Exodus vs Kreator

  • Exodus vs Kreator

    Exodus for me

  • Kreator have better riffs, Exodus know how to write a song :)

  • It's a shame that Kreator is gone since Coma of Souls.

    As for Exodus, I've never been a diehard fan of them.

  • Kreator

  • Exodus kick ass but Kreator are better

    Rock you all around the world... https://soundcloud.com/chainsaw-babies
  • Exodus FTW.

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    • 26 Nov 2011, 21:47
    Exodus, why?

    Bonded By Blood

  • Kreator and Exodus are just as good

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    • 8 Dec 2011, 03:49

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  • Exodus, but they're both awesome.

    I'm standing tall, 'cause I won't fall
    'Cause I'm no stranger to myself
    I see horizons in my sky
    'Cause I'm no stranger to myself
  • EXODUS!!!

  • Exodus is awesome, but in my opinion Kreator is just better. KREATOR!!!!

  • Exodus is great, but Kreator is way better(in my opinion).


  • They are actually very close, but Kreator has more good albums so I guess they win.

  • Both are great bands, but prefer Kreator better.
    Kreator have made more good albums than Exodus, and they have a rawer, more brutal sound than Exodus which I like better.
    I am generally more into German thrash than American thrash.

  • Kreator, they're more consistent imo. I almost like every albums and for Exodus, only a few! I've just calculated since the beggining:

    Exodus - 7
    Kreator - 10

    "And it's hard to learn from the past when the past is a whore to the last
    And it's hard to see into the night when your eyes are blinded by the light
    And it's hard to hold back the hate..."
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