Act Your Age

  • Act Your Age

    It was good. I loved how House was all like "impressive you got them to do your work..."

    Jasper sounds like Casper, but anyhow, wasn't it funny how he bit Chase? So Cameron really dosen't like him. But what do you people think about the whole House/Cameron thing a few sesons ago? I think there's no way in hell it's gonna work out with those two. But with Chase, who knows.

    Wilson was so funny, acting all scared and young. She's just Cuddy! Lol.

    But house and Cuddy, hmmm. Hmmm.idk what to say.

    oh but that pooor little girl was so sick for nothing. Hey, that teacher told house "you're an ass." And House was saying a lot of "seriously" . I know my sentences don't make much gramatical sence at time, so don't complain.

  • i liked how the penis enhancer made the kids sick.

    • Dr_Ulen said...
    • User
    • 19 Apr 2007, 09:38
    i love the parts where wilson and house were talking about the play or the opera (don't remember), how wilson fooled house. funny :)

    i was still hoping that cameron and chase would get back together but after some thinking I agree that it is best that they're apart. Best for the team.
    And I loved how Chase went home and left cameron and foreman to work. sooo house

    Luke, I am your Father!
  • actually house fooled wilson into thinking cuddy liked him

    • Dr_Ulen said...
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    • 20 Apr 2007, 16:16
    but wilson knew that house was fooling him

    Luke, I am your Father!
  • at the end. not during the whole episode.

    • Kanji said...
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    • 21 Apr 2007, 06:19
    Man, this episode had some really hilarious moments. The bite, the 'you slept with Cuddy?' conversation, and "Do you have hair in your special place?"... All gold.

    Dunno if I'm a sick and twisted guy, but I was almost expecting that the cause of the problem was sex between the two siblings. :x The ending was quite surprising, though.

  • ahah yeah poor little girl

  • one of the best House/Wilson scenes ever :lol:

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