Hey rockers, where are you from ??

  • Hey rockers, where are you from ??

    Where live the crazy community of hairmetal fans ?

  • I´m from fuckin´Mexico, the asshole of the world...

  • Isn't mexico great ?

    Some cold beer, tequila in the shadow of a small hazienda, little chicas around and the good old zz top sound!

    I think it must be realy cool!

    Or is it like in the movie "from dusk till dawn". Fucked up hot and dirty drunken rockers around ?

    Tell me. I never were in mexico !

  • Holland, damn it's cold here and there are no rockers around! >:(

    • kahlaw said...
    • User
    • 12 Jun 2008, 04:38
    Sunny Los Angeles. Though not so sunny the last couple days...

  • Beer chugging Toronto Ontario Canada

  • Nottingham, England. Currently hair metal central of the UK, it seems

    • fe_alvo said...
    • User
    • 28 Jun 2008, 16:31
    São Paulo, Brazil ^^

  • Pittsburgh Pennsylvania

  • im from Colorado.....in a small town not worth mentioning.

  • currently stuck in bfe, oklahoma, but i grew up in arlington, tx, home of the one and only pantera! (dimebag went to school with my sister)

    • Tikket said...
    • User
    • 18 Jul 2008, 20:38
    Stockholm, Sweden :)

    Dumhet = Bearbetning
  • Just south of Cincinnati. We rarely get good stuff around here.

  • Workers' Paradise of Denmark. Alas, bands I like rarely come here. >_<

    Ferrea Mole, Ferreo Cuore
  • I'm from Argetina O.o

  • Barcelona , Spain.....Hard to survive if you like hard rock and heavy metal...Spain is not very rocker country...Although in last years it seems every time more and more bands notice Spanush fans are one of the most devoted ones.

    • Lakky13 said...
    • User
    • 9 Aug 2008, 19:23
    I'm from Serbia...

    "Brains over brawn, or the other way 'round"...
  • Eastbourne, England
    It doesn't seem anyones from anywhere near here!

  • The Northwest

    Portland, Oregon here. :)

  • No one from my country :(

  • I live near you dep_mode, i'm from uruguay!

    somos vecinos bolu!

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 20 Aug 2008, 22:34
    I'm from Brazil ;D

  • i'm a fuckin' aussie.........and i was glad when steve erwin died.

    Hakuna mattata
  • Hi Rockers!I'm from Treviso near Venice in Italy

    Rock and roll all night!!!!and party every day!!!!
  • hi guyzzzzzz!

    i'm from Naples (Napoli) in the south of Italy...

    up the 80's! ;)

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