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Created on: 19 Nov 2010

"Their mixture of current Vocal an Electro House is unique!" The House-Rockerz DJ Team exists since 2004 and is the Main DJ Team of the "House-Rockerz-Oint booking agency".
The House Rockerz understand theirselves not as faceless DJ's but as entertainers, who inspire the crowd. During the set and also, otherwise, the House Rockerz get on blind.
They are for many years the best friends and not only behind the turntables a well-functioning team. This harmony spreads only much too often to the partypeople and a sensationel party is celebrated together.
Who was able to see the experiment-joyful team live already, knows where the words energy, euphoria and enthusiasm come from. The House Rockerz know how to captivate their audience.
They always try to transport feelings and emotions, proved it several times in locations like "Reunion Club" (Ibiza) or the "Volkspalast" (Leipzig) the House Rockerz are always welcome guests.
Their tension-loaded sets with in innovative selection of Vocal and Electro House is absolutely fascinating and always up-to-date. The House Rockerz are a guarantor for Peak-Time-Hymns and Floorfillers.
When they board the Turntables, it will be a hot and exciting party night. Their uncomplicated, flexible and friendly attitude is very popular to guests, colleagues and partners.
That's why they are very welcome in every club. ... the music we live for!
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