• Official communication to all scenesters, hipsters and other fakes

    3 Aug 2009, 21:18 by Conservationist

    You came into this genre, which had an idea of its own.

    Because you are weak, and you can't tell the difference between appearance and reality, you started using it for your own ends. To make yourself seem cool, either blockheaded kvlt or obliviously "open-minded."

    You thought things like Dethklok and brainless faux prog bands were really cool, in that ironic kind of hip way you like.

    Everything you have done has not been about the music. It has not been about art or culture. It has been about you and your failing egos.

    You want to make it a joke so you feel better about being the hopelessly normal and boring people you are. You want to hide how ordinary you are. We are not fooled.

    We are taking this genre back. You, scenesters and hipsters and other people who do not understand the message behind this music and the spirit of its culture, are blight on a good thing. We are not interested in you or your failings.

    Here is our official communication to you:

  • Metal eugenics

    6 Aug 2009, 03:17 by Conservationist

    Many zines mistrust Beithíoch because the music is free. It pays to be wary of freebies. They're usually either crap or have a catch (or both if you're really lucky).

    Beithíoch is different. For a genre oversaturated with bands, giving away an album for free is a shrewd move for a new band. It puts you at an advantage instantly to anyone selling their demo/album - potential listeners haven't got to weigh up whether the album will be a waste of money, nor do they have to wait very long to get ahold of it. People can be introduced to new music free, quickly and, especially important for bands who stress that an album is a complete work, properly.

    Profit of course is nil, short term. long term however has other prospects, if you want to take them.

    You could be forgiven for thinking after Díolaim that Beithíoch were your average, no-hoper one off bedroom black metal band. Wrong. Despite the minimalist, lo-fi sound Beithíoch is a serious project. The ideas and the music are deliberate, genuine and thought out. I want this music to be measured against the greats and I want it to enhance your life as much those classics do.

    There then is the other factor - nothing exposes a work more to scrutiny than to make it freely available. There are no clever marketing teams to peddle an image and theres nothing to stop people hearing the music and deciding for themselves whether its any good. The ultimate musical eugenics.

    This makes sense to me. Make the barrier to hearing the work be nothing; but, let the work stand on its own merits and be harshly judged. If I still listened to black metal, I'd be all over it.

    It leads me to my own form of musical eugenics, which is downloading mp3s. I download relentlessly, and delete all but a few items. If they're still there after six weeks, they get bought, if still in print. I think this rewards the artists I want to reward -- only the best.

    Let the rest starve in obscurity. It's just natural selection.
  • What is a hipster?

    6 Aug 2009, 03:31 by Conservationist

    You will hear people like me talking about hipsters, scenesters and other fakes.

    Who are these people?

    Simple definition: anyone who makes the art the means and themselves the ends.

    An artist makes the art the end, and themselves (and anything else) the means.

    The hipster is the inverse artist, who wants the cachet and cool of being an artist. They want to be unique, different, innovative, charming, etc. because inside they're ordinary.

    That's part of their inversion... they turn themselves inside out to demonstrate to you how cool they are, and to justify their meaningless, modern lifestyles. They make their ego the goal and use their lives as accessories to that end.

    Two great definitions:

    Kill the hipster: A modest proposal to save New York cool

    Hipster: The dead end of Western civilization

    And some related articles:

    The field guide to the North American hipster

    Hipster fatigue

    Hipster: a subculture ripe for parody

    End the bike hipsters

    The hipster grifter

    Your Scene Sucks!

    And here's a stunner:

    Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter.

    Let me re-write that for you:

    Hipsters are a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value the appearance of independent thinking, the appearance of counter-culture, "progressive" politics, an appreciation of "unique" but banal art and indie-rock, the appearance of creativity, the appearance of intelligence, and cleverly self-righteous and vapid banter.

    If all hipsters and scenesters died tomorrow, would life be:

    (a) better
    (b) worse

    Think hard about that one as you reload.
  • Middle classes avoid "blue collar" heavy metal

    6 Aug 2009, 16:45 by Conservationist

    [I grew up in a] liberal environment without censorship or such things. There was no religious disapproval or anything like that. But early 80s metal didn't fit in this milieu, not so much for ideological reasons as for cultural reasons. The over the top imagery and sound of early 80s metal, its blue-collar earthiness, was a world away from the aspirational, educationally-minded, relatively abstemious environment of British Jewry.

    Esoteriic: Interview with Dr. Keith Kahn-Harris, aka "Metal Jew"

    I think we should not read too much into the religious/cultural/ethnic angle that is Judaism, and focus on the idea of rising middle classes including professional classes. Is metal too blue-collar for them? Dr. Kahn-Harris here states what most metalheads are afraid to bring up because it divides everyone by class: metal has mostly been relegated to the blue-collar world because the middle classes want to climb socially and fear they lose social status by listening to metal.

