• The Dead Weather April 22, 2010, Tulsa OK video review

    28 Apr 2010, 07:02 by Dgold

    Thu 22 Apr – The Dead Weather

    Jack White talks about Tulsa. "Everybodys here is so nice." The Dead Weather went to Weber's Root Beer (Pictured 0:29 in the first youtube below), Art Deco cathedral (0:35). Jack White shook hands with Mayor Dewey Bartlett (pictured 0:41), and made love to the weather woman (symbolic pic??). He finishes "And I forgot all about it this morning."

    Recorded live by Dgold at The Dead Weather show 4-22-2010, Cain's Ballroom, Tulsa OK.

    The peak song of the show was The Dead Weather - "Will There Be Enough Water" - when Jack White came out on guitar. (He usually plays drums in The Dead Weather). This near front row clip is from boundlessdesign.

  • Lost Classic Acid Psychedelic Blues - JPT Scare Band - Past is Prologue

    10 Feb 2010, 20:54 by RippleMusicLLC

    Take a solid, Cream-based blues outfit, mix in the wildest, most psychedelic moments of Hendrix feedback, throw in loads of distortion and a grocery bag full of LSD and the final result will be something like the proto-metal/psych jamming of the JPT Scare Band.

    Near legendary among proto-metal historians, to understand this band and their music you've got to step back. Way back. In fact the title of their CD Past is Prologue gives us a pretty good indication where this bunch of psych-blues/metallers were coming from.

    By the time the band formed in 1973, the main foundation of metal had already been formed. Black Sabbath was all the way up to Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, Deep Purple was a year past Machine Head, even Blue Oyster Cult had released Tyranny and Mutation. In fact, it's when you compare JPT's work to these monumental releases you can see who they really were, not so much proto-metal or metal for that matter, but dudes who longed for the days of blitzed out, psychedelic walls of guitar experimentation fused to a heavy back beat and more effects pedals than an octopus could ever wrap its tentacles around. JPT Scare was actually a retro band, longing for a psychedelic day now past. A retro-proto-metal act, if you will.

    And nowhere is this more apparent than on Past is Prologue.

    Read more at: JPT

    JPT Scare Band
    Sir Lord Baltimore
    Black Sabbath
  • Ripple Music Builds Roster

    12 Jan 2010, 23:37 by RippleMusicLLC

    Greetings Readers! Just a quick note ot let you all know what's going on with Ripple Music. As many of you may know, JPT Scare Band has signed on to release an album that highlights some of their more obscure, but nonetheless brilliant moments. The album is entitled Acid Blues is the White Man's Burden and the proper mixes are being collected to ensure we can deliver the best sounding product possible. The album will be released a CD digipak, complete with booklet and liner notes. It will also be available from every digital outlet out there. Biggest news is that we're currently looking at releasing the album as a double gatefold 12" LP that would contain a couple of bonus tracks. Keep you eyes and ears open Spring of 2010!

    In other news, two other bands have officially signedon with Ripple Music. The first is brooding progressive metal act out of Vancouver, British Columbia called Fen. Their new album sounds masterful so far, and we're only hearing the rough mixes! The new album, Trails of Gloom, will be hitting stores in Spring of 2010.

    Lastly, the soulful rock trio of Modern Day Moonshine has partnered up with Ripple Music and is preparing to enter the studio to begin recording the long awaited follow up to last years critically acclaimed self titled EP. More news will follow as this story begins to take shape, but we expect to see something right about the same time as the other two releases, maybe more towards the end of Spring.

    We're still negotiating with a few other artists out there and I'mcertain that we'll have even more news for you in the coming weeks. Thank you for your time . . . now get back out there and listen to some bitchin' music!
  • Bonnaroo inital lineup!

    3 Feb 2009, 17:52 by cjwagner

  • Kim Angelis: The Messenger - extravagant and exquisitely eloquent!

    5 Oct 2008, 10:33 by Rejyna

    The Messenger
    Kim Angelis: The Messenger

    Gypsy Dances: Part 1: Zingaro!
    This lilting track features several musical interludes dancing around a gypsy violin melody, fits in well with the title and evokes imagery of fireside dances in a festive, lively presentation.

    Gypsy Dances: Part 2: Deska-Valeska
    While following the general theme of Part 1, this moves more into classical feelings with the piano accompaniment yet with 2/4 phrasing and solemn stanzas that cut the tempo in half, this movement tells the story of anticipation and reflection, of exhilaration and resolve.

    Eastern Serenade
    One can feel the influence of Asia and India in the even tempo and chordal voicings. There is a calming openness and 'floating on a stream' feeling as the violin sings to the beat of a gentle river current.

    J.D.'s Boogie
    Almost ready for the country dance, this song puts a focus on 'boogie' while it also emits the ragtime feeling of the country saloon. The violin melody and harmony lines are full of vibrant life and cheerful inflection.

