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  • Azterion and Pseudostratiffied Epithelium from Costa Rica


    Great AOR band,check this out

    Rock you all around the world...
  • Introdicing INNERGATE from Croatia

    Hello everyone!

    We would like to introduce our new album to all metal fans, especially to everyone out there who like female fronted metal bands.

    Innergate's debut album is a eclectic mix of old and new - old and time and again proven heavy metal with a new and fresh approach. And as an added bonus there you get powerful performance of best Croatian metal vocalist Marijana Varga. Highly recommended even for those who are not heavy metal fans.

    Check out our debut album - A modern mixture of thrash, progressive and heavy metal with a heavy thick sound and powerful groove in the vein of Confessor, Sadus, Atheist, early Metallica and Nevermore.
    All of that with a powerful female voice \m/

    Listen to the whole album at:
    Innergate or

    Live in Zagreb

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    Recommendations on classical/symphonic instrumentation-heavy, atmospheric black metal?

  • I recommend everyone browsing around this site. There you will find the most underground metal bands from everywhere in the world.

    Also check out my playlist, either here on or the one with a lot more content on Spotify. (or this one)

    "A good song is a good song, no matter the genre" -Pontus, Dead by April
    My Group: People who spend more time listening to music than watching TV, playing games or at Facebook.
  • Persuader

    they're a power metal band with thrash influences pretty cool imo.

  • From Eden To Exile

    a new band from Northampton uk check out there songs on facebook

    thrash till death
  • Methane - Southern Metal

  • Killer death metal from Texas:

    Killer death metal from Texas:

    * Blaspherian
    * Imprecation
    * War Master

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  • Free online book: The Heavy Metal FAQ explores the history, genres, theory, legacy, philosophy and lifestyle of heavy metal and its fans.

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