Second Album

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    • 8 Apr 2009, 08:54

    Second Album

    Hey, what news does anyone have on the 2nd album?

    post it here!

  • haven't a clue. if i find out anything i'll post it here though!!

  • they're working on it now. apparently on twitter they said it's going to be nothing like the first album!

    "FACTS ABOUT ALBUM 2: 1# The are no computer game or pixelly sounds in the entire album."

    "FACTS ABOUT ALBUM 2: #2 There are no social-observation type lyrics on the entire album."

    "FACTS ABOUT ALBUM 2: #3. Noisia who make lots of drum and bass are producing the album, but no track is at dnb tempo."

    "FACTS ABOUT ALBUM 2: #4 This album will scare your Grandma, has songs about nuclear war and sound great in a club or on a Nokia."

  • "You will start hearing the first song/songs in about a month hopefully. Out in the autumn baring no record label hiccups."

  • For The Masses

    so, what's your fav song from this? :) I love House Is Falling, Bombshock and Rebirth...but i LOVE all! <3333

    the future's in our memories, our past is just a guess, the point at where they meet is now the place to exist
  • LOST and M.A.D

  • House is falling. Just awesome.

  • Awesome album! Bombshock, House is Falling Down..

  • Turn The Lights Out, M.A.D., Mic Check, Ugly and Evil are awesome <3

  • Evil, Mic Check and Bombshock.

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