• Records .2009.

    29 Dec 2009, 11:13 by Moon_Pix

    2. Magnolia Electric Company - Josephine
    3. Richmond Fontaine - We use to think the Freeway sounded like a River
    4. Castanets - Texas Rose, The Thaw & The Beats
    5. Neko Case - Middle Cyclone
    6. Pearl Jam - Backspacer
    7. Dinosaur Jr. - Farm
    8. Patterson Hood - Murdering Oscar
    9. Son Volt - Central American Dust
    10. Jason Isbell & 400 unit
    11. Built to Spill - There is no enemy
    12. J. Tillman - Year in The Kingdom
    13. Ryan Bingham - Roadhouse Sun
    14. Scott. H. Biram - Something's Wrong Lost Forever
    15. Do Make Say Think - Other Truths
    16.Snowglobe - No Need To Light a Night light on a Night Like Tonight
    17. Todd Snider - The Excitement Plan
    18. William Elliott Whitmore - Animals in the dark
    19. Justin Townes Earl- Midnight at the movies

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  • Best albums of 2008 by my choice

    8 Jan 2009, 14:01 by Moon_Pix

    In the end of last year i swore to myself that i won't be doing this. Making LISTS.
    But here i am. At work.,*persuaded, paraded, enebriated, and down*, making lists to pass the time. I didn't really give it too much thought, wrote down all the albums i listened the most and liked the best and in the end I added numbers in about 2 minutes.
    This is what i got:

    1. Sera Cahoone - Only as the day is long

    Although i was more into sliding guitars that flow & rock'n' roll this year ( it was the thing that made me feel alive ) this woman captured my heart. Everyone recognizes themselves in somebody else i guess. Sera effected me in that way. Best she did is quitting on Carrisa's Weird and releasing two truly beautiful records. Her music maybe isn't pure perfection, but i listened to this record so many times this year that few audio cassetts would get thin and break before 31. of December. She is amazing & I'm sure that in future she will only get better. Sera Cahoone

    2. Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind

    First time i heard Hayes i fell down on my knees.
    I didn't get a new Jay Farrar record to gloryfiy this year, but Hayes took Jays place in a snap of a finger ( and i never put anybody in Jays place. Ever!)
    Loud guitars that flow and a handsome, charming, smart, funny , drunken Texan guy in worn out clothes singing country songs about a bad liver and a broken heart. Laugh freely, but a girl like me could not ask for more.
    Hayes Carll

    3. Drive by Truckers - Brigther Than Creation's Dark

    My past with this band is weird. Sometimes i loved them , sometimes not. All very subjective, and related with emotions and situations but i admit they are one of the greatest rock bands i ever heard. Due to circumstances this is their most diverse album . Every song is so different and funny in ironic way & you feel like you're listening to a great mix tape given to you by somebody you could maybe love. My favourite song is *I'm sorry Huston* .
    All in all, loved it.
    Drive By Truckers

    4. Collin Herring - Past life Crashing

    Collin is also a Texan boy who rocks and rolls. His songs are loades with smart thinking and his voice with everything he is living through.
    Somebody recommended him to me, and Past life crashing ended up on constant repeat. Very nice shaped and roudned piece of music with lots of guitars, slides and even violines involved. It was so easy to fall in love with songs like Cellophane , Yard Cars or Punches , they just stick in the ear right away, and kinda have tendencies to dig a hole to the heart and stay there.

