• Airbourne NEW RELEASE "No Guts. No Glory." ALBUM REVIEW...EXCELLENT!

    20 Apr 2010, 22:19 by The80sFan

    Hard-rocking Aussies Airbourne deliver a second album of aural Prozac for the 21st century.

    The hotly-anticipated follow-up to Airbourne’s barnstorming 2007 debut does not disappoint. It should also come as no surprise to anyone that "No Guts. No Glory." is "Runnin’ Wild" part two. After all, the Aussie rockers set out their stall in considerable style, and it’s way too early to be moving the merchandise up-market. In the world of hard rock and heavy metal, originality is not particularly prized. The real treasure lies in forging a fistful of the hoariest old clichés into glorious, mind-blowing, max-volume gold. It’s harder than it sounds, but these guys have it down.

    Rough, tough and tighter than spray-on jeans, the bad lads from Warrnambool, Victoria are taking the explosive, in-your-face energy of fellow countrymen AC/DC and Rose Tattoo to a new generation. Their fusion of rock, blues and boogie is instantly infectious, and if preserving the past is their sole purpose, it’s a noble one.

    Delivering cheap thrills with no questions asked, No Guts. No Glory. is an exuberant celebration of youthful verve, vitality and, inevitably, rebellion. No Way But the Hard Way, Blonde, Bad and Beautiful, Back on the Bottle: the song titles alone tell booze-drenched and sometimes sordid tales of hard rockin’, hard drinking and generally having nothing left to lose. Musically, it’s always all and never nothing. Bottom of the Well is the closest they ever come to a change of pace, and it’s no ballad.

    Fronted by lovable lunatic Joel O'Keeffe, Airbourne’s success has largely been built on their bulldozing live show. The stage is their natural habitat, where they reign supreme amid a tantalizing scent of danger. No great shock, then, that they’ve yet to find a way to bottle the magic for mass consumption. This raucous collection of three-minute knee-tremblers, however, is as close as it gets. Swilling whiskey and spitting gravel, over-driven and over here, this is aural Prozac for the 21st century.
  • RATT new album "Infestation" ALBUM REVIEW ....AMAZING!!!

    20 Apr 2010, 22:09 by The80sFan

    Label: Loud And Proud/Roadrunner Records

    For well over a decade, when Stephen Pearcy was not an active member of Ratt and Jizzy Pearl was fronting the band, lots of people (like myself) wondered just why that band never recorded an album. After all, Pearl is more than a competent vocalist, and he did Ratt's music justice for nearly a decade. Somehow though, the combination of legalities and the underlying thought of destroying the legacy of the band seemed to keep both sides from actually releasing an album with the Ratt moniker on it (remember when there were two bands called Ratt touring? Yikes!). Anyway, hindsight being 20/20, INFESTATION has come along and proves the band's individuals right for their decision to not record a new album without core members Bobby Blotzer, Stephen Pearcy and Warren DeMartini all on the same page. Almost amazingly, Ratt has recorded INFESTATION which is, without question, the best album any of these guys have been associated with since not only their heyday as a band, but the peak time in their career. Simply, the only things better in their catalog of albums are OUT OF THE CELLAR and INVASION OF YOUR PRIVACY. Definitely recapturing their mid-eighties classic sound, INFESTATION would have been another quadruple platinum album for the rockin' rodents back in the day. To give full definition of how good this actually is, Ratt now stand (to me, anyway) as the only band of the hairband era that have delivered an album worthy of their historic past. Quite a few bands have tried to do throwback albums to their old sound (Dokken, Motley Crue, Whitesnake), yet none of them have done it as well as Ratt has here. That's not to say that those bands' albums were bad, but really says how great INFESTATION is.

