How'd you call 90's hip hop

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    • 19 Jan 2009, 11:31

    How'd you call 90's hip hop

    Hey hip hop nerds!

    Its not old school, its not new school, but as a matter of fact: it was the peak of rap history (imo)
    So how would you define 90's hip hop groups like siah &yeshua dapoed, das efx, xperado, d.i.t.c. ...

    boom bap?

    • ReSval said...
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    • 19 Jan 2009, 20:31
    WORD UP!!!!!!!! ;)

    Caught between worlds
  • i just call it "GOLDEN ERA! " =)

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    • 4 Apr 2009, 14:12
    golden age hip hop)

  • i call it 90's hip hop

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    • 23 Apr 2009, 02:45
    golden age!

  • Shit was legendary then, not that there's not great shit coming out always but i was a teenager then and it was golden age to discover hip hop...

  • I'm going to take a page out of KRS-One's book and say part of the True School

    "It never got weird enough for me."
  • If that was the golden age are we living in the dark ages?

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    • 27 May 2009, 17:27
    i think that the hip hop "community" is a lot more diverse than other genres:
    we're discussing bout who is real and who's not, who's down with the good stuff and who's jumpin on the train making commercial shit. I don't know bout other styles with the same issue.
    perhaps hip hop is so overwhemling and became so popular that the original spirit has been lost.

    It's just sad that many consumers dont know ppl like krs-one, j5, gangstarr, or even nas. AND THESE GUYS AREN'T UNDERGROUND.

    I keep with the VINTAGE stuff.

  • wfredricks said:
    If that was the golden age are we living in the dark ages?

    Well, since darkness prevails under the surface. But Hip Hop is not belowground, although many of the greats are. In loving memory of Big L, Guru, Nujabes, ODB, Jam Master Jay, J Dilla, Tupac, Rammellzee and many more. I frankly think that Hip Hop is not dead, never will be. May be it was down for a moment or a period, as for the time when Nas saw it that way, but the issue is much different from hip hop culture dying out. It's not even fading away. We can see a tendency in the world scene for all the old and classic genres actually. And if we state that hip hop is dead, then we should definitely point that out for jazz, funk and swing for example. And some may say that is just the evolution of music, but I say bite me! That's nothing more than an industrial model in a world with which a lot of us become reconciled. It's killing our taste, our senses, our vision, our soul while trying to impose on us the view that Cash Rules Everything all Around. And most people believe it, 'cause they can touch it. It's so much easier to grip an actual material rope no matter how slippery it is than to rely on spirituality. And stuff like gratitude, forgiveness, love, respect can't be seen until the lack of one destroys your health or social life. The so-called "Bling-bling era" is reaching its peak and I believe that whatever comes next, after all hip hop will come home. In the meantime y'all just need to dig deep.
    And if you want to think that a genre is dead or no longer listened, it's okay, but my view stays: you ain't seen nothing yet!

    That was hell of an offtopic!
    Anyway, definitely golden age. : )


  • ;)

    90' s,for me best rap and best sound!

  • Golden Age is more like 87-91, Just Call It 90's Rap

  • 90's rap. If I write/talk about Polish rap I can also call it "oldschool" or "early" cus rap in Poland was "born" in 90's.

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