• Under the Radar with .... Julia Marcell (PL)

    23 Aug 2007, 23:05 by musicplpt

    "... My name is Julia and I write songs....."

    These are the words Julia Marcell used to introduce herself to the world. Sellaband http://www.sellaband.com/juliamarcell/ sky rocket, this Olsztyn-based young artist is taking her piano driven melodies to the world; and believe me, her world is getting bigger and bigger!!!

    Having written her first song when she was just seven years old, by the age of eighteen two home recordings of hers had already seen the lights as demos.

    This year, she's back with Storm EP, a 5 track release that captures some of the most beautiful songs from her repertoire. Starting with captivating piano notes dropping slowly as Julia's remarkable vocals slide, delicately whispered, along these enchanting 3 minutes of music on Twin Heart. Going further more, there's time for my favourite song, The Roads.

    Compared to the likes of Joanna Newsom, Tori Amos or Regina Spektor, Julia gathers within these 5 tracks beautifully written lyrics, incredibly delicate and, yet sometimes, intense piano drunk melodies, altogether with violin magic sound powders, viola, cello and her unforgettable voice. 5 tracks perfectly sung in English make this debut one of the most interesting releases this year, on this side of Europe.

    As part of the Sellaband community, she was mentioned by the British newspaper as a band to keep an eye on. So far, in a very short period, Julia gathered something like $25000 already. Once she hits the $50000, it is time for the long play debut.

    But Julia Marcell is not only Julia Marcell. This project sees Anna Caban, on violin; Adam Bruderek, on violin; Anna Prokopczuk, on viola; Patrycja Taradejna, on cello; delivering their contribution to this extraordinary 5 tracks Storm EP.

    Check this young artist on her MySpace http://www.myspace.com/juliamarcell.

    More info, links and a mp3 to be found on Music@PL.PT http://musicplpt.blogspot.com

    31 Jul 2007, 23:02 by Ola_Boret

    Łukasz 22:34:39
    jak kiedys bedziemy miec duzo pieniozków to zrobimy festiwal taki tylko rockowy jak rosklide

    Ola 22:34:47

    Łukasz 22:35:00
    i zaprosimy to co nam sie podoba

    Łukasz 22:35:10
    Heineken Boręty FESTIVAL

    Łukasz 22:37:00
    jakies pole sie tam znajdzie zeby zrobic scene

    Ola 22:37:13
    pól ci u nas dostatek;p

    Łukasz 22:40:55
    i gwiazdy beda spać w twoim domu

    Ola 22:41:41
    a muse w kurniku zamkniemy, tak?

    Łukasz 22:41:51

    Łukasz 22:41:55
    bo ona lubi pióra

    Łukasz 22:41:55

    Ola 22:41:57
    ah tak, sorry

    Łukasz 22:42:19
    i zamiast sceny namiotowej bedzie scena stodołowa

    Ola 22:42:26

    Ola 22:42:38
    a mala bedzie w golebniku

    Łukasz 22:43:20
    a duża na polu

    Łukasz 22:47:37
    to moze ustalmy godzina po godzinie raz ty raz ja

    Łukasz 22:47:48

    15:00Edyta Górniak

    Łukasz 22:48:06
    zaspiewa hymn i pojedzie do tczewa do amfiteatru bo tam bedzie telebim dla tych co nie maja biletu