    In some ways, people may listen to this album and simply think that Ratt took many of their biggest songs and reworked them to match that era. It would be hard to argue that. Listening to songs like "Lost Weekend", there's simply no way that Warren DeMartini didn't play that riff and go, "wow, I did that before on "Lack Of Communication". The same similarities can be found with "Eat Me Up Alive" ("You're In Love"), "Look Out Below" ("Lovin' You's A Dirty Job"), or first single "Best Of Me" ("Dance"). So, to say that the band has gone back to their roots is pretty much right on target. Unlike other bands though, there was always this attitude thing that made or broke them, and that's what they have recaptured here. Stephen Pearcy has always sounded pretty good as a solo artist, but never quite the same as he did with Ratt. He's back here, sounding great as he snears through song after song with his distinct vocal sound and gravelly "yeah's" throughout. While Pearcy sounds great, it's DeMartini that steals the show here. His guitar tone is so vintage to the classic days that you literally wonder if some of these riffs were recorded with Beau Hill 25+ years ago. The underlying solo on "Best Of Me" might be the best thing he's recorded since 1990, while the opening salvo on "A Little Too Much" takes you back to a time when Ratt was part of the big three bands out there (the other two - Bon Jovi and Motley Crue). Blotzer does a great job at keeping each song on pace with his thundering drum beats, and works well with bassist Robbie Crane (not the original, but he's been in the band for so long that it really doesn't matter at this point). Simply put, INFESTATION proves that there's still plenty left in the tank with Ratt. As a fan who grew up on their tunes, it's definitely great to receive something new from a classic band who truly looked to deliver what those fans of the band would have wanted. The Bon Jovi's and Motley Crue's of the world could learn something from listening to INFESTATION.

    RATING - 10/10 - A perfect album from Ratt for the first time since the middle of the hair era. I'm not quite sure how after all these years, and quite a few albums of music that wasn't so good from these guys (COLLAGE, Pearcy's FUELER, Blotzer's SAINTS OF THE UNDERGROUND), that they were able to put out something that delivers so much, but that's exactly what Ratt have done here. Not for everyone, but if you love real 80s hair metal, INFESTATION will more than delight you.
  • Airbourne offer FREE DOWNLOAD of "No Way But The Hard Way" single!

    26 Feb 2010, 02:46 by The80sFan

    Yes, I know this band is not from the '80s, BUT they are one of the VERY BEST new bands that keep the hard rock scene ALIVE with their AC/DC style of 'balls to the wall' ROCK! With that in mind...

    Airbourne have made their new single "No Way But The Hard Way" available for free download at The song is featured on the band's upcoming CD 'No Guts, No Glory' and the Overdrive Version of the album, icluding bonus tracks, DVD and much more, can be pre-ordered at

    Australian rockers Airbourne are pleased to announce No Guts, No Glory as the title of their second album for Roadrunner Records. The album is set for release on April 20, 2010. No Guts, No Glory was recorded in Chicago with noted producer Johnny K (Disturbed, 3 Doors Down, Staind). The band relocated from their shared home in Warrnambool and moved into K's spacious studio to record the album.

    Frontman Joel O'Keefe says, "Working with Johnny was great, he's one of the boys. We basically just set up all the gear, chucked a few mics around and went for it! Good times!" Brother and drummer Ryan confirms the precarious microphone placement, "With this album, we threw the mics all over the building, left the doors and windows open and pressed record!"

    Airbourne, known for their adrenalized, "work hard, play harder" style of rock, will embark on a two-month European tour in early February that will span two months and kick off with several UK dates. The band will commence US touring of major markets beginning in April. They will live on the road through the summer.

    No Guts, No Glory follows up the band's 2008-released debut, Runnin' Wild, which went on to scan upwards of 250,000 units worldwide and earned the band heaps of critical accolades.
  • NEW Ratt single "Best Of Me" FULL TRACK to listen to via link, also available for…

    26 Feb 2010, 02:37 by The80sFan

    Legendary LA metallers Ratt have unveiled the artwork for their upcoming 'Infestation' CD and "Best of Me" -- the first single off of their much-anticipated upcoming album. The song is available for purchase at these iTunes and links.

    Infestation will be released on April 20th through Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records.

    In April 2009 Loud & Proud/Roadrunner Records announced the signing of a worldwide deal with Los Angeles hard rockers RATT.

    One of the most popular rock acts of the past 20 years, RATT's brand of guitar-driven melodic rock helped shape the LA metal scene. The band boasts a deep catalog of hits including smashes like "Round and Round," "Lay It Down," "You're In Love," "Lack of Communication" and "Wanted Man" which are beloved by fans the world over. The band has gone on to sell millions of albums worldwide. With 1984's mega-platinum debut Out of the Cellar celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, the band is looking forward to starting a new chapter with new music to complement the impressive legacy they have established over two-plus decades.