    Best line from Punches:
    "I use to be a warrior, throwing punches at the night air".
    Collin Herring

    5. Ben Nichols - The Last Pale Light in the West

    Ben sings in a great rock band called Lucero. Those guys are on the road for at least 200 days per year, and all they want is to play their songs and drink enough beer. They were fucked by music industry, they were always broke but they always had a bunch of loyal fans to support them, so they always managed to find a way to the next town and next gig. You can see all this in a documentary called Dreaming in America made by Aaron Goldman ( i highly recommend it).
    Back to the begining, Ben is heart and soul of Lucero. He writes this amazing lyrics and sings his soul out untill he falls down, drunk and worn out.
    A friend who had seen them live told me ben was awsome but band was too loud. In This small record Ben's horase voice sounds much calmer , there are no distorsions, only acoustic guitars, pedal steel and harmonica and it sounds beautiful. Gracious in a very manly way. Go Ben! Nichols

    6. The Dexateens - Lost and Found

    What surprized me the most about this record was that it was for free. Band uploaded it on their web site for all of us to download for 0 $. Very nice of them no?
    This album is different than their last albums in a way that its less country more rock and psychodelic. it was one of my favourite things to listen to around 7 am when it's time to go to work. Woke me up, gave me energy and i guess sometimes, i even thought about dancing or drinking beers even if it was early in the morning and i was maybe even hangovered .The Dexateens

    7. Angela Desveaux - The Mighty Ship

    This is the second album of this Quebeckian woman with a chainsaw in her hand.
    Very melodic and kind of poppy americana sounds. Feminine, playful and flowing.
    For sure, this girl has something to say Angela Desveaux

    8. Chuck Regan & Austin Lucas - Bristle Bridge

    Lucas was singing folk songs before he could speak & Chuck Ragan was frontman of Hotwater music. A punk that turned into country singer. That transformation is usually a bingo.
    Resault of their colaboration is this loud country record . Lucas and Regan sound like church bells on a dooms day. Full, loud and powerful. They are a truly great mach.

    9. The Gaslight Anthem - '59 sound

    A month ago, if somone woud've told me i will be putting this record amongst my top 10.i would probably be evil and tell them to go to hell.
    First time i heard it, i thought what a typical teenage skate punk band, didn't even have nerves to listen to it till the end.
    As the days and weeks were passing by more and more of my friends kept listening to this and talking about it and bla bla... so i decided to give it another try.
    This time i listened to entired record, it sounded better and so catchy i knew every song by heart right away. Every time i put it on now i discover this small hidden pieces of sound and words that prove this band is definitly not a teenage skate punk band.
    This year i attended New Years eve party at my friends house. It stayed in my memory as a wonderful and fun night , and i will always remeber how we screamed out all 12 '59 Sound songs all night long.The Gaslight Anthem

    10. Woven hand - Ten Stones

    Not as thrilling , mystic and deep as Mosaic but a very good album.
    White Knuckle Grip isa breathtaking adrenalin rush!

    11.Left Lane Cruiser - Bring Your Ass to the table

    One of the best concerts in KSET last year( exept the club was packed with awful,drunken 18 year olds) . These two guys seriously know how to kick ass. Dirty, dirty blues that makes you wanna smash empty beer bottles and bottles of whiskey. The Black Keys ( who are on the same label) can kiss their feet.Left Lane Cruiser

    12. Centro Matic/South San Gabriel - Dual Hawks

    Not as close as good as Love you just the same, but every new record they make simply makes me feel like i'm meeting a dear old friend

    13. Castanets - City of Refuge

    Ray is a really weird guy. I had honor to meet him and he seemed shy. It was obvious he was happy about where he was, and what's going out around him, but i guess he is just not use to talking much. I still remeber face of my friend Rastko who was out of him self, like he was meeting God. That night he played some songs from the City of Refuge and they sounded wondeful. Minimalist pieces that haunt you in your dreams. Soon after that the record came out.
    As beautiful and spooky as In the Vines.
    Shadow Valley is a masterpiece in every way, lyrically perfect and deep , and haunting as the lonliest ghost of the pararel world.

