Tiga - Musical eccentric, or just having a good laugh?

  • Tiga - Musical eccentric, or just having a good laugh?

    In my recent old age I have discovered Synth pop - not new i know but i have never popped it into a set before and found a very favorable audience. However, the more twisted and eletro sounding the better.

    I didn't realise this Canadian Guy did "Sunglasses at Night" - found i was a fan even though i didn't know it and decided to check out a bit more... I just watch the Far From Home Vid and thought this guy just doesn't take himself too seriously or is he a eccentric?

    Bring it on all the same. :)

    tech_junky (aka: Ade)
  • what are you talking about?

    Sunglasses at Night was done by 80s beau Corey Hart.
    I think he's a wannabe eccentric, taking himself seriously, though he's only mediocre --- and he didn't invent new synth. :)

  • tigar

    Tiga & Zyntherius (Jori Hulkkonen) did do a natty wee cover of the Corey Hart original. Still a fav track of mine to date, can't say I've heard the original though. Not a huge fan of Tiga's recent stuff but he has made some OK tracks.

  • always check the originals first. :)

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    • 14 Jul 2008, 10:58
    i know his father very well, he spreaded electronic music around the world beginning of the 80, he was dj ing a bit too, but mostly he bought vinyl around the world,organised partys and furnished the djs with the latest releases. that time that music was called tecno,or even before there was no name at all for this brandnew music , now they call it electro. his son tiga is using some of his fathers records, he is really infuenced by that, he is grown up listening this music far before other people start to appreciate this style (or even hate electronic) in partys all over the world. electronic dance music that time was nearly impossible to find.
    tiga by the way is not eccentric at all, it s a really nice guy, probably the record company wants him to act like that to sell more cds....now electronic music is commercial, i still can t belive it!!!!

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