Best Grunge Album?

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    • 5 Jul 2005, 16:03

    Best Grunge Album?

    What do you think is the best grunge album ever made?

  • Dirt was easily the best Grunge album ever. Mainly because the wasn't a single bad track on it, and this was the album where aic really developed there own style.
    Then i think its Nevermind
    and then Soundgarden Superunkown.

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    • 11 Jul 2005, 15:25
    I agree, though Nevermind, Superunknown and Ten are all great albums, Dirt is just one of the best albums ever made.

  • Nevermind is much more simple pop rock than grunge album. It is great by itself, but a freak between others.

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  • the best grunge albums are definately superfuzz bigmuff by mudhoney,and bleach and in utero by nirvana, so shut up about stupid ten, nevermind and superunknown. while i like them, i woulndt count them amongst the best grunge albums...unless your on mtv or something...

    • Nuke_ said...
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    • 11 Aug 2005, 02:23
    In Utero all the way...

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    • Matzei said...
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    • 16 Aug 2005, 19:55
    I would have to go with Superfuzz Bigmuff and the early singles by Mudhoney on this one. I'll name a few other which definately also is on the top of my list, Alice In Chains - Dirt, Alice In Chains - Sap, Nirvana - Bleach, Nirvana - In Utero, Green River - Dry As A Bone/Rehab Doll, and a lot of others.

    As it has been stated before, Soundgarden's Superunknown and Nirvana's Nevermind (which is two of the best recordings through out history in my opinion) though great as thy are, aren't really grunge. They might be grunge, but they're not grunge. Know what I mean, probably not. Whatever, nevermind...


  • I think i'm gonna have to go with Mad Season - Above. I think it represents all the people that came together to make it better than in thier respective bands, as you get the feeling they were just jamming together for the sake of creating something cool and nothing else.

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    • 20 Aug 2005, 23:23


    Quoth beentheunseen:
    I think i'm gonna have to go with Mad Season - Above. I think it represents all the people that came together to make it better than in thier respective bands, as you get the feeling they were just jamming together for the sake of creating something cool and nothing else.

    Yeah, I really love that album. I heard it almost nonstop on my trip arround in Europe a couple of weeks back, never got tired of it... It has this blues/jazz like feeling to it, and that's a great thing. And the fact that some of the songs were actually made up while playing live just makes it cooler...

  • Dirt or Ten, can´t decide ;)

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  • I think individually Bleach is the best album... but the compilation album Subpop 200 is a good grunge album as it represents alot of bands

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  • Dirt or Vs.

  • I'll stick with the crowd & say Dirt...actually, just because I honestly DO think it's the best.

    Maybe it's sad that I date all the music I listen to as "Pre-Dirt" & "Post-Dirt" when I talk about it.

    *hides in corner*

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    • 18 Sep 2005, 02:41
    you don't have to hate something because its on mtv. honestly. i hate most stuff that winds up on it, but you can't forget stuff just because its picked up by the mainstream.

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    • 2 Oct 2005, 20:09

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    • Matzei said...
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    • 3 Oct 2005, 18:01
    Quoth Kamon1:
    I myself think that Soundgarden, along with Pearl Jam and Nirvana are not actually Grunge bands, they did some grunge songs but Alice in Chains are the only true grunge-only band.

    So, based on that, it's gotta be Dirt.

    That's complete rubbish. Read your damn history. Alice In Chains is probably the least grunge (if that is the term we are gonna use in this instance) of those bands (not saying that as an insult).
    Soundgarden were playing in the Seattle underground way before AIC did. And were also featured on the 1986 compilation "The Deep Six" among some other of the earliest "grunge" bands.
    Pearl Jam is built up of the members of Malfunkshun and Mother Love Bone, who was (unofficially) named the biggest talent of the Seattle underground scene of the 90's before the death of Andrew Wood.
    Nirvana is just Nirvana, they made "grunge" popular. Honestly they are the reason that bands like Pearl Jam and Soundgarden became popular. We can discuss whether it was in fact the earlier bands who were responsible for Nirvana's succes, but I'm not gonna go in to that now.

    Looking at your playlist, I can see how you could get a bit confused, you sure do have a lot of post-grunge on there (still not insulting any one). So if you want "real grunge" take a glance at bands like Green River and Mudhoney, it really doesn't get any more "grunge" (damn it i hate that expression) then that.

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    • 13 Oct 2005, 05:23


    Dirt is indeed one of the best albums ever made. Whomever said that the album doesn't have a single bad song on it was right on target (sorry I don't know your name!).

    Nevermind is my least favorite Nirvana album, sorry to say. Being that Nirvana is one of my favorite bands and I have infinite appreciation and respect for their music, I don't hate the album or anything. There are good songs on it and I understand the huge impact that the album had on music and on society and on the world. However it is my personal belief that In Utero, Incesticide, and Bleach (if you are only counting things that were recorded in a studio at some point) surpass Nevermind in so many ways.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling. My personal picks for the contenders of Best Grunge Album: Dirt and Bleach.

    (p.s. I do know that Alice in Chains did not like the grunge label, most bands from that era seemed to dislike the term, but they have been lumped as "grunge" for the longest time. How do you remove something once it's been melted on you?)

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    • 13 Oct 2005, 05:26

    Re: Re:

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    • 17 Oct 2005, 10:50
    I can't choose just one album, it's a bit confusing, 'cause many albums were great and made grunge, grunge.
    My favourite albums definitely are: "Dirt" (not because you all said it is ;)), "Ten", "Superuknown", "Dust"-Screaming trees...
    And Nirvana ofcourse - Nevermind

  • I hate the term "grunge", but I'll have to go with...

    Mad Season's only album. For the reasons stated above.

    Close behind Mad Season is Temple of the Dog.

    • Neula said...
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    • 17 Nov 2005, 10:21
    Yes, Dirt is great and Superunknown is great. But to my mind the best is Jar of Flies. Ok, it's not a full length album, and it's quite different from the other aic releases, but it's so naked and intimate. Simply beautiful. And the way Layne sings...just listen to "Nutshell" and you know what I mean.

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    • Matzei said...
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    • 17 Nov 2005, 15:22
    Yeah, 'Nutshell' is among the best songs ever. Normally I don't like fade-outs (the only other song that fades out in a proper way is the Beattles song 'Hey Jude!', I think, I'm not that much into The Beattles) but it really fit this song.
    But I don't know if i would nominize 'Jar of Flies' to the best album ever, well since it's not a full-length album. Also it doesn't have the right flow as Dirt has, pumpin' up great songs after another in a good harmony. 'Jar of Flies' has some of my favourite songs on it ('Nutshell', probably my top favourite song, 'Rotten Apple' and 'No Excuses'), but the songs seem kinda forced together, you know.

  • lmao@Soundgarden isn't grunge.

    Anyway, in order...

    1) Soundgarden - Badmotorfinger w/ SOMMS (Somms puts it over the top)
    2) Alice in Chains - Dirt
    3) Pearl Jam - VS
    4) Temple of the Dog - Temple of the Dog
    5) everything else

    But in the end, it all comes down to this...

    There's no such thing as grunge.

    Winner's write the history books while Losers bury the dead.
    • Cry_Sis said...
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    • 21 Nov 2005, 07:55
    Superfuzz Bigmuff

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Jan 2006, 15:56
    here's my top 10;

    6.Temple of the Dog

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