• The genesis of "Basse Continue" .

    28 Feb 2009, 22:57 by Serge_Leroy

    Serge Leroy


    Basse Continue (part 1)

    In a recent interview, Serge Leroy, founder of Lightwave in 1985 with Christian Wittman and of the 2 labels BADLAND RECORD (1988) and ARTGALLERY (1994), explained the main idea and conception that lie behind the genesis of "Basse Continue":

    (Beginning of quote)

    " "Basse Continue" ("Continuo" in English) came from an idea I had to make a full CD with only one huge sequence. More than 300 tracks were needed to achieve that goal through the sequencing part of a Cubase Audio software.

    The title refers to a classical music term often used in baroque music for describing "a bass part for a keyboard instrument with or without a bass string instrument written as a succession of bass notes with figures that indicate the required chords used as an accompaniment".

    For me, generally speaking, it was more or less the continuous pulse I could feel in classical baroque music tracks bearing that appellation that made me choose this term as the most accurate to describe the process enabling constantly the creation of a proper rhythm without the help of any drum machine! "

    "Basse continue" was composed between the 11th of February 1999 and the beginning of 2000 in my private recording studio "Ohm studio", a few weeks here and there, sometimes during 12 to 15 hours a day (I remember at least a few weeks only doing that, without going out), more intensively between February to July I suppose. Altogether certainly one month, maximum 6 weeks of intensive work, so I would say, 2 to 3 months of scattered work including the weeks of intensive work."

    (End of quote)

    Even if the track is slow to build up and is composed of progressive strata continuously accumulating for the duration of it, the programming required a certain virtuosity that constitutes an antidote certainly for all those who are fed up with drum machines and beats per minute, and as such it has to be listened to carefully.
    This album is nevertheless not devoid of influences that are reminiscent in places or at times of Steve Reich' s piano music, or of certain Tangerine Dream's tracks that one can hear on albums such as "Ricochet" and "White Eagle".

    "Part 2" is not yet downloadable. It will depend on the response "part 1" will get.

    Nobody has heard "part 2" so far. I need to shorten some bars here and there not to make the listening a boring process as it lasts almost 80 minutes.

    Anyway if you don't (or one doesn't) like "part 1", that was the intent behind it, that is to say if you are (or one is) bored while listening to "part 1", why would you (one) want(s) to listen to "part 2"? It was a precaution I took, just to have the right feedback and assess what to do with this long track if the response had been bad.

    Another version is in the pipeline where I want to add some electric guitar along the track, some synth strings in the beginning, and some choirs or maybe voice samples between 26:45 and 28:20, in a similar vein as the voices of one famous track belonging to the album "Atom heart mother" by Pink Floyd.

    Moreover I'd like to improve the EQ differently, section after section during this very long track. The bass EQ should be improved for sure when listening loud.

    Many thanks for your attention, your criticisms and reviews!

    Serge Leroy

    (Please feel free to let me know of any English mistake as English is not my native langage!)
  • [02] Absolute Motion

    10 Mar 2009, 22:34 by nrvnet

    THC Series [20][12]

    Here is the second of 12 mixes from THC Series [20][12] for the 15 Minutes of Fame Mix Series. [02] Absolute Motion is another departure from the usual quiet ambient mixes on the Hydrogen Cafe. I wanted to do something that was much more polyrhythmic and incorporated cuts from some Berlin-school electronic artists like Tangerine Dream and Synthetic Block. I wanted to create something very rhythmic that flowed nicely together. I continued the idea of using conventional artists who did unconventional tracks and using conventional tracks in an unconventional way. Once again you will hear U2 masquerading as the Passengers along with the Twilight Sad (an AMAZING indie-rock band!) and Snow Patrol. Excerpts from these artists are intercut with some great polyrhythmic electronic tracks from Synthetic Block, the Irresistible Force, an amazing cut done way back in 1966 by Raymond Scott, Tangerine Dream, the Alan Parsons Project (I Robot was the very first LP I ever got!), a snippet of Vir Unis and a great cut by Saul Stokes. I also tried to incorporate field recordings that were rhythmic in nature as well.