    From death metal blog.

    This especially applies to progressive but undernoticed bands like:

    Morbid Angel
    King Crimson

    While bands like the following are A-OK because they're not tinged with class warfare:

    The Beatles
  • Arcangelo Corelli: more metal than heavy metal

    10 Aug 2009, 20:37 by Conservationist

    This CD is probably not the technical best representation of his work, but does I think a well-qualified job. Arcangelo Corelli writes very logical, passionate and orderly baroque music that captures the spirit of an age when people did not second guess nature. Even more, it has an intensity that little outside metal has ever attempted. I can see now why this guy is a perpetual favorite for baroque and classical fans, but I think metal fans should check it out too.

    For metal fans of: Burzum, Atheist, Gorguts, Necrophagist, Cadaver, Graveland and Bathory.

    For classical fans of: Nicolo Paganini, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

    For alternative/indie fans of: The Minutemen, ABBA.
  • Metal and Classical

    10 Aug 2009, 20:52 by Conservationist

    There seem to be quite a few of us metalheads who also listen to classical music. I find the two complement each other, and are composed the same way: interlocking phrases which together tell a story over the whole piece. After listening to metal or classical, I can't go back to the rock, rap, blues, jazz, etc. randomness: I find inner peace, clarity and a desire for virtuous moral aggression in both metal and classical.

    Here are some groups for those of us who like both metal and classical:

    * Classical and Metal
    * Extreme metalheads loving classical music
    * Classical headbangers
    * Dark Legions Archive

    You can also find classical-related threads on these fine metal forums:

    * NWN prod
    * Revolver Magazine
    * Ultimate-Guitar
    * Terrorizer

    And one metal forum has a classical section.

    Stand up and be counted!
  • "Until the Light Takes Us" an awesome black metal documentary

    11 Aug 2009, 17:44 by Conservationist

    Interesting review:

    Something draws all of us to metal, and no one has asked yet what it is -- until now. Two brave indie filmmakers set out to learn about the phenomenon of Norwegian black metal from the early 1990s, and explain to us why it happened. In doing so, they hope to show us our world in a new light: how modernity has made culture, history and even truth dubious and lost in a flow in chaotic information.

    "Until the Light Takes Us" review

    About time someone put metal on the big screen and tried to explain it.
  • Keep Nazis out of metal

    14 Aug 2009, 18:08 by Conservationist

    I don't care if you are a Nazi or have far-right beliefs. But NSBM is an abomination, and all Nazi bands tend to be really boring, and we don't want the politics involved in our music.

    Keep Nazis out of metal ( group)

    PS - I have no problem with far-right beliefs; I have a problem with boring, droning, shitty music like Drudkh, Negura Bunget, all NSBM, and all WP bands except Skrewdriver and Landser. I hate boring music. I don't mind Graveland, Absurd, Burzum, et al. nor do I mind racialist bands from the other side like Bob Marley or Bad Brains. Just don't make boring music and then ask me to buy "The Turner Diaries" so I can "understand" you.
  • Why I enjoy the Dark Legions Archive

    20 Aug 2009, 18:25 by Conservationist

    To make it clear, I'm talking about this site:

    I know the name (ANUS) is sort of goofy, but it stands for the American Nihilist Underground Society and is part of the weird sense of humor this site has. Basically, they're trying to filter out anyone who gets offended, or is so dumb they think they're the first to notice "hay ur site is called anus."

    Why I like it:

    * Interviews with classic metal bands like Bathory, Ildjarn, Cadaver, Master, Amebix, Imprecation, Beherit, Blood, Autopsy, Cryptic Slaughter and Suffocation.
    * It's the net's oldest underground metal site, and the longest-running, predating even the web.
    * The reviews pick only the best of classic-era and current underground death metal and black metal.
    * The articles always either make me really mad or finally put into words what I've been thinking for years.
    * They support both metal and classical music, combining two of my interests, and have knowledge of Romantic art and existential philosophy in there too.

    I'm sure it will upset many people to see this, but I think this site is worth paying attention to for the casual metalhead or classical listener, and it's just going to keep getting bigger.

    They have a group on

    Dark Legions Archive

    Join today!
  • Metalheads, plz downvote

    22 Aug 2009, 02:24 by a849ee83b9

    Get all of the AZN ones downvoted.

    Upvote the German BLOOD.

    Otherwise, we lose, and nerdy weeaboos win. Don't let them outnumber us!