I've Found Someone To Live For - Who Lived and DIED for Me

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Created on: 16 Apr 2009
You're made to live here on earth, but your SOUL is made to spend eternity with God because of the sacrifice His son made. Jesus lived, died, & is now ready to live in your heart. Are YOU ready?

Which is harder, a hello for the first time or the final goodbye?
"One is the beginning of something new and exciting while the other is tossing away all of what was once exhilarating and wonderful. Isn’t all that you have started here on earth going to come to an end? So when we begin something with a hello, it must be invested in what is eternal: Love. Love doesn’t have an ending or a goodbye, and it carries us on into eternity with the One, who first demonstrated it’s definition, by giving each of us our very own unique and breathtaking hello, and an oppurtunity to never say goodbye.”

What is LOVE?
Do you know why you are here? Do you know that your life has a divine purpose? You are not alone in this world. You are loved. And you were made unique and beautiful by a Wonderful Maker. You will always be cared for because there is an ETERNAL and genuine love that comes as a gift from our ETERNAL AND REAL God. And guess what? He loves you, Just the way you are. He created you, then gave his son to DIE for you. So that you would be covered and protected from any evil.

God's love is a burning fire...
God's burning a fire here and ready to burn a fire within your heart, and no matter how much water people pour on it, it can't ever be put out. Have you asked yourself lately, what is keeping my heart beating? Who is my heart beating for? Each person has that drum beat inside them, but who's drum are you marching to? You can either take the road that is broad and full of temporary happiness OR you can experience the supernatural and eternal love that is GOD. Many people have tried to take the same way the world has -- It's nothing new. But without God no one can ever find that real, undeniable happiness that comes with having a relationship with Him. God wants that relationship with you and He's already given up His son for you so you can spend eternity with your perfect King. The question is, are you ready to give up things that only give you temporary happiness to Him?

If you are a believer in God and have (or would like to have) His salvation in your life, feel free to join and connect with all the people here. If you don't believe in God and are interested in asking questions or want to get a second opinion on something, Please Join! Everyone is Welcome!

Are you unsure?
That's okay. We're here to help. We're ready to answer any questions you have about life and God, or anything else you can think of. We'd love to talk to you if you're searching for something more in your life, feeling depressed, have questions about life situations, looking to make a variety of new friends, sick of "reality" television shows and people idolizing celebrities, or just want to talk to someone new. Just Realize, we don't want you to leave without understanding God is for you and never against you. He's with you and all around you. You can't see Him but you know He's there. He's ready to talk to you, all you need to do is start with a few words...

So, are you ready?
"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." -Jesus (Matthew 11:28)

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  • mernst1030

    John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.

    28 Feb 2013 Reply
  • jabman-1

    John 6;21-23 NIV 21 For just as the Father raises the dead and gives them life, even so the Son gives life to whom he is pleased to give it. 22 Moreover, the Father judges no one, but has entrusted all judgment to the Son, 23 that all may honor the Son just as they honor the Father. Whoever does not honor the Son does not honor the Father, who sent him.

    3 Oct 2012 Reply
  • XC4Life

    The natural world seems to scream out the glory of God.

    17 Sep 2012 Reply
  • EricTrott

    I believe that the surest way to be sure that you are not saved is to not be sure. To believe in Jesus is to 'know Him' as your Lord and Saviour. Not just 'know about Him'. I know this may sound simplistic to some but as someone said, the problem with the Gospel is that it is both 'profoundly simple' and yet 'simply profound' at the same time. And it is a problem to those who do not believe and not to those who do believe.

    10 Aug 2012 Reply
  • Lissia

    He loves us! I Love You Jesus!!!

    5 Aug 2012 Reply
  • Dennisisgod

    God loves me! God loves you! God Loves everybody!

    4 Mar 2012 Reply
  • singrundance

    Find me on twitter @tiffanyandwtbmn

    19 Jan 2012 Reply
  • singrundance

    If you have any ideas for this group or the discussions, feel free to message me.

    3 Nov 2011 Reply
  • try2keepSmilin

    i love the afters! great vid.

    24 Jul 2011 Reply
  • edwardelrick

    im so glad im not the only one that believes,i feel happy to kno im not alone,God Bless everyone

    8 Jul 2011 Reply
  • ISoS

    Evidence of people please? kthxbi

    4 Jun 2011 Reply
  • UltraJohnny

    I believe in God and people. #Undish - I Believe

    25 May 2011 Reply
  • try2keepSmilin

    your love sets me free... Addison Road – Hope Now

    22 Apr 2011 Reply
  • the_gray_fox


    24 Mar 2011 Reply
  • loptimistic

    I've asked myself whether I would be willing to give these things up, and I am not. If I accepted God and accepted that these things would hurt him and make him sad, I would at least feel bad doing them. But I feel nothing at all. Anyway, for now I think I'll just continue on with life until I go off to college (half a year away) and can start making my own decisions apart from the live I've led thus far.

    22 Mar 2011 Reply
  • ISoS

    Tiffany, I believe you are trying to use reason and logic in your argument. This negates and contradicts everything you've said about God. Obviously loptimistic would be better off not listening to something that has logical reasoning, because that will lead them astray of God, who does not need logic (according to you).

    1 Mar 2011 Reply
  • singrundance

    God already loves your more than you can ever know and he's knocking on the door to your heart. All you have to do is open that door. Whatever you spend the most of your time doing really reflects the type of person you are, so when you are involved in these "worldly things" do you like the person you are? I don't know if you've seen this video but it's a great reflection of the things we deal with in life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cyheJ480LYA

    26 Feb 2011 Reply
  • loptimistic

    Since last week, I've actually been thinking more about this "believing" thing, and I do agree with what you've said. Acceptance is not a simple action, but because of that, there is so much that is unclear. Acceptance should beget action, so what happens when a person chooses to accept Christ at the very end of his life, when there is no longer any time with which to show change? What happens to babies who die young? At what age is one responsible for one's acceptance or lack thereof? We watched this video during our annual youth retreat this past weekend: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yhX7m3rF20c, and I find it makes a lot of sense. Recently I've realized that I pleasure myself in worldly things, but to be honest, my pride makes it so that I don't want to remove myself from that (and if I did, it would be insincere). I'm scared, but I don't think "accepting" out of fear would be true acceptance. So I've kind of resigned myself to where I currently am.

    23 Feb 2011 Reply
  • singrundance

    (Continued even more :D) Compared to how complicated God is and what he has in store for us after this life on earth, learning to REALLY believe (understand, accept, love, and know) is quite simple because he has it all laid out for us in the Bible and gives us the Holy Spirit as a helper. :)) ((And if you really want to get into a predestination discussion... I suggest you start a discussion ^^ up there in 'Active Discussions.'))

    23 Feb 2011 Reply
  • singrundance

    (continued from previous) Now ACCEPTING Jesus died for your sins is a little different from understanding it. You are accepting him into your life, and by doing this you are forgiven from your sins, you receive the Holy Spirit, and you accept God's love. By accepting this you begin to become like God because if you genuinely accept His love, you want to return that love to Him. And Jesus says himself later in John 14:15, "“If you love me, keep my commands. 16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another advocate to help you and be with you forever— 17 the Spirit of truth. The world cannot accept him, because it neither sees him nor knows him. But you know him, for he lives with you and will be in you." If you love God, you follow his commands and the lifestyle he has laid out as an example for you. And the more you get to KNOW God the more you LOVE him. Believing isn't as simple as they come when it comes to believing in God is it? ...

    23 Feb 2011 Reply
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