Meredith - annoying?

  • Meredith - annoying?

    I was just wondering - what do u guys think of Mer?
    For me, she's extremly annoying, com'on, i think it was in episode 4x04 - Derek told her all those beautiful things about how he wants to marry her and stuff and she just stood there?
    It's so stupid - she she and Derek being together, breaking up, sleeping together, I don't follow anymore, During watching 3x17 I actually was hoping she dies, I think there are a lot of better characters to be main person in the show, like Addy [unfortunatly no longer there] or Izzie.
    Mer gotta leave!

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  • Her charachter didn't quite changed since the show started. That's odd.. but I still resonate with her, surprisingly! I still like the way she thinks about her problems.. I don't know, she's just okay for me. =)
    She was always a little 'dark and twisty' mssoo.. :P

    BUT I can't get what stops her from having a relationship with Derek..
    And about her mom..?! Why is her mom still a problem??

  • IMHO Her and Derek are equally stupid.
    They are perfect match :D

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  • i love her. she is flawed sure, all the characters are. but i am and every human being i have ever met is. we are all annoying sometimes. we all make mistakes and thats why i like the show. nobody is perfect. they are all emotional fuck jobs and i can relate to them. meredith is complicated and makes mistakes but thats why i love her.
    and McDreamy is amazing. i shall not hear a bad word about him.

  • why is he amazing?
    Guy has absolutly no self-respect.
    So doesn't she.
    She's a slut, that what she is.

    Show should be centred around everyone but her and her stupid love-mother's-ashes issues.

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  • she is a complicated girl with serious abandonment issues. she isnt a slut. she has had a few one night stands in the last 4 years when she has been between relationships. but she is a decent human being underneah her problems. i think she is interesting.

    as for dreamy he is the perfect man. aswell as being dreamy he is loving and loyal and honest. the whole meredith derick thing is one of the core storylines of the show. other relationships come and go but mer-der will go on for as long as the show does.

    without meredith it would have to be yangs anatomy and that just doesnt have the same ring to it.

  • a "few" one night stands? :P:P:P

    loyal and honest? You call a guy who yells at his wife for that she slept with someone and then himself does the same thing loyal? and you call a guy who doesn't mention he has a wife for 2 months honest?
    Ow yeah, that's truly a perfect man!

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  • yeah a few one night stands. but most of the guys she has been with have been relationships. dreamy and vet being the main ones. she is hardly moving through 2 or 3 guys a week. its at most 2 or 3 a year. thats hardly slutty.

    the way addison cheated on dreamy was totaly different to him cheating on her. when he found her with steamy the marriage was effectivly over. so when he went to seattle and met meredith it was hardly cheating. he never intended on seeing his wife again. not telling mer he was married wasnt the best thing ever but its understandable.
    he was running from his problems like most people would do if the person they loved and their best friend commited the ultimate betrayal.

    and when his wife appeared and he had to deal with what he was running away from he even tried to give the marriage another go. but he was always in love with meredith and it was never going to work. he doesnt always make the best choices but he has a good heart and tries to do what is right.

    dreamy is dreamy

    • tallesh said...
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    • 4 Nov 2007, 18:42
    i dont agree that derek is perfect. but I like mer-derek thing, though most of time they suck.
    i love meredith and her problems, the way she faces life... i might sound wrong, but mer is naive, so naive... yet so.

  • dude u seem to have a crash on him and frankly I'm bored reading your posts.
    U say he's dreamy I say he's shit.

    Yep, she's sooo naive.

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  • Hihi, come on guys. It's not like it matters if Derek is or not a great charachter; after all, he's just a character. It's not worth it.

  • haha. never!!! i shall fight to the death of dereks honour lol. didnt realise things were being taken so seriously.

    *dances to lighten the mood*

    • Bayou16 said...
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    • 6 Nov 2007, 04:17
    Mer, boring as hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yeah! :lol:

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  • Meredith is so dramatic about everything. She has just so many problems with everyone and everything. That has a lot to do with her parents, Derek, George and workstress(?). It's all becoming too much. I think she needs therapy... But apart from that, she has her better moments. Remember: where would everybody have lived without Meredith's house?
    She just needs to get things sorted and stop crying in such a overreacted stupid way! Seriously, have you ever seen anyone cry like that?

    Bring some peace to your mind for today is a new day
  • no.
    but you know...she's doing this for FOUR seasons now, so I doubt It will ever change :D

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    • tallesh said...
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    • 6 Nov 2007, 21:14
    oh yeah, she's not gonna change.
    that wouldn't be meredith grey without her crying and dramatic thing...

    Edited by tallesh on 7 Nov 2007, 21:16
    • Bayou16 said...
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    • 7 Nov 2007, 15:14
    She's the most depressed person on earth! >.<

  • yeah! she's annoying!

    • Studid said...
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    • 17 Nov 2007, 21:36
    You all talking about this like you know the people like in real life. It's just a tv-serie.
    But you're right that the character 'Mereditch' is a bit boring to watch. The rest is ok.

  • Well she acts like a 4 year old, she shouts *look at me im so special!!*. And when its about someone else she gets sad... Though she's been though a lot, she still worrie the most about her lovelife...

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 27 Dec 2007, 19:37
    I think it's interesting how Meredith is trying to wade through her issues. She knows she has something great with Derek, but of course all of her past issues keep bubbling up, blocking her from being "bright and shiny".

    Just look at all the crap her parents have done to her and then realize that the chick has to go through 30-something years of dealing with it on her own. And finally someone great comes along and wants to actually treat her right. I would be a bit hesitant too, thinking "Is this for real?"

    And Derek, didn't help her much in the beginning by lying about Addison AND THEN ditching Meredith for Addison. I mean, the girl already had trust and abandonment issues. And then he did that. I would take 4+ seasons to get over it all too. It's 30-something years of "dark and twisted". It's practically embedded in her system.

    I'm for Meredith. But I'll tell you who is getting on my last freakin' nerves: Izzie. Now, she's someone without self-respect.

    • tallesh said...
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    • 30 Dec 2007, 04:26
    i agree with you; izzie is getting extremely stupid with that george thing...

    • Bayou16 said...
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    • 31 Dec 2007, 03:32
    tallesh said:
    izzie is getting extremely stupid


  • If we throwing Izzie under the bus, can I drive? ;)

    You guys are saying what I've been thinking lately and I'm dying to chime in.

    I've been watching since the beginning and I never thought I would find Christina more likeable than Izzie.

    Izzie is now my least favorite character. Who goes from crying on the bathroom floor for Denny to breaking up George's marriage. Am I suppose to feel bad for her? Seriously?

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