    Ola 22:53:11
    jestes genialnym organizatorem

    Łukasz 22:54:09
    17:00 I Am X

    Ola 22:54:36
    17:45 Interpol

    Łukasz 22:54:57
    17:45 - 18:15 Coma

    Łukasz 22:55:05
    swiatełka dla muse montują

    Ola 22:55:34
    18:30 Antony and the Johnson

    Łukasz 22:55:52
    20:00 The Killers

    Ola 22:56:06
    21:30 The Cure

    Łukasz 22:56:28
    23:45 Myslovitz

    Ola 22:56:52
    1:00 Czesław Niemen

    Łukasz 22:57:03
    2:00 Muse

    Łukasz 22:57:11
    i pojdą wszyscy spać

    Łukasz 22:57:17

    Łukasz 22:57:34
    main artist : radiohead

    Łukasz 22:57:56
    16:00 Hey

    Ola 22:58:07
    17:00 Maximo Park

    Łukasz 22:58:21
    18:30 Arcade Fire

    Ola 22:58:41
    19:30 Norah Jones

    Łukasz 22:58:57
    21:00 Christina Aguilera robi striptiz

    Ola 22:59:21
    22:30 Janis Joplin &
    Damien Rice

    Łukasz 22:59:35
    23:45 Depeche Mode

    Ola 22:59:49
    1:30 Radiohead

    Łukasz 23:00:32

    Łukasz 23:01:49
    16:00 Maryla Rodowiczi wondraczkowa niech żyje bal

    Ola 23:02:17
    17:00 Stan Borys i Jacek Cygan to nie ja bylam ewa

    Łukasz 23:02:48
    17:30 Travis

    Ola 23:03:28
    18:30 Arctic Monkeys

    Łukasz 23:03:42
    20:30 Jet

    Ola 23:04:12
    21:30 Coldplay

    Łukasz 23:04:30
    23:00 Mandaryna

    Ola 23:04:36
    23:30 U2

    Łukasz 23:04:51
    2:00 ABBA

    Ola 23:05:00
    3:00 Placebo

    Łukasz 23:05:23
    4:00 wszyscy wykonawcy spiewaja we are the world

    Łukasz 23:05:35
    teraz scena w stodole:

    Łukasz 23:06:15
    dzien 1:
    20:00 Cher

    Ola 23:06:52
    21:00 Sigur Rós

    Łukasz 23:07:15
    23:00 akustyczny koncert Placebo

    Ola 23:07:47
    00:30 akustyczny koncert Shazza

    Łukasz 23:08:27
    drugiego dnia:

    Ola 23:09:09
    Leszek Możdżer

    Ola 23:09:34
    23:00 CocoRosie

    Łukasz 23:10:24
    3 dzień

    Ola 23:10:38
    20:00 Mogwai

    Łukasz 23:10:52
    22:00 Armia

    Ola 23:11:01
    23:00 Siekiera

    Łukasz 23:11:10
    0:30 Kat

    Ola 23:11:19
    1:30 Behemot

    Łukasz 23:11:26
    2:30 Maria Peszek

    Ola 23:11:41
    3:30 Anna Maria Jopek

    Łukasz 23:11:50
    4:00 rolling stons

    Ola 23:12:04
    5:30 The Beatles

    Łukasz 23:12:28
    7:00 Oasis

    Łukasz 23:12:40
    to teraz ceny biletów

    Ola 23:13:00
    na jeden dzien za 13,33 PLN

    Łukasz 23:13:12
    + tour charge 4,00 PLN

    Łukasz 23:13:38
    na 2 dni za 49,99 PLN

    Ola 23:13:57
    a karnet za 67,98 PLN

    Łukasz 23:14:23
    pole namiotowe 20 zł albo spanie na sianie za 5 zł.

    Ola 23:14:42
    na sianie za 5,50 PLN

    Łukasz 23:14:59
    5,5 + 1,00 worek po ziemniakach do przyrycia

    Łukasz 23:17:05
    Dojazd z dwroca pkp w tczewie albo lisewie bonanzą nr 2, 3,9,10. Specjalny pociag intercity z warszafffką przyjedzie przed 10 do lisewa.

    na miejscu kupony na ekologiczne jedzenie

    nowoscia bedzie pływająca scena, na ktorej wystąpi Bjórk. Dziekujemy panu zdziskowi za dźwig, do kamery

    i pani halince za pożczenie zraszacza ogródkowego do zaplacza sanitarnego

    Łukasz 23:23:00
    patronat nad Heineken Borety Festival:
    radio fabryka i gazeta tczewska

    Ola 23:14:24
    wez napisz o tym w dzienniku na last fm, ok? u siebie

    Łukasz 23:14:35
    a dlaczego u siebie<lol2>

    Łukasz 23:14:43
    ja nie potrafie ubrac tego w słowa.

    Ola 23:14:53
    ja ubiore i ci dam;p

    Ola 23:15:05
    ja mam za powazny i ladny profil;p

    Łukasz 23:15:13
    a mój to co<lol2>

    Łukasz 23:15:05
    to ty u siebie<lol2>

    Ola 23:15:08

    Z A P R A S Z A M Y ! ! ! !

    Ola_Boret i lukasz_89
  • Under the Radar with ...... Myppa (PL)

    30 Jul 2007, 23:24 by musicplpt

    On our second Under the Radar, we continue in Poland, the land of great vodka, bigos and amazing electronic music.

