Exists a song that never leave your headphones?

  • Exists a song that never leave your headphones?

    It has always a song that tampers with us, when we perceive we are hearing of once again.

  • in my headphnes

    Sands Of Time
    never stops

  • there are whole albums that never leave my ipod, if you mean that...
    some are:

    gang starr - daily operation
    cunninlynguists - will rap for food
    wu tang - 36 chambers
    torch - blauer samt
    dre - the chronic
    der klan - flashpunks
    eins zwo - zwei
    erykah badu - baduizm
    f.a.b. - erich privat
    gza - liquid swords

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    • 6 Mar 2010, 10:58
    Brother Ali - You Say [Puppy Love]

  • latest favorite:

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    Seize the fuck out of the day.
  • I always keep going back to 4th Avenue Jones and the 2 songs OutKast did with Raekwon and whatever's new from Royce da 5'9".

  • Tech N9ne- Pinocchiho
    Bad Meets Evil- Take From Me
    Earl Sweatshirt- Kill
    Joe Budden- 4 Walls
    KiD CuDi- Down & Out and also All Along

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