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    • 17 Sep 2007, 20:20

    Get yourself some FREE Dutch music!

    Dear music lovers :)

    Check out the following artists from the Netherlands. All songs are fully streamable and available as free mp3's.

    Inna-Truth & Number 9

    Release: The Lost Pages
    Genre: hiphop

    collaboration between Inna-Truth & Number resulting in an awesome collaboration album. definitely worth to give a try!!


    Release: Good Mourning, Leech and Shards of Glass
    Genre: groove metal

    complete free discography so far by metal act Karbo, including an awesome cover of Breathe by the Prodigy


    Release: Hier is et
    Genre: dutch language hiphop

    very funky debut EP by liveact Vers2

    Number 9

    Release: Music and Me
    Genre: hiphop

    early demo-cd by Number 9 created before 'The Lost Pages'-release


    Release: 2007 EP
    Genre: alternative/progressive rock

    fully streamable (no mp3's) debut EP by upcoming band Killteam

    'There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.' -Alfred Hitchcock-
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