    THC Series [20][12] is a series of 12 mixes, all 20 minutes in length. I will intersperse these mixes with my regular long-form mixes throughout 2009. THC Series [20][12] will also be cross-posted on the 15 Minutes of Fame board. The Zip file below contains artwork for the mix as well as the “score” for the mix which is a jpeg capture of the timeline from the mixing software I use, Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer. The score can show you exactly what is playing at any specific time code. I hope you like [02] Absolute Motion. This mix is meant to be played LOUD! ; )

    D O W N L O A D S (right click, save link as):

    THC Series [20][12]-[02] Absolute Motion MP3 (20:00)
    (320k) (45.8 mb)

    Artwork & Mix Score
    (861 kb zip)

    Stream this mix

    T R A C K L I S T I N G

    1. Passengers - Slug (excerpt)
    2. The Twilight Sad - Talking With Fireworks/Here, It Never Snowed (excerpt)
    3. Synthetic Block - Sonic Approach
    4. Snow Patrol - If There's a Rocket Tie Me to It (excerpt)
    5. The Irresistible Force - Spiritual High
    6. Raymond Scott - The Bass-Line Generator (1966)
    7. Tangerine Dream - Logos (excerpt)
    8. The Alan Parsons Project - Nucleus
    9. Vir Unis - Pale Blue Dot (excerpt)
    10. Saul Stokes - Fields (excerpt)
    11. Snow Patrol - The Lightning Strike (excerpt)

    [F I E L D R E C O R D I N G S]
    1. John Arndt - Montego Bay
    2. Matthias Kispert - Buddha Machines
    3. Matthias Kispert - Weaving Factory
    4. Cedric Deloche - Taipei aeroport interieur
    5. Dave Pape - UK Photo Machine
    6. Olaf Ross – cowbells

    (′ab·sə′lüt ′mō·shən)

    (navigation) Motion relative to a point fixed on the earth's surface or to an apparently fixed celestial point.

    (physics) Motion of an object described by its measurement in a frame of reference that is preferred over all other frames.

    “Time has been transformed, and we have changed; it has advanced and set us in motion; it has unveiled its face, inspiring us with bewilderment and exhilaration.”

    - Kahlil Gibran

    Artist links etc. can be found on my blog
  • artist Deepspace being released by Hypnos!

    14 Aug 2008, 09:33 by Deepspace_

    Electronic/Ambient label Hypnos, who have released albums by Vidna Obmana, Robert Rich, Jeff Pearce, Alio Die and Numina are releasing the new deepspace album "The Glittering Domain"

    Here it is on the Hypnos news page:

    Deepspace began as an ambient project, that started largely on, where I uploaded and promoted a series of self-released albums. So thanks for listening.

    Stay tuned for the release date.

    Thank you,
    much ambient love.

  • New Review for Deepspace "Subantarctic Sessions EP"

    27 Apr 2008, 11:52 by Deepspace_

    This review will be on the Electroambient Space site in a few days:

    Deepspace “Subantarctic Sessions”

    (, 2008)

    7 tracks, 53.48 mins

    I continue to marvel at the high quality of Mirko Ruckels’s floating ambience as Deepspace. Subantarctic Sessions is in a very similar vein to The Barometric Sea and The Barometric Sun, dark and formless much of the time, but with a deeply calming influence. Beautiful simple piano, heavy on the reverb, adds loads of atmosphere to “Arctic Sun and Weather Experiment,” a fantastic lead-off track that sets the mood. “Subantarctic Phenomena” is even quieter, bringing even fuller relaxation. Minimal drones, whooshing wind, and soft synth pads create a soothing ambiance. It doesn’t develop much, but it doesn’t need to. “Voyaging Iceberg” sounds as cold and towering as you might imagine, though it is unexpectedly soothing as well. Even more calming is “Chrysanthenum Planet” (sic), which skirts the fringes of new age without fully going there. From here the disc just seems to get even smoother and dreamier, if that’s possible. “Mirror Sea” and “Deserted” are wonderfully evocative of deep space and pure floating. Perhaps coalescing into a bit more substance sonically speaking, though still quite gelatinous, is the equally relaxing “Crustacea Parklands,” which makes a fine finish if you haven’t already drifted off into dreamland by then.