    14. Star Anna - Crooked Path

    15. Reckless Kelly - Boolet Proof

    16. Two Cow Garage - Speaking in Cusive

    17. Tim Barry - Manchester

    18. Mark Erelli - Delivered

    19. Slim Cessna's Auto Club – Cipher

    20. Old Crow Medicine Show - Tenessee Pusher

    21. Will Quinlan & The Diviners - Navasota

    22. Adam Klein - Western Tales & Trails

    23. O'Death - Broken Hymns, Limbs, and Skin

    24. Micah P. Hinson & the Red Empire Orchestra

    25. Old 97's - Whatever Happened I Appologize
    26. Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir - Ten Thousand

    27. Silver Jews - Look out mountain, Look out sea

    b]28.The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
    The Hold Sready

    29. Watson Twins - Fire Songs

    30. Bonnie 'Prince' Billy - Lie Down in the Light
  • in your own opinion, who would be ......????

    2 Feb 2008, 12:22 by Moon_Pix


    :)think about it,& lets have a little teenage fun:) and please don't make decisions based only on looks .

    Jay FarrarAsian MaeWill JohnsonNeko CaseNina NastasiaMeg White
  • Top 20 + 8 of 2007 ! ( be continued...)

    6 Dec 2007, 08:06 by Moon_Pix

    2. CASTANETS - In The Vines
    3. DAVID THOMAS BROUGHTON - It's In There Somewhere
    4. CHRIS BATHGATE -A Cork Tale Wakes
    5. ANGELS OF LIGHT - We Are Him
    6. EDDIE VEDDER - Into The Wild
    7. NINA NASTASIA & JIM WHITE - You Follow Me
    8. SON VOLT - The Search
    9. RICHMOND FONTAINE - Thirteen Cities + 87$ & A Guilty Conscience....(SHAME ON ME!This morning i woke up thinking:* man, i need some Richmond Fontaine* ... in the tram i realized i didn't put his record on the list. Love it so much.honest, simple,wraps my heart in warmth.
    10. GREAT LAKE SWIMMERS - Ongiara
    11. AKRON FAMILY - love is Simple
    12. DEEP DARK WOODS - Hang Me, Oh Hang Me
    13. SCOUT NIBLETT - This Fool Can Die Now
    14. VIKING MOSES - The Parts That Showed
    15. HOLLY GOLIGHTLY - You Can't Buy A Gun When You're Crying
    16. SAMAMIDON - All Is Well
    17. J. TILLMAN - Cancer & Delirium
    18. FRANK SMITH - Heavy Handed Peace and Love
    29. NEIL YOUNG - Chrome Dreams II
    20. HEZEKIAH JONES - Come to our Pool Party
    21. JIM WHITE- Transnormal Skiperoo

    22. DEER TICK - War Elephant
    23. DEXATEENS - Hirdwire Healing
    24. HARLAN T. BOBO - I'm Your Man
    25. BAND OF HORSES - Cease to Begin
    26. MARISSA NADLER : Songs III: Bird on the Water
    27. JANA HUNTER - There's No Home

    ......... Magnolia Electric CoCastanetsDavid Thomas BroughtonChris BathgateAngels of LightEddie Veddernina anstasia & jim whiteNina NastasiaSon VoltAkron FamilyGreat Lake SwimmersDeep Dark WoodsScout NiblettViking MosesHoly GolightlysamaidonSamamidonJ.Tillmanj. tillman
    Neil Young
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  • Neil Young live in concert 1971

    30 Jul 2007, 05:18 by Moon_Pix

  • Nashville moon fall and rize

    15 Jun 2007, 07:25 by Moon_Pix

    I probably said this 100ds of times over the years but: STEVE ALBINI , YOU'RE GOD!!!
    Thank you the Person who Oinked first 3 discs from MAGNOLIA ELECTRIC CO box set , that's coming out on 7th of august.
    Nashville moon is amazing, wonderful aragemnets produced by mister Steve Albini ( i mean, how can something produced by GOD be bad?).
    Anyhoo, i can't stop listening to Nashville Moon. last time i felt a record so clearly was when SONGS:OHIA-Magnolia electric co came out.
    I would start talking about the songs one by one , but what's the point? Heart is crying out sadness and beauty.
    For few days now i ve been stuck with these 3 discs. After the Nashville moon all i could do to round up the expirience was put Neil Youngs Zuma on, and it rounded it up perfectly...
    the Moon,Magnolia,Neil, my bike, some tears and me, just hanging out surrounded by total Clarity.
    Magnolia Electric CoSongs Ohia
  • Howe Gelb 04/11/2006

