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  • Hesperus-Rec

    Media whores wears their deceitful masks every day. They believe that people are not able to think. They believe that people are totally dependent on animal instincts. But we know that truth is always clearly simple and don't has smells of money. We are against magnates, politicians, media liars who have decided that they totally control us. This is a big delusion! In this psychologically danger lying zone we are in control of our lives in accordance with our ideals... Our souls... Our music! Hardcore is the music of freedom and therefore unites the people! https://soundcloud.com/hpg-detonator/dtn-023-2-04?in=hpg-detonator%2Fsets%2Fdtn-023

    July 2014
  • Syndicate_HC

    you're right :) Italians too. :)

    November 2013
  • SuicideHedum

    Damn, the Dutchies are fucking god's in making awesome hardcore tracks! I love this shit so much.

    March 2013
  • DJ_thunderlord

    Nice music holla holland

    February 2011
  • misterzeb

    very nice Hardcore!! Cheers to all from this group!

    September 2009
  • Shyft_VahtiDahl

    The Kingdom of the Future

    May 2009
  • alekzzisrec

    greetzz from poland to holland :)

    February 2009