• aniiine said...
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    • 12 Sep 2007, 13:54
    I've always been a Hermione/Ron fan. It's the best shipper ever!

    Blessed be!
  • I'm frightened as to what sorts of fan fiction will be written now that Dumbledore has been 'outed'.

    • maewe said...
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    • 22 Oct 2007, 09:01
    The first thing I said after i read DH was "Gods, I want to read Dumbledore/Grindelwald FF !!" mostly because I imagine Grindelwald like a hot hot guy. And because being the two of them very powerful magicians with strong personalities I think they'd be so angsty and marvelous together. OMG I WANT FF NOW !

    Please, if you stumble upon some post the links here.

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 25 Apr 2008, 02:41
    rmbrug said:
    I don't read fanfics though. I find that (the Rated R stuff) kinda creepy and can't really read it. These pairings just entertain me...

    ^^ Same as quoted :)

    My Ships:
    R/Hr, Voldemort/Bellatrix, and H/G

  • (God this is definitely a chick discussion!)
    maewe said
    The first thing I said after i read DH was "Gods, I want to read Dumbledore/Grindelwald FF !!"
    My favorite ship is HP/DM. I'm also a R/Hr shipper but it's so obvious, that It's becoming boring to read FF about them...

  • well, I ship R/Hr and H/G, but I shipped also Hr/Krum. Mostly cause I'm Bulgarian and ... I really loved having someone from my country in HP

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  • * The_Dark_In_You said :... I really loved having someone from my country in HP
    I understand you, I got Fleur, she's not the smartest and she's not valuating french accent but still, she marrying a Weasley!
    But I don't shipp Hr/Krum, or maybe only for Ron to be more jealous...

  • R/Hr till the end!
    I'm with H/G too, I'm pretty much the traditional shipper.
    I really hate the H/Hr shippers, delusional xD

  • the SB/RL ship must be canon

  • And Trelawney/Filius =D.

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  • Harry & Hermione <3

  • Yay I'm a huge shipper!!! I love the Harry/Luna ship. They are meant to be. They're so cute together . ♥

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    We knew it!
    “I love him.”
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    • Niphai said...
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    • 13 Nov 2008, 18:53
    Or what about Eva/Luna ^^

    Anyway, I'm a D/H slasher, and I also like Remus/Sirius.
    I also like Ginny/Harry =D

    • busha69 said...
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    • 15 Nov 2008, 05:11
    wow...i never thought about slashing HP characters...and i dunno why because i´m able to slash everybody everywhere...and i´m really doing it:D
    but you guys get me hooked and i went to read RemusxSirius fic...and damn,i´m 6AM here and i´m still reading RemusxSirius
    And i think i want to read some DubledorexGrindelwald aaand LuciusxSirius,SnapexJames,BillxHarry and maybe GeorgexFred...:D
    yeah,i don´t like het pairings...but i like HermionaxKrum...:)

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 17 Nov 2008, 17:34
    I love Remus/Sirius, and I'm certain that Jo will tell us it's canon as soon as someone asks her :D And I like Draco/Harry too, just because it's so impossible, but only when the person who writes it makes it seem possible. ^^ I have never found any femmeslash or hetero pairings in HP that interests me, though. .-.

  • @Niphai Yay Eva/Luna is the best *yay* But it's a little bit arrogant to say that. xD I mean Luna is perfect. [a]

    Is there anything you wish you’d gotten to talk about in this interview?
    “Okay,” he says. Deep breath. “I f*cked Joe Jonas.”
    We knew it!
    “I love him.”
    - Robert Pattinson
  • the best:

    and I hate pairing Dumbledore with this wizard Grindewald (idk if it's pronounced right in English, that is how it was in Polish book)
    I can't believe Dumbledore was gay. I don't have anything to homosexualists, but it's just so weird :P

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 5 Dec 2008, 17:31
    Really? I always knew he was gay in the back of my mind, I just didn't really think about it until I read the seventh book. It just felt so obvious. And then Jo announced it and shocked the entire world... ^^
    Though I've never been interested in reading Dumledore/Grindewald fics, or anything about Dumbledore in the past, it just feels weird to think of him as young and stupid. ^^

  • Oh, c'mon! I'm slasher and LGBT-friendly!))) Anything interesting, good-written is fine)
    Snape/anyone, Ron/Draco, Ron/Harry, Twincest

    I have the right to leisure, which may look strange in the eyes of others
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 13 Feb 2009, 22:53
    I really don't understand why people have to be so mean to H/Hr shippers ;______; I personally love Harry/Hermione, even though I know it's not canon and was never meant to happen. Anvil sized hints notwithstanding, I think they make a nice couple, and personally if Harry can't have Hermione, I'd rather Harry be alone (as cool as Ginny is in the books). But ultimately my favourite het pairing is indeed Ron/Hermione - they were just fated and obvious from the very beginning ^w^

    Favourite boyxboy pairing, has to be Sirius/Lupin!!!! *__* It's totally canon, there for everyone to see, and it breaks my heart! (also probably why I don't really like Lupin/Tonks very much) I love the idea that Snape is in love with Harry (since Harry is everything he hates, James, and everything he loves, Lily, in one person) but until he sees Snape's memories in the last book, I can't see Harry returning those feelings. Dumbledore's love for Grindelwald is also very moving for me.

    Oh, and I quite like having fun with Ron/Harry, up until the point where Ron starts to realise how he feels about Hermione. ^^ It's nice to have a totally non-angsty slash pairing for a change xD

  • wtf?

    I'm totally into Snape/Lily, for me it's the best pairing of HP ever <3

    Also I LOVE Albus/Gellert Grindelwald, I can imagine Gellert... a hot blonde boy who made young Albus fall in love *_*

    I've always supported Ron/Hermione and I quite like Harry/Hermione... I mean, they're good enough for each other :)

    Uh, I almost forgot! Bellatrix/Voldemort is such a sexy pairing, gotta love it *ç* I don't know, but Bella was the perfect woman for Voldemort, crazy and bad as he himself was. So?! Argh <3

    Pairings that I can't stand: Snape/everybody XD He was made for Lily, I can't understand how he could be ATTRACTED BY HARRY POTTER o_o I mean, maybe in another story, but in Harry Potter... er, no.

  • HARRY & HERMIONE, they balance each other perfectly.
    i've shipped them since i was a little embryo. okay maybe not. but still.
    harry and hermione forever and ever.

  • Draco/Harry is my OTP. I'm a bit crazy about them together.
    Two eternal antagonists will always be connected with each other, and let it be a furious love as their connection :3

  • I've never read fan fiction. It all looks a bit weird. Plus it's not "real" (in the books) so I think that would annoy me.

    I think Hermione/Ron are really good together and the whole Snape/Lily story was brilliant. I cried at the end of that chapter in the seventh book. Everything about Snape finally made sense.

    All these Snape/Harry, Sirius/Lupin, etc are seriously weird. They're not gay, how the hell is that supposed to work? :S

    • thais__ said...
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    • 16 Jul 2011, 20:46
    I'm a canon person, I love H/G and R/Hr. How boring am I? Haha. I can't stand 99% of fandom ships, most of them makes absolutely no sense and are kinda disturbing. But I have to say I really like Sirius/Lupin, lol. And I think Luna/Neville is nice too!

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