New, relatively unheard music

  • New, relatively unheard music

    Who are your favourite 'relatively unknown' artists? Is there a singer or band you listen to frequently who you think should have a much broader appeal? Post up your thoughts and suggestions here....


  • Nice one for joining up scotbot

    "Off the Tracks" is great - reminded me of early Ween.

  • Hiver and Elect Tree City

    this is just my music, but it's unheard..

  • IMRadio

    Personally I like the Psychedelic music from United Kingdom that is on there.
    As above it's because I was lucky enough to be involved in making some of it, and because I was allowed to do whatever I want !

    the ninth tentacle
    pedro agno

    psychotrash for your ears
    homemade music
    lofi trance-rock
  • swedish pop

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