    Tonight we step into the world of Myppa http://www.myspace.com/myppa. Tonight we step into the word of Marcin Czajka and another project of his.

    After getting a degree on Film and Television Academy in Warsaw, Marcin started his music project Myppa. We were then on the year 2005.

    One year later, we would see him coming up with Altruistic Behaviours, his debut album under the skin of Myppa. Dig no further than Sigur Ros and all the companions from the vast and mysterious Scandinavian lands of ice.

    The whispers of the North European auroras can be heard here. Beautifully constructed textures take us to those imaginary places difficult to reach on our day to day lives. Epic sounds, melancholic and delicate electronic tunes that reach deep in our souls, letting us feel so cosy and relaxed.

    Close your eyes and imagine this place where, laying down, you can hear the sea waves kissing the soft bright spots laying on the dark skies. Imagine......

    This 2007 may see another of Myppa's releases coming out. Two tracks, Sandcastle and I'm Seven Meters Tall are available at his MySpace, alongside with two other tracks from his debut album.

    But this is not all of it......

    Recently, I discovered that Marcin Czajka, a.k.a. Myppa, is running another project. This project gives by the name of http://www.myspace.com/manilamyppa Myppa Manila.

    Myppa Manila is closely connected to Myppa. This is the project where Marcin delivers the tracks that do not fit into Myppa's profile. Do not let this last sentence make you think of Myppa Manila's as the project handling the rests. Here you can find enchanting melodies, incredibly emotional beats and inspired remixes. Just have a look at the beautiful remixes for Sigur Ros'Smaskifa and Samskeyti. In case this is not enough, listen to Children's Painting and Shiny Nat at his MySpace.

    After all, this Under the Radar is not about one band only. This Under the Radar is about Marcin Czajka and his amazing two blossoming projects, Myppa and Myppa Manila.

    In order to get yourself a copy of Altruistic Behaviours, click http://www.myspace.com/myppa here:
  • Under the Radar with ..... Popo (PL)

    24 Jul 2007, 00:23 by musicplpt

    Welcome to the first Under the Radar.

    The opening honours go to Popo (http://www.myspace.com/musicpopo), or shall I say Potrzebuje Powietrza,the Polish for I Need Air (in English).

    Popo are an indie rock quartet that come rocking from Bydgoszcz to place near you.
    Mikolaj Czajkowski, on vocals and bass guitar; Sebastian Loskot, on vocals and keyboards; Tomasz Wojtaniec, on vocals and guitar; and Kuba "Qba" Janicki, on percussion and programming are the masterminds behind the textures and flowing emotions, the catchy melodies and aesthetic sounds they came up with.

    Post rock driven, electronic music flavoured, blessed with the magic powders of pop music and haunted by the spectrum of the 80's new wave, Popo are here to conquer a place on the sunny side of Poland's new music scene. Their music is all about freshness and rhythm, sounding new and attractive to those who love indie, electronic or pop music.

    Going back to the year 2005, with a pause in between, it was only by mid 2006 that this quartet has had the line-up settled up. With only one EP so far, the 3 track Playground EP released this year, they are about to see the track Get The Bus and Stop to Kidnap make it to Trojka's Piotr Stelmach's compilation Offensywa 2, and hopefully make it to several others that did not have the chance to meet them so far.

    The electrifying and highly recommended Get the Bus and Stop to Kidnap, Potrzebuje Powietrza and Hello Disco are waiting for you.

    Playground EP can be found on their MySpace (http://www.myspace.com/musicpopo).

    Check Music@PL.PT for their tour details.
  • Heniek 07

    2 Jul 2007, 12:55 by Oiolosse

    Fri 29 Jun – Heineken Open'er Festival 2007
    W sumie nie wiem od czego zaczac. Na gazeta.pl wyjezdzaja z porownaniami do Glastonbury, z kazdej strony ogolne "och i ach". Wypadaloby wiec troche pokrytykowac... Organizacja byla duuuuuzo gorsza niz chociazby rok temu - tzn. byla identyczna jak poprzednio, ale ze ludzi bylo 2*wiecej... Do tego "deszcz zaskoczyl drogowcow" - nie bylo chyba do tej pory mokrego open'era i organizatorzy troszke sie rozleniwili. Wiadomo - blotko jest fajne, ale nie kiedy wielka kaluza blokuje dostep do toi-toiow.

