Bob or Grant

  • husker wise I can always get a kick both personally and musically of whatever bob did back them, I see grant as quick fun but he was more crafty, it took years for Bob to evolve and make Sugar for us and he owes that in part to grant, who had such oddball subjects. Solo careers, even on bob's weak stuff I find something catchy or a beautiful chord or a passionate lyric.

  • Altough I like Mould's songs, Hart is one of the greatest song writers ever. If Lennon/McCartney had written the likes of Green Eyes, Terms of Phychic Warfare, She Floated Awat, Never Talking to You Again and Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill they would be considered milestones in the history of music. I definitely agree that Mould writes anger or force better which fits in brilliantly with the work of Hart on any Husker album.

    • Harfang said...
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    • 19 Mar 2011, 01:02
    Lately I have at last been learning that Grant is probably Bob's equal as a songwriter. But I will always favor Bob. His songs have a Wall of Sound that is epic and undeniable, just as the Spector one and the black-metal one are. And there are other reasons. I respect Grant's talent equally but he is not Bob.

  • Greg

    Because his mustache is cool.

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