I need some new tunes to listen to!

  • Fenech-Soler

  • 8BitPeoples.com
    Over 75 Artists
    108 Albums (As of This Post)
    All made by classic game consoles
    Nullsleep - Game-Boy
    Anamanaguchi - NES <------- Not a gameboy last time i checked uranutan
    #1 reason to go. ALL ALBUMS ARE FREE.

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  • shemusic.org
    Awesome 8-bit-ish music, but not exclusively cheesy gameboy-only stuff. It should appeal to normal people too.

  • Music I recommend never listening to...


    sounds like someone took a shit on a ghetto blaster.

  • Wax tailor

  • Paul Kalkbrenner for the win!

    • Luard said...
    • User
    • 31 May 2011, 18:09
  • Maybe you can try this one :)
    Hope you'll like it

    shit happens
  • shinichi osawa!

    ... I scare alot of people
  • [FNet028] Musica Para Porro I Casa By Leithal (electronic; abstract; experimental; breaks; soundart) @ http://www.fature.net/release.php?id=83

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