    © 2008 Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Listen to the EP, or download it on here:

    Visit Electroambient Space here: Sessions (EP)
  • Deepspace wins Best New Ambient Artist Award 2007 at Electroambient Space

    19 Feb 2008, 12:23 by halcyon11

    Mirko Ruckels, aka Deepspace is the happy recipient of two awards from the long running 'Electroambient Space.' an electronic and ambient site run by Phil Derby.


    Best New Artist: Deepspace – Mirko Ruckels is a great new talent, a cross between Steve Roach and Stars of the Lid, with a dash of Budd and Eno.

    Top 10 Ambient albums for 2007

    Deepspace “The Barometric Sea” – Thoroughly soothing echoing soundscapes, with just the right balance between light and dark as expansive synth sounds breathe alongside sparse piano and other sounds, textures and treatments.

    read the original award page and see the other winners here:

    DeepspaceSolar-WindTelomerePixieguts Steve RoachStars of the LidHypnosBiosphereAphex TwinBrian EnoAirJean Michele Jarre
  • Subantarctic Sessions - Deepspace EP

    7 Feb 2008, 02:04 by Deepspace_

    This is a collection of pieces that did not make it onto the deepspace albums for whatever reason. Most of them however, did fit onto into an Artic theme. So I grouped them together, and have created an online only EP called "Subantarctic Sessions"

    Listen to it here:

    These tracks had the same amount of love and care lavished upon them as the regular Deepspace albums, so please have a listen.

    Arctic Sun and Weather Experiment

    This piece links together with Subantarctic Phenomena and Voyaging Iceberg. It has a cold desolate feel. I was inspired to do this after thinking about Vaughan William's Sinfonia Antarctica. Musically, it shares nothing. But I wanted once again, to capture that deserted blissed out feeling of standing on an ice-shelf, maybe journeying through the ice towards a distant cloud covered formation.

    Subantarctic Phenomena

    This is a darker piece- the opposite of the piece before. The midnight sun has set, and everything is grey and windy. I saw an episode of Planet Earth, in which a big group of male penguins were clustered together, protecting their young from these horrendous antartic winds. That really inspired me to do this i think, looking back.

    Voyaging Iceberg

    I was very fond of this song, but because it was written during the Slow Moving Lifeforms sessions, it did not fit. It has a strange sequenced part after the middle. :)

    Crysanthenum Planet

    You may not there is a piece called Crysanthenum Ocean on Barometric Sun. This piece is different altogether and came first. It's very ethereal sounding and so did also not fit on SMLF1 in a way that was fitting. It has a middle section that still makes me feel very emotional- it's like a little embryo travelling through space or something.


    This used some sounds from the SMLF1 palette, but didn't fit as it was too "night-time" for the album, which I wanted to be full of sun. This piece sounds, to me, like a quiet street, maybe near a harbour, very late at night. Streetlights are buzzing quietly away, and everything is still and quiet. I have to say I've always had a preoccupation with representing this setting. Something about it attracts me. It fits better with the Artic theme, I would say.

    Mirror Sea

    This might have fit on Barometric Sea, had it not also been written during the SMLF sessions. It is very glacial, and reminds me of a quiet sea.

    Crustacea Parklands
    You may recognise this as very similar to Crysanthenum Ocean from Barometric Sun. It's the same piece. Minus the Bass part and minus the melodies. This is the first incarnation of the song, and it existed as a finished piece for about 4 months before I decided to add some extra parts to it. I envisaged an serene underwater scene full of colourful fish darting about happily for this one. God, I'm so very, very dark....Maybe this is the hidden underwater scenes below the ice.



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    Harold Budd
  • "The Barometric Sun" by Deepspace is out! (free full stream)

    27 Nov 2007, 11:57 by Deepspace_

    Here it is:

    Third album for 2007. Released November 30.

