HALCALI .gif avatars & banners

  • HALCALI .gif avatars & banners

    Let me know if anyone wants me to make them a personalized .gif or banner for them~ I'd be happy to spread the love

  • I would love a halcali avatar! I have never been able to find a really good video to make one out of minus the one i have in my about me

  • OH man meeeee! Please and thank you~ I know that you'll make something awesome!


    I made a SHIT TON. I thought I only made like 6, wtf.
    The larger ones are "banners" which you put in your "About Me" section. The smaller ones are obviously avatars.

    ★You can choose from these OR you can ask me to edit one of them or make you a different one based by requests. Just let me knoooow :D

    ★Also, may I suggest that you hyperlink these gifs to the HALCALI last.fm group or the HALCALI official site or HALCALISENSATION, please?

    ★Also! Also! Let's support HALCALI's new album and spread the news. Put either of both of these banners in your about me section. ↓↓
    and hyperlink the image, too! :)

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  • REQUEST!!!!

    Does anyone have any HQ or pretty good quality videos of HALCALI PVs?
    I'm looking for any of these:

    Re:Yasashii Kimochi

    I really want an HQ Re:Yasashii Kimochi one, but all I can find is so-so quality :(

  • I have HQ vob of Tandem. All I have is crap quality for Baby Blue and Re: since they were never on DVD. I demand a new PV collection DVD!

    Let me know if you want the vob, or i can convert it to a nice avi or whatever.

    Can you upload the commercial vid if you have it? I don't have that yet! D:

    And I would love you forever if you edited that small one of them with the donuts from Twinkle Star to say "One Two Donut" on it. Like seriously <3

  • Where is a HQ version of Tandem?

  • Thanks, good work.

    Maybe i should have an avatar too. Not sure.

    • [Deleted user] said...
    • User
    • 19 Jun 2010, 12:16
    I'm gonna add the second album promo gif to my profile too with links. Do you want credits for making the gif added?

  • No, I don't care about the credits. Do as you wish. Thanks for asking, though.

  • OMG, amazing job ;) <3

    forever the best, forever young
    • Ed-GIR said...
    • User
    • 9 Oct 2010, 03:13
    ¿Con què programa?

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