Bob or Grant

  • Bob or Grant

    In my experience, the Du fan falls into either the I prefer Bob camp or Grant is God. Which one are you, and back it up with an example and argument...I will be back to see how you are all getting on

    See ya

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  • I'll add a little piece into this prompt just to make it more interesting... What do you make of what kinds of things the guys have done since they've left the band? Is it such that Grant and Bob really hate each other? I've enjoyed the Bob solo material so maybe that puts me in the Bob camp. Or maybe I never liked drummers too much. :-)

    • NHA said...
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    • 23 Apr 2006, 09:10
    I thought Husker fans don't talk! I thought they were the rules!! Personally I like all their stuff! With Huskers ... all of it generally good. Nova Mob 'POmpeii' great album, Bob - Black sheets of Rain amazing, Workbook very diappointing, weak ... if you get me!

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  • I wasn't sure many people liked Black Sheets of Rain. I heard somewhere Bob himself was disappointed with his production. And I kind of liked Workbook, haha. What does that Nova Mob stuff sound like?

    • NHA said...
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    • 30 Apr 2006, 20:35
    'Last Days of Pompeii' a really good album, doesn't have the darkness of Husker Du but still very good. Melodic, good pop.

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  • Ah... I'm really a bob guy. I like all his solo stuff except modulator. I also like bob's husker songs the best. Songs like up in the air, celebrated summer, too far down etc etc. Grant have done some f***ing amazing stuff as well: no promise have i made, don't wanna know if you are lonely as well as older grant material.

    Grant seems to be a fav if you ask other musicians. Posies recorded the song grant hart and coverd don't wanna know if you are lonely. Green day coverd the same song. Just saw an interview with Dave Grohl where he namedrops grant hart as a person he'd love to work will. Suppose grant is a cool guy.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Jul 2006, 22:09
    Grant is amazing. I prefer Bob Mould, but Christ, Grant has been drumming professionally since he was 13.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Jul 2006, 02:16
    I don't know I thought everyone like Bob so I always had a soft spot for Grant especially since most a lot of my fav songs are from Grant's stuff.

    But frankly I always felt it was hard to choose and that might be the reason I never got into their solo stuff as much.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 24 Jul 2006, 05:08
    I'd say, very reluctantly, that Grant is my favorite. He was never as phenomenal in conveying anger as Bob was, but he contributed some of the most perceptive, introspective songs to Husker Du, both musically and lyrically. Grant knew how to keep a handle on his music, so although his songs are more restrained, every part of his songs means something.

  • I go through stages. I'm in a Bob stage right now.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 14 Nov 2006, 03:41
    I don't split the band up between bob and grant actually.
    I like all their stuff.
    But I think it's sad that Greg Norton did not write more stuff. He only wrote one song and that's "Everytime" and that one is my fav. song after "If I Told You"

  • I'm also not going to choose. Both played an equal role in making the Du what they were/are and that legacy cannot be fucked with. Most of my favorite Du songs are from Bob but I know they would not sound the same if Grant was not there. So, who knows?

  • I think the Bob/Grant thing really depends on what mood I'm in; I find I listen to more of Bob's stuff when I'm in a bad mood and Grant's when I'm feeling cheerier, although I'll make an exception for 'never talking to you again'. =p

    PS are there any minutemen fans out there who saw that short interview with Grant in 'We Jam Econo'? Wow, the man's not looking too great these days.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Jan 2007, 16:21
    Oh man I just talked about that in my journal noting Michael Stipe's 47th birthday.

    I saw that he is looking real rough.

    Greg Norton was funny about how D Boon got him into cooking I think it was on one of the out-takes.

  • Ha! Must've missed the outtake... I noticed he's still rocking the moustache though; good for him =)

  • I never really made much of the Bob v. Grant argument, but did always nominally think of myself as a Bob fan. Except that in a recent "Minneapolis" phase before Christmas I started checking songwriting credits and began to realize that most of my favourite songs were written by Grant. Now I'm thinking that maybe I haven't given him enough credit - in part because Bob's put out so much more solo stuff, lending his work as a songwriter a little higher a profile. The upshot of it is, I've just loaded Good News For Modern Man back on my iPod so I can take a bit more time to digest.

    The dude abides....
    • bsd987 said...
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    • 23 Mar 2007, 05:41
    I preferred Bob's voice, but Hart wrote the better songs with the exception of Celebrated Summer. But yeah, I preferred Bob Mould.

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  • Bob, no contest. Almost all my favorite songs are from Bob's hand, and the ones I find a little weaker are almost always from Hart.

  • I've thought about this for 20 years, and it's impossible to say. I resent the somewhat bizarre imperative to choose.

    My favorite HD songs split down the middle. It's like trying to divide The Beatles catalog -- for every Tomorrow Never Knows there's the brilliance of Hey Jude. Bob was angry/sad, and Grant was more complex. Bob was more immediate, but Grant could be melancholy on a higher level. I found their singing and melodic sense to be equal. In the end, I prefer to celebrate the intermix of two brilliant songwriters.

    As for solo material, again I'm divided. Bob has great material, and Sugar blew my mind. Yet Grant's solo albums are amazing -- there's a fragility that reminds me of Chris Bell (the co-writer of Big Star, who left and then tragically died before he could capitalize on his talent). Even so, and I'm often a fan of underdogs, but in this case, I can't say Grant's pop craft supercedes Bob's.

    Resolving back into the HD debate, I could claim that Grant's "Pink Turns to Blue" easily eclipses anything Bob wrote, and completely obliterates Nirvana. It's not completely true, but true enough to give someone pause. In fact, I defy you to turn it up to fucking LOUD and then reconsider.

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    • evonx said...
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    • 30 Dec 2008, 17:36
    I always preferred the mix of Bob n Grants songs, especially on the Warehouse and Candy Apple albums. Impossible to say which i prefer though, both wrote a dozen or so classics.
    And like some said before, too bad Greg didnt write more. Everytime is a great tune.

  • both are great....but I don´t konw Grant's songs are more complex...but Bob is an amzing songwriter

  • lordbyronfan1 said:
    I wasn't sure many people liked Black Sheets of Rain. I heard somewhere Bob himself was disappointed with his production. And I kind of liked Workbook, haha. What does that Nova Mob stuff sound like?

    Black Sheets Of Rain is awesome. Dunno why anyone would hate it.

  • Bob. Easily. Grant definitely wrote some incredible Husker songs, but something about Bob's voice really gets me...just the grain in it, the desperation and sincerity. His solo stuff is hit-or-miss, but the "hits" are mindblowingly good. One of the best pop songwriters of our time, straight up. He's still got it, too: his latest album Life and Times is spectacular.

  • wooot

    the 3 of them were awesome!!!!

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  • grant hart is playing in my town on saturday. jealous much?

    i wouldn't say i like him more or less than bob, but "back from somewhere" "sorry somehow" "green eyes" and "books about ufos" might just be my favorite hd songs.

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