    How does it sound?
    Ambient, electronic, dreamy, floating.
    Full album stream available here:

    Maybe I'll get some sleep now. :)
    Let me know what you thought.

  • Pilot of the Future interview- Ambient C-64 music?

    18 Nov 2007, 02:31 by halcyon11


    Pilot of the Future are Jeremy and Mirko Ruckels, two brothers from Brisbane, Austrlia.
    Formed in late 2007, Pilot of the Future is an electronic/ambient experiment. They are influenced by the genre of music created on the Commodore 64 and ambient acts such as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin and Peter Namlook. They use a variety of devices to create this music, including computers, guitars and cars. Both are involved in other musical projects: Jeremy in Dos Hell and Mirko in Deepspace. Their debut album is due in early 2008. Go to
    to listen to full length downloadable previews

    Here's an excerpt of a local interview from the University of Queensland with Pilot of the Future:

    >I interviewed Mirko and Jeremy POTF for my local university rag: I've included the text from the extended version here:

    UQ: Welcome guys. Tell us why you got together.
    M: We'd never really worked together before, and thought we'd do something.
    J: And I've just been getting into ambient stuff, so the timing was perfect. We were both off in our own little projects. I'm doing a band called Dos Hell.
    M: Shameless plug there (laughs).

    UQ: Are you guys doing this off your own bat, as in independent, or do you have a label in the south of france?
    J: We have several financiers from Ibiza(laughs) No, it's entirely independent.
    M: We have no money, or friends (laughs) so we're doing it ourselves. Good thing about that is, that you have no one breathing down your back, and you can pretend to be all indie-cred, and do everything the way you want.
    J: You can make records for peanuts these days. And we like peanuts, so we're making a record.

    UQ: What's the reference to computers? Are you making music that is meant to be played while playing games?

    M: Not really. It's inspired by our memory of the C-64. So it's not meant to sound exactly like the music that was made on it, it's just inspired by the composers who worked on some of those games. Like Rob Hubbard. Who wrote so many amazing pieces for the C64 that it's just mind boggling.
    J: I do recall boggling at one time.
    UQ: What games are you talking about?

    J: Stuff like The last ninja, which I never shut up about. It was such an awesome piece, and I'm constantly trying to write stuff like that.
    M: Ripping it off. (laughs)

    UQ: Back to the label and distribution stuff. So how easy is it now?
    M: Real easy. If you have a broadband connection, and a host, you can do whatever you want. Places like, myspace and a bunch of others let you get your music straight to other people's ears. It's just phenomenal.

    UQ: What sort of music do you both listen to?
    J: Right now, Boards of Canada. Of Montreal, XTC.
    M: A lot of independent ambient and electronic stuff. Telomere, Justin Robert, Mooma Phil Wilkerson, Solar Wind, Northcape, that sort of stuff.

    UQ: When will the album be finished.
    J: In about 9 minutes.
    M: (laughs) In a few months I'd say. They (the songs) are coming fast, so we're going with it. Shouldn't be too long.

    UQ: Thanks guys. Looking forward to it.

    Pilot of the Future

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  • Third Deepspace album for 2007(!!) "The Barometric Sun" out November 30.

    15 Oct 2007, 04:16 by halcyon11

    New album "The Barometric Sun" which follows "Slow Moving Lifeforms Volume 1" and debut album "The Barometric Sea" is set to be released on November 30, 2007. Yes, that right. This is the third album in a year from Deepspace.

    The album continues and evolves upon the style of the debut album "The Barometric Sea" with more serene, hypnotic and beatless ambient sounds.

    It will be available as a full stream at and also at
    It will also be available for sale at cdbaby, and then at the usual download retailers, such as emusic, itunes and payplay.

    Please come and have a listen, leave a comment and support bonafide independent artists such as Deepspace. Currently both earlier albums are available to listen to in full at
    and at the homepage.



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  • NEW TRACK: "Crystal Wind" !

    11 Aug 2007, 09:05 by hyperwind and are my ONLY official websites.
    There you can find my new track, high quality mp3, for free as well as all music archive.