Has anyone seen Mogwai live?

  • Has anyone seen Mogwai live?

    They are playing in my area soon, and I'm undecided about going.
    Thing is, I will need to drag my mate along (he's not a post-rocker, he's a rock-rocker), because I don't want to be a Jonny-no-mates.
    Now, I've dragged him along to other gigs before (65DOS / ASIWYFA) but I was confident that they were sufficiently lively to appeal to him - and as it happens he's quite into 65DOS now (woo-hoo! spread the word).
    However, as much as I like Mogwai, they strike me more as a band you listen to when relaxing rather than, perhaps, pogo-ing.
    Does anyone reckon a rock-rocker would appreciate Mogwai live?

  • Sure 2 times, and i'm going to see them next week :) They're just amazing.

    I remember, I saw Sigur Ros and I said : "Waw, best band ever", then I saw Mogwai and I said : "Waw, best band ever, better than Sigur Ros", then I saw again Sigur Ros : "Waw, definetely, better than Mogwai !", then I saw again Mogwai and "Waw ! better than SR" and.... well...
    Mogwai won : I saw Sigur Ros in live with their crappy last album in a BIG concert hall with girls who was crying, shouting. THEY WERE DISGUISED.

    Definitely, Mogwai is the best band ever.

    That was my life. Thank you for your attention.

  • Yep!

    They are incredible live :D an unmissable experience

  • hiya! from mexico

    I’m a huge fan of mogwai, is one of my favorite bands. I was fortunate to see them in mexico and they sound amazing! was a great concert, plus I could also see two of my favorite bands here in mexico, Sigur Ros and EITS and have been really awesome concerts

  • Saw them a week ago and enjoyed it very much.
    Of course they are not as rock-ish as rock-rock bands, but they are an awesome (and loud) live band.

  • i see Mogwai each year

    their concert are very good
    they alternate between old song and new song
    (if you don't like the new album, they play classical old songs like "christmas steps" ...)

    be careful, they play loud

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