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    I'm really surprised more people aren't using the Group Ring, especially when you have a small group and just want to get noticed.

    Granted, it's not for everyone. For example, artist fan groups and owner approval groups aren't eligible (which is why it's not used here, though we do have them as a Group Connection in the sidebar - another good idea).

    The default graphics are nothing to write home about, but others are available in a thread there, and you can always create your own.

  • Yeah, I would sure like to advertise the Group Ring, even though my group, being an artist fan group basically, isn't eligible, but how does one create such nifty group connections as the one I can see on the left?
    (furthermore: is the above an absolutely lame question to ask?)

  • Absolutely not lame.

    First, although it may look "official," it's actually just something you add to the group description.

    To get a Group Connection, you simply ask the leader of another group if they'd liked to add you as a Group Connection, and you'd do the same favor in return.

    They can say yes, no or (quite often!) just ignore you. I usually add their group ahead of time, both to show my good faith, and to show them exactly what I'm talking about.

    If they say no, or I haven't heard back from them in a couple weeks or so, I remove their group.

    Ideally, it should be groups with some type of related topic, but that's entirely up to you, of course.

  • yeah, I thought it was going to be lame: my question concerns the actual TECHNOLOGY (the method, frankly) of basically HOW one does this (adding the words 'Group Connections:' in humble grey to the left-hand side of the group page)

    see, it was lame after all! never underestimate ignorance!

  • all right, I spoke without thinking again...

    just like grandmother's pies:

    Augustus Pablo

  • Edit Details > Description

    And then somewhere, put:

    [*b]Group Connections:[*/b]
    [*group]Group One[*/group]
    [*group]Group Two[*/group]

    Remove the asterisks (*) to get the bold look and the linked group names.

  • I've added the Group Ring here (lower right corner of the Overview section), even though this group is not eligible to be part of it. We do have a Group Connection with the Group Ring, though.

    Again, I encourage all leaders to join the ring, if your group(s) are eligible.

  • My group would probably be considered an "anti-artist" group and therefore not eligible.

  • You're probably right.

  • I joined the ring and my groups have the rings too!

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    i use it

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