    "This deal is a great opportunity for us to get our new music to RATT fans worldwide," says frontman Stephen Pearcy. "We are super excited about the new material!"

    Over the past two years, RATT has toured the world in support of their releases Tell The World - The Very Best Of Ratt and their first ever DVD, Videos from the Cellar - The Atlantic Years. During this time, the current lineup of Stephen Pearcy, Warren DeMartini, Bobby Blotzer, Robbie Crane and Carlos Cavazo played shows in Australia, Colombia and Peru for the first time in their careers.

    "The fans deserve the credit for making this happen. When we saw the band in concert and witnessed their passion and excitement, it was obvious that the time was right for RATT to make new music," says Tom Lipsky, Loud & Proud President.

    Guitarist Warren DeMartini adds, "we look forward to working with our friend and veteran record exec Tom Lipsky."
  • NEW Vince Neil (of Motley Crue) single "Tattoos & Tequila" ROCKS, FREE DOWNLOAD!

    26 Feb 2010, 02:22 by The80sFan

    February 25, 2010

    Legendary Motley Crue vocalist Vince Neil has offered fans a free download of his new song "Tattoos & Tequila". An mp3 and video for the first single from his upcoming solo album can be downloaded at

    The new CD, featuring Slaughter's Dana Strum and Jeff Blando along with drummer Zoltan Chaney, is due for release in March. Vince Neil told, "Motley's not gonna do anything, and the timing is just great. So it's time for me to put out a record. It should be out in about March. I'll do a nice summer tour following it and carry on. I am what I am. I'm a rock 'n' roll singer, and that's what I sing. The one album that I did, "Carved in Stone," which was a bit ahead of its time, was kind of combining ... rap rhythms with rock 'n' roll, and nobody got it back then. And then three or four years later you have bands like Kid Rock doing the same thing and a lot of other bands. I missed it by a couple of years, but it's all good."
  • Kix "Blow My Fuse", release date: 1988, album review!

    20 Jun 2009, 02:26 by The80sFan

    Kix : Blow My Fuse , 1988, Atlantic Records

    MY RATING: 8 out of 10 (an outstanding release and solid purchase!)

    This album, just like the band itself, is probably one of the most overlooked from the '80s decade, and that is truly a shame! I have always considered Kix a great band, with a sound akin to AC/DC, and this album proves they deserve a place when mentioning truly great rock as this one is chock full of stellar tunes! It has the perfect mix of raunchy rock 'n roll with a little bluesy feel and plenty of energy, just how I like it!
    With their biggest hit "Don't Close Your Eyes" on this album, many people became fans and even critics began to give this quintet their just due. While many may have only heard that power ballad from this album, I assure you that is not the best track on the album, for tracks like "Get It While It's Hot", "Red Lite, Green Lite, TNT" and the title track "Blow My Fuse" have all the ingredients any rock fan would want!
    These guys put together their best album just in time, for a year or so later, the grunge scene would be among us and destroy all that was glam rock in its prime, which actually pissed me off as there was a plethora of great bands putting out unbelievably good glam rock and heavy metal around this time. Oh well, at least you can re-live the glory days of the glam rock scene whenever you like, just seek out a copy of "Blow My Fuse" from Kix, I guarantee great high energy rock from start to finish!
  • Details on glam rockers RATT currently in the studio working on their LATEST ALBUM!

    20 Jun 2009, 00:23 by The80sFan

    June 18, 2009

    Ratt, who is working on their first studio album in 10 years, has issued the following studio report:

    Bobby Blotzer kicked some serious ass on the drum tracks, they are done! Robert Crane (on the bass) is finishing up bass tracks as we write this tonight/today, The band is recording well into the early mornings. Warren DeMartini and Carlos Cavazo on guitars will start after the weekend shows. The band is tracking 12-14 new songs.

    Stephen Pearcy will start tracking lead vocals next week and back up vocals. The songs are just what you expect from RATT and what the band wants you to hear! The producer (Elvis) is doing a great job and giving the band, "the big rock sound"!

    The studio is class AAA and right on the beach, a good vibe and some serious ass kickin Ratt 'N Roll is at hand here.

    More news next week.....