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    • 2 Apr 2009, 21:53

    What are Emos

    Guys i don't get it i found out about this Phenomenon as i was in school. Are they Punk or are they not.

    I believe their not Punks
    Punk is about..
    consider you as Garbage (cause you not better than others)
    you don't want to be a tool for the State.
    you hate politics (politics is controlling people)
    you do what you want (not matter what people think about you)
    you wear what you want. maybe Shock people with your outstanding look..

    they not hating politics
    they not hating trends (cause they already create one)
    they used to look special but i don't know if they have Special thoughts
    also they not presenting critics with their clothes.
    they cutting themselves (what's all about that?)

    I know what Hardcore Punk is and i consider that the genre emo, only exists cause of it. The music must be so hard, that no one likes it anymore
    that it goes unpopular.

    So what do you think?

  • well cap'n jazz, and Rites of spring are the only really emo stuff i listen to and at least Cap'n Jazz is not punk at all, they have a hardcore feel sometimes but if you listen to them talk or think about their lyrics they dont seem like they are bent on taking down the gov. or disturbing to peace too much

  • emo started with bands like rites of spring who were sorta like a type of punk only more Emotional hence emo

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