    Ludzi wiecej, wiec i "jakosc" musiala troszke spasc. I spadla. Na specjalna zjebke zasluzyly dwie pancurki, ktorym zachcialo sie pogowac przy "All is full of love"...

    Kolejna sprawa: zmiany line'upow. Ja wiem, ze niektore sprawy wychodza w ostatniej chwili. Ale czemu do cholery Dick 4 Dick zagralo "po tajniaku" w sobote w namiocie, kiedy zarowno w rozpiskach jak i na telebimach widniala niedziela i scena mlodych talentow? Oczywiscie o ich koncercie dowiedzialem sie po fakcie...

    Co jeszcze? Niektore ceny z kosmosu (Pizza za 5 kuponow); kolejki po kawe szkoda komentowac; za glosny bass sprawil ze to co nagrywalem przez 3 dni nie nadaje sie do niczego; zupa byla zaslona.


    Byla Bjork.

    Byl Laurent Garnier.

    Byla Groove Armada.

    Byli Beastie Boys.

    I co tu duzo gadac. Gdyby do zarcia byl tylko suchy chleb, do picia woda z kaluz, a line'up stanowiliby Rubik, Ich Troje, Tokio Hotel i pokrewni to... byloby warto. Warto pojechac, pomarudzic i wrocic z "Dziekuje" Bjork wciaz w uszach.

  • Opener2007

    2 Jul 2007, 12:12 by darkh

    Fri 29 Jun – Heineken Open'er Festival 2007

    Heineken Open'er Festival has come to an end and now it time for some after-thoughts and a journal.

    First of all: the weather - bad. Although it only rained seriously on the second day all three days everything was wet. Also it was quite cold during the night hours. Only the last day was sunny.

    Artist set: quite good, but in my opinon the last years was better.


    Day One:
    Cała Góra Barwinków - 8/10, very lively reggae thats nice to listen to
    Pink Freud - 7/10, nice nice
    The Car Is On Fire - 2/10, wth ? inpired by Modest Mouse ? hell no
    Sonic Youth - 5/10, nice, but not something special
    The Roots - 7/10, a pleasnt suprise

    Day rating: 29/50 - quite good

    Day Two
    Kapitan DA - 7/10, quite nice
    Dezodorant Squad - 3/10, no no no, polish hip-hop
    Dick 4 Dick - 8/10, great image, great performance
    NOT - 6/10, quite good
    Groove Armada - 8/10, very nice, though in annoying rain
    Beastie Boys - 10/10, fenomenal, can't describe it, mud form the knees down, but it was worth it
    Kombajn Do Zbierania Kur Po Wioskach - 7/10 way much better live
    Muse - 7/10, quite nice

    Day rating 56/80, a good day

    Day Three
    Gentalman!(not this Gentelman) - 5/10, nice music, bad lyrics
    Novika - 9/10, a great performance
    Indios Bravos - 7/10, very good
    Bloc Party - 8/10, a nice surprize
    Beastie Boys - 10/10, again a great performance, although without the mud
    Björk - 8/10, nice nice, enjoyed very much
    LCD Soundsystem - 8/10, also a nice surprize

    Day rating 55/70 - a very good day

    So all in all its: 140/200 - 70% so its a 4 or a B mark. I'm happy with it.

    Thats all folks,
  • Music@PL.PT is back........

    13 Jun 2007, 00:47 by musicplpt

    After several weeks only updating the concert database, videos and other sidebar items, Music@PL.PT is back.

    Lots of things took place during this time not allowing me to update this blog properly. I hope to make it more frequently now.

    Meanwhile, I'm looking at introducing some changes here. Hopefully you've noticed some of them: The Recommended Festival bar. Every week, we'll propose a festival (music, theatre, cinema,......) taking place in our PL.PT universe.

    Using our Last.Fm site, we've included our playlist with some of our favourite tracks coming from both PL and PT. Have a look at it, and let us know what you think about it.

    New features to follow will include The MySpace Discoveries, an item presenting you some of the most interesting new proposals to be found at this service, Our Favourites So Far, a feature to include our favourite albums of the week, with a link to a site where these can be bought and last, but not least, Labels Under The Radar, a monthly article on a label that has been taking either Polish or Portuguese music forth.

    Hope to count on you for some more suggestions or ideas. I'm looking at changing the blog's header as well. Ideas are welcome.

