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  • rrrroberta

    Guillemots are the only band to ever make me cry :) 2

    November 2011
  • IndieAddiction

    Guillemots are the only band to ever make me cry :)

    May 2009
  • bigcatgroup

    The Guillemots wil be playing in my home town at this years Gigbeth on 7-8 November at the Custard Factory. I have it on my events list if anyone wants to join on.

    September 2008
  • RockCorps

    hey guys. does anyone wanna come see the Guillemots at the Royal Albert Hall on the 26th September?!? If so, the only way you can get a ticket is by earning it. Give 4 hours of your time volunteering at a community project held by us, Orange RockCorps, and the ticket is all yours. woop woop! for information, visit us at

    August 2008
  • joelradiohead

    Hello ^^ good week to all.

    June 2008
  • _preacher

    hi people! guillemots new release is amazing and wonderful... very, very good!!!!

    May 2008
  • confused031

    Wow, Kriss Kross is amazin! Im really likin the sound of this new stuff so far!

    February 2008
  • berniescripps

    Guillemots have realised the first single from their album that is realised in March. You have to go through Myspace to get it. Just listened to it and it's right good.

    February 2008
  • Guhuggafuggah

    We need a new album from these guys!

    September 2007
  • john_obraz


    August 2007
  • ConradoSerpa

    aww x)

    February 2007