    Lachryma Montis (Tear of the Mountain)
    The first vocal track, this ballad showcases the voice and violin in two-part verses, and the piano and the violin in synchronized bridges and lead breaks. A sad story to tell, the gentle mood reaches into your compassion for the crying mountain.

    Well, the title brought me to attempt to envision frogs - er, well - singing... I failed to match that vision with this lively tune. But I do hear the sound of them jumping and flopping around the pad (pun intended). Especially in the totally unexpected percussive bridge. Fun, light and inspired - frogs need their own song too!

    Amanda's Waltz
    3/4 is always one of those timings that puts me in the mood for a quartet - and in this delightful song, I can see children dancing in a courtyard party, donned in fancy Elizabethan attire and young men in knickers. Either near the castle, the commons or the campsite - I see secret smiles dressed up with bows and curtsies.

    Spirit of the Dove
    The violin and piano capture the emotions of tranquility and contentment. As we hear the music, it is possible to close ones eyes and imagine peace.

    Suite: Souvenirs of the Season Part 1: Late Summer at Jonata
    Suite: Souvenirs of the Season Part 2: Lilies in the Fall
    Suite: Souvenirs of the Season Part 3: El Nino (Winter)
    Suite: Souvenirs of the Season Part 4: Calaveras Spring

    I listened to all of these in sequence before trying to draw a picture from the presentation. If you can imagine the smell of late summer, leaves of all colors and sunsets that paint mirage pictures of landscapes in the clouds, you can also feel the sorrow of summer's passing as it is tinged with anticipation for the full harvest. The last flowers of the season try in vain to hold onto life, but the winds of coming winter and the cold it brings are too much for just about every bloom. The last few pedals and leaves give way and the winds bring rain, they bring snow, they bring people and animals closer together around the home and burrow. As the snow flurries turn into blizzards, we can stay oblivious to the cold and yet miss the beauty of the white wilderness or the midnight thunderstorm. It seems that almost as soon as we've settled in to our patterns of life in the cold season, those rainstorms finally penetrate the thawing soil and awakens the life below it. The flowers and trees return to their fullness and color, the people and animals come out of their protective abodes to dance and sing in the warm rays of the summer sun that trickle through the blooming canopy of life overhead.

    Wayfearing Stranger
    Short and apt to the title theme, this piece seems to hint of a journey or a return from one - before we know much, the Wayfaring Stranger, who just might also be The Messenger, has come and gone. We can feel the warmth left behind on our cheek by the touch of the violin and piano collages, we are happier for the experience and are edified by the message that we were fortunate to receive from The Messenger before she went on her way into the sunrise.

    This CD is simply extravagant and exquisitely eloquent.

    Skysong Website
    Kim On YouTube
    Kim Angelis
    Buy The Messenger from CDBaby!
  • A quick thought, that may have already been mentioned.

    16 Sep 2008, 07:56 by YEMinaJar

    I was just sitting here, going through my usual listening motions when a thought occurred to me. I wish that Last.FM had the ability to display what album a specific track you were listening to was on. Now, before you tell me 'It does that already!' let me elaborate.

    I am not talking about when you click on the track, leading to a fresh page with some information on that track. What I think should be put in place would involve the display of said album from which the track I had most recently listened to originated. I suggest this because (at least in relation to my tastes) often times I begin to enjoy certain forms that a certain song has taken live. This may be a side effect of all of the Phish I listen to, but I think that it's a distinction that is important.

    For example, I enjoy the version of Ashes of American Flags that Wilco play on Kicking Television: Live in Chicago far more than the version of it on Yankee Hotel Foxtrot.

    Really, it's pretty secondary, but it is still a function that I would enjoy.
  • Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband

    24 Feb 2008, 14:04 by Rejyna

    Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband

    Dream Big

    This is album that has the song (album and song both titled "Dream Big") that I recommended to all you all - I have been hearing it at the close of Peter Tillman's radio show on KABC - I LOVE IT!!!

    It almost sums up 50% of my own lyrical intentions when I write for Citadel BUT RYAN SAYS IT ALL IN ONE GREAT TUNE!!!

    They're kinda what folks are calling New Grass, I'd call it Folk Bluegrass Acoustic Progressive Rock World New Age - but that's my own problem, eh?

    Don't call it anything...just listen once...please ...Dream Big

    Then check out ALL of their other tunes - these guys have something more than special, they have 'the gift'...

    Share it profusely, encourage all those you know to Dream Big - now you know there are other wackos like me out there that still believe in dreams - check out his version of Kermit's "Raibow Connection" or better yet watch this and tell me you ain't laughing and jamming at the same time...

    [video artist=Ryan Shupe & The Rubberband]Banjo Boy[/video]

    I'll write more later after you all check it out a bit - I am going to bed now at 6 am...why do I do this to myself... ;-D

    Oh yea, I'm just dreaming again...