    Apart from that, I'd like to thank all those that dropped by the concert Music@PL.PT organised last month, gathering The Midnight Reverie Trio, New Century Classics and Zerova. Thank you all, for it was a big success. Thank all the information services that decided to give a hand.

    A very big tks to these three magnificent bands and their support given after I was told there wouldn't be some essencial equipment and sound technician.
    A very special thank you to Pawel Dusza for driving almost two hours to get some of this equipment.

    Hopefully this has not been the last event we've organised.

    Take care


    PS: In case you have a band in Poland or Portugal and you're playing live, let us know by posting the flyer at our MySpace. If chosen, it'll be featured on Music@PL.PT on the recommended concerts of the week.
  • Zerova, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio hit Krakow, on the 12th…

    4 May 2007, 17:22 by musicplpt

    Within a couple of days, Krakow will host a magical music evening, celebrating the new sounds of Poland together with Zerova, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio.

    These three bands will spread their music at Tytus i Koka, on MusicPL.PT's first concert evening.

    This will be a unique occasion to check Zerova live, on its premiere in Krakow, playing together with two local bands on which we deposit big hope, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio.

    Get ready for an evening where calm sounds of Iceland met those of artistic Paris, where guitars in screaming journeys ride side by side with subtle piano notes, where accordion melodies meet those of a wild french horn, and where computer bits meet distorced loop sounds.

    That day is coming!!!! Discover the new sounds of Poland, this May, on the 12th, in Krakow, at Tytus i Koka.

    Doors open at 20h. The show starts 30 minutes later. Entrance fee - 10 PLN.

    I'd like to thanks Esgar Acelerado for the beautiful poster he handed out for this event.

    More details on the bands and their music (with mp3s included) at MusicPL.PT on this link:


    3maj sie

    Sandbox Love
    Home on the wall

    Zerova, New Century Classics and The Midnight Reverie Trio live in Krakow, on the 12th of May
  • Saving on seventieth trimester abortion.

    29 Apr 2007, 22:57 by jacky88

    Nobody needs to be reminded about the advantages of abortion. And by nobody, I literally mean no one (that has brains and some common sense). So I'll skip the obvious part and get straight to the point. I'd like to say I wholeheartedly endorse late trimester abortions. And not just the second or third trimester ones. These are pretty much the same as a perfectly understandable first trimester pro-choice action. I mean, come on. Save me your pity for unborn fetuses, people. It's the other abortions that I would like to propose.

    Just think about it. You have a 16-year-old emo kid. It cuts its veins, pours some salt and runs around screaming how much its life sucks. Well, it damn should, you just poured sodium chloride in your circulatory system, retard. Then this fucked up kid decides to put on some make up. Regardless of its sex, it looks like a fucking weeping willow. It does other equally stupid things on a daily basis, you just want to kill it. And judging by the things the kid says, it wants to be killed, too. This is exactly the kind of situation where late abortion should come in.

    Of course this is not the only place where this would come in handy. Probably millions of parents, who should know better, are ashamed of their children. They become lowlifes, rednecks, French, blacks, racists, midgets, gothic metal listeners... You name it. Parents should be able to get rid of their children for the sake of humanity. As in the previous example, abortion could also be combined with euthanasia, with everyone's good in mind. Why waste the work of good Chinese children when the same shirts could be worn and the same toys can be played with by normal people, or by people judged normal by their parents? Your parents are always right, respect that. The only exception for this is when they don't agree with me.

    And here's my part. I would be the ultimate judge for whether a kid should be aborted. One might ask why. This one probably should get killed as well. Of course, there would be so many applications from concerned parents that I would just stamp "yes" or "no" on replies randomly. Kind of like natural selection. Who needs life when you've got no luck? You'd die and I'd spare you the misery of flunking or getting buttraped by Denver Nuggets' supporters.

    Unfortunately, I did not cover the whole topic. If you would like to comment, or add something, direct your thoughts to the nearest wall behind you.

    So, vote Obama.

    War and hate, jacky88.
  • Music@PL.PT has a new look

    20 Mar 2007, 20:45 by musicplpt

    We invite you to drop by http://musicplpt.blogspot.com and check what's new.

    More reviews than ever.
    Better lookign agenda and recommended concerts.
    Newer videos.
    Up to date album of the week.

    All this and more at Music@PL.PT.