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    • 26 Jul 2011, 04:02


    Post your favorite, meaningful lyric by and HARDCORE BAND.

    Here's My favourite lyrics

    "The Realness" by 50 Lions

    Gotta redefine the wrong and right,
    12 years of my life no longer apply,
    No more expecations of who i am or where i'm at.
    I've finally found my place, And i know this where,
    I'm gonna be.
    So trust me when I say. I believe the only real home
    Is where my heart can find peace.
    This is where i'm free

  • Converge - Worms will feed

    Saw you coming around my bend
    Cutting teeth and breaking bread
    Making moves and smearing friends
    Your karma has been racking debts
    Left your throne in foreclosed homes
    Claimed that crown of decay
    Built castle walls with blood and bone
    To shield your soul from wither and decay
    Worms will feed
    Saw you slither around their necks
    Sinking teeth into their flesh
    Spitting venom seeing red
    You will fall where you lay your head
    Rats will feast
    The worms will find a way
    The rats will find a way

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