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Created on: 14 Aug 2007
If you feel like no one listens to your opinion, join our group. Everyone here is tolerable to each others taste, and as such you will not be mocked. Metal, rock, country, rap, techno does it...

Welcome to our little area of Last.FM dedicated to head banging, although it doesn't matter what you listen to, everything is acceptable, just please don't make fun of each other based on musical taste, music is an experience, not a bloodbath.

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  • Headbanger62695

    check out my groups Minnesota Vikings & Get a Life

    23 Aug 2009 Reply
  • IzzyHammerstein

    (Headbangers) Sanctuary from the law!

    26 May 2009 Reply
  • Ikarus666

    Anyone going to see the Hordes of Chaos tour? I can highly recommend it if you like to bang your head!

    25 Jan 2009 Reply
  • fishmaster_s

    The sword-Gods Of The Earth this album is pure heavy metal headbanging gold, aggressive drumming and jarring riffs

    5 Sep 2008 Reply
  • British_Viking

    I don't really like Nightwish anyway tbh. Check out Epica, who I consider a lot stronger than Nightwish. The Obsessive Devotion shows it.

    25 Dec 2007 Reply
  • mordorqueen

    I agree =D

    19 Dec 2007 Reply
  • MementoMorix0x

    I'd like to take this moment to make an announcement - the new Nightwish CD fucking rules so hard. No joke, it's so much better than I was expecting. That will be all

    30 Oct 2007 Reply
  • MementoMorix0x

    You're right, they're old stuff is pretty damn good, not a big fan of past Mother's Milk though....

    14 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Tenozuma

    Again, only true for the new stuff, the old stuff is anything but. Try albums like Mother's Milk, One Hot Minute or even Blood Sugar Sex Magik (to a lesser extent).

    10 Oct 2007 Reply
  • MementoMorix0x

    True, lol although my opinion is forfeit since I've never been too big a fan of them myself. too popish if you know what i mean.

    8 Oct 2007 Reply
  • XDespairX

    Depends on which songs.

    8 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Tenozuma

    Spin on it! RHCP used to be an absolutely amazing band. Their old stuff is outstanding. It's brilliant.

    7 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Ratchet44

    RHCP? Phail.

    6 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Tenozuma

    uh.. that's a new thing, never was there before. I'm really not a fan of anything past Dream Theater on that chart (okay, I hate the rest :D) though Sonata Arctica is alright and Nightwish is inoffensive.

    5 Oct 2007 Reply
  • Razaak666

    Some very unusual charts there, It's not often I see Slipknot/Machine Head as high up as 13

    4 Oct 2007 Reply
  • XDespairX

    How the fuck you bang your head to hip hop...and almost all the artists you can headbang to.

    3 Oct 2007 Reply
  • MementoMorix0x

    Logging in from school for the first time, just if my post is a surprise to anybody

    1 Oct 2007 Reply
  • ThePrisoner

    Looks like Master Dickinson and the mighty Met can now be added to our connections.

    1 Oct 2007 Reply
  • MementoMorix0x

    I had to reinstall the plugin, damn that gets annoying.

    30 Sep 2007 Reply
  • ThePrisoner

    I should also say, in case you didn't know this little trick yet, if you notice tracks not going through it's good sometimes to completely exit out of the Last.fm plugin and restart it. I guess it just needs the old fashioned reboot every now and then.

    28 Sep 2007 Reply
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