Contest #1 - PASIO banner contest

  • Contest #1 - PASIO banner contest

    The members have spoken! Since most seem to favor a Graphic Design contest, this will be the first round of Crossover contests. The forum needs a new template to celebrate her PASIO single, so here's your chance to help make the banner. Judges are Rinoa and Sachiko. It will be judged based on creativity, appeal to the eye, and uniqueness.

    The deadline for submission is December 20, 2006 11:59PM Pacific Standard Time (PST). Contestants are limited to Crossover members ONLY. All submissions will NOT be revealed to public until the winners have been announced so that everyone's banner has a fair chance of winning.

    New rule: Each person can have a total of three submissions, but if one of theirs get chosen as First place, their remaining ones are not qualified as Honorable Mention place.

    Some of the criteria includes:
    - default dimension is 717 x 231 pixels
    - has to have at least one image of Hitomi PASIO/True Blue related
    - has to include the title "Crossover (Forum)" ("Forum" being optional)
    - usage of good quality pictures

    Please look at previous templates for examples.

    TO SUBMIT: Please PM your entry to either Rinoa or Sachiko at Crossover.

    1ST PRIZE:
    - selected as new template banner for Crossover
    - excerpt from Concert Tour 2004 OR Premium Live 2005
    - $10 gift certificate from YesAsia (Valid Email Required)

    - excerpt from Concert Tour 2004 OR Premium Live 2005

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