greenbelt 2008 wish list

  • greenbelt 2008 wish list

    just to say that following an on line discussion with large number of greenbelters i've set up a "greenbelt wish list 2008" tag.
    be fun / interesting to see what anyone else fancies adding to this. please note if anyone plays it i dont take responsability for the choice of suggestion but maybe it will be enough to get some debate going.

    tag will work fine in the software or try

  • My wishlist...

    Woven Hand - Fabulous music with deep lyrics.
    Rory McLeod - A big-hearted performer if ever there was one.

    I reckon they'd both be ideal for Greenbelt

    Howard Dickins
    "Relentlessly combating evil since 1981"
    Twitter @dorkomatic
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