    8 Nov 2006, 15:43 by Moon_Pix

    what can i say.. i think many people are inlove with good ol' Howe. i was looking forward to this show for quite some time. howes last two albums are definitly amongst my top 10 last two years or so.. i knew it could only be great. before the show i went to dinner with few friends and i said Howe will play old songs and tease us with 1 or 2 tunes from arizona amp album and no angels-like you. and we all wanted to hear those two albums.
    and it is exactly how it was. he is a teaser, and has that develish smile and look in his eyes. anyways we all smiled alot and thought how cool he was. he was jumping around making jokes .it was great. everybody was happy. later we were hanging out in the bar in the theatre, all under impression ... arizona rocks.

    photos: draž
  • New tag "Howe Gelb and friends"

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    Howe Gelb

    Quoth Thrill Jockey Records :
    Howe Gelb has been called one of the most resilient and consistently inventive American artists of the last two decades. Over the course of the last fifteen years Howe has served as front man for Giant Sand, been a member of OP8, become a label owner and perhaps most importantly become a family man. All the while amazing, entertaining, confounding and influencing fans and critics alike. In 1998 he released Hisser, his second solo record (the first being '91's Dreaded Brown Recluse) which was a low-key and elegant affair haunted by the memory of Howe's longtime friend and collaborator Rainer Ptacek, who had passed away a year earlier. After Hisser's release and a handful of live shows Howe proceeded to pour himself into his first proper Giant Sand record in over five years. The resulting record, Chore of Enchantment (Thrill Jockey), turned out to be the bands finest record to date. As well, Howe got serious about his "artist run mess of a label" Ow Om. Besides preserving his ever-growing catalog, he released records by other artists and entered into a distribution agreement with Thrill Jockey. Add to this list becoming a father, again and it's easy to wonder where the guy finds the time. Then again, the wonder is part of the beauty that is Howe. "Recording is best used as a pretty good reason to hang with the family of friends globally scattered." –Howe Gelb Taking that credo to heart, Howe recorded Confluence in a variety of locations and with the enlisted help of many talented friends. A trip to Bristol, UK yielded yet another fruitful collaboration with John Parish (PJ Harvey), who also worked behind the scenes on Chore of Enchantment. Back in the States, Howe recorded with Kevin Salem (Enchantment producer) at his studio in upstate New York. Back in Arizona, Howe recorded both at Craig Shumacher's Wavelab Studios and at home. A visit from the band Grandaddy (who Howe had championed V2 to sign long before they were critics' darlings) produced the spare and haunting rendition of Elvis' "Can't Help Falling in Love." In addition, highlights include other recordings captured as a result of "treasured happenstance." The women of Candy Prune dropping in for some harmonies and the inclusion of Howe's Giant Sandmates Joey Burns and John Convertino. While Confluence retains some of Hisser's heartrendingly intimate atmosphere, the overall result is something altogether more dynamic. Change in location often equals change in perspective, songs or recordings on Confluence came about in vans, studios, bathrooms and college radio stations throughout America and Europe. The songs that stuck are the ones that felt the most true. Confluence is a healthy balance of Giant Sand's improvisational exuberance filtered through the more recent thought out proficiency displayed on last years' Chore of Enchantment. It is clear that there is a method to his madness and the pursuit of song craft lay at the heart. Free to explore his creative whims on Confluence, when and with whom as they strike, these songs tug at the hearts and expectations of both the listener and Howe. Proving that all in all, there are many rivers of thought here, such is the confluence. Up next for Howe is another solo record comprised entirely of piano compositions entitled, LULL:some piano (Ow Om) due out in the coming months. Also tentatively planned is a new Giant Sand record on Thrill Jockey for fall of 2001.

    Arizona Amp and Alternator Calexico
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