative ideas like the Mistborn Trilogy.

  • +1 on Robin Hobb and Robert Jordan
    If you like your fantasy darker and edgier (and cynical) you can't go wrong with
    Steven Erikson's Malazan series.....
    If you like more than sword and sorcery stuff and like to veer on "Twilight Zone"
    territory (NOT Twilight territory, hehe) anything by Harlan Ellison
    For really intelligent and funny history and science-punk try Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver trilogy....
    And last, the darkest and more depressing fantasy ,Abercrombie's The Last Blade trilogy..... summed up by "life sux, shit happens, deal with it"

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