Script Archive: July 2008

  • Script Archive: July 2008

    Archive of scripts for the previous version of

    Statistics and Info

    [ 2008-01-02, Working ] - Get last reply date by snyde1 [ comments ]
    Gets the date of the last post to the Greasemonkeys News and Script Updates forum thread and displays it in your profile sidebar.

    [ 2007-04-03, Not Working ] - Artist Fan Rank by kepp [ comments ]
    Adds a red star (if applicable) and fan rank of you or the userpage's owner to Top Artists charts.
    Partial fix available with a manual script edit. Thanks, snyde1!

    [ 2008-03-20, Working Partially ] Chart Changes by andrew_j_w [ comments ]
    Shows how charts have changed over time for most of the charts on
    Currently works on OVERALL ONLY. Not working on rolling 3, 6, and 12 month charts.

    [ 2007-05-17, Working ] - Normalised Chart by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
    Adds option to view time normalised artist chart - uses mattperdeaux's XML feed.

    [ 2008-01-03, Working ] Artist Playcount/Chart Position Graph by abhin4v [ comments ]
    Shows the playcount and chart position graphs of artists for the logged in user.

    [ 2008-05-06, Working ] - Top Artists Preview by Lowest [ comments ]
    Builds a chart for your top artists for the current week - based on your recent tracks page (from Sunday 6pm to current day).

    [ 2008-04-28, Working ] - Weekly Artist Dropdown Stats by Lowest [ comments ]
    Adds an option to click the 'top artist this week' area to show stats for a person's top albums & tracks.

    [ 2008-05-08, Working ] - Highlight Same Artists by snyde1 [ comments ]
    Highlights artists that you listen to on other users' profiles.

    [ 2007-03-27, Working with fix* ] - My Top Tracks by iten [ comments ]
    Shows all tracks you've listened to by an artist on the artist's page.
    * You can get a working version from snyde1 over at his journal (see his most recent comment at the bottom). Just save the link to your computer and drag to Firefox to install.

    [ 2007-04-01, Working ] Percentage by marshee. Latest version courtesy LucidCognition. [ comments ]
    Adds play percentage for each track and artist in your charts to one decimal place.

    [ 2007-07-08, Working ] Play Statistics by marshee. Latest version courtesy LucidCognition. [ comments ]
    Adds extra play statistics to user profiles. (Tracks per hour, per day, and per week)

    [ 2007-08-30, Working ] - Recently Played by BooooooooB [ comments ]
    Inserts recently played information into the friends and neighbours panels of user pages.

    [ 2006-11-01, Working ] - Observe Your Friends by myoclonia [ comments ]
    Displays the 10 most recent tracks of each friend on a user's friends list.

    [ 2006-12-12, Working ] - Artist Taste-o-Meter by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
    Adds a Taste-o-Meter to artist pages like the one on user profiles.

    [ 2008-04-17, Working ] - Lyrics by esc4p1st [ comments ]
    Adds lyrics from LyricWiki to a track page.

    Functionality and Aesthetics

    [ Not Working ] Blue Theme by Jonce
    Replaces the current themes with a blue colored theme.

    [ 2008-05-08, Working ] Lite by n8kowald
    Removes gradients, shadows and gives you the ability to hide/show radio, journal and playlist sections.

    [ 2007-07-18, Working ] - Favicon Changer by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
    Changes the tab and address bar icon ("favicon") for based on your colour setting (red or black).

    [ 2007-06-05, Working ] Automatically Updating Recently Listened Tracks by andrew_j_w [ comments ]
    Updates the recently listened tracks every 60 seconds.

    [ 2007-03-30, Not Working ] - Inline Post History by kepp [ comments ]
    Adds a person’s post history (past two weeks) to their user pages.

    [ 2007-03-30, Not Working ] - Inline Reply Tracker by kepp [ comments ]
    Adds your reply tracker to your user pages with the replies.

    [ 2007-02-20, Working ] - Show Large Artist Image by Lowest [ comments ]
    Hover over an artist image on the artist page to view it full size. Option to use a button instead of hover. Click the large image to close it.

    [ Working ] Journal Collapse by antiphon
    Automatically collapses journal entry text & connections down to a [+] – click to toggle entry view.

    [ Not Working ] - List Toggle
    Opens "detail view" on all pages automatically at loading.

    [ 2007-05-18, Working ] Message Notifier by Spaceboy83. Latest version courtesy of MikeManger. [ comments ]
    Shows a (rather large and in your face) box when there are unread messages in your inbox.

    [ 2007-04-23, Working ] Online Status adapted by MikeManger [ comments ]
    Adds color to user's online status.

    [ 2008-02-25, Working] Mutual Groups by lunrfarsde [ comments ]
    Creates a box under user avatars displaying groups you both belong to.

    [ 2007-10-21, Working ] - Shoutbox Quick Reply by kepp [ comments ]
    Allows you to reply to posts in your shoutbox from your shoutbox.

    [ 2007-06-17, NEW! ] event shoutbox feed by chopeen [ comments ]
    Adds an Atom feed to the shoutbox on event pages.

    [ 2008-01-13, Working ] Advanced Search by dadub [ comments ]
    Adds a combo-box to the default Search field to specify search results.

    [ 2007-07-05, Working ] - Group Forum Search by gadgetchannel [ comments ]
    Adds forum search to group forums.

    [ Working ] Quickfind by Isca_Riot
    Keeps record of artist pages you visit and lists them in an easy access menu.

    [ 2007-05-19, Working ] My History by iriebob [ comments ]
    Keeps track of visited artist, group and user pages and makes them available in a select list displayed at the top of each page.

    [ 2007-03-29, Working ] Quick Links by bmxgamer [ comments ]
    This basic script adds links to the header.

    [ 2008-03-06, Working ] Quick Links UK by marshee [ comments ]
    Adapted for UK users and based on bmxgamer's Quick Links, this basic script adds links to the header.

    [ 2008-05-13, Working ] + Encyclopaedia Metallum by lajevardi [ comments ]
    Shows a link to Encyclopaedia Metallum artist profile ( next to (all) artist names on their profiles.

    [ Working ] - Country Flag by kepp
    Adds flag of user's country next to the country name.

    [ 2007-05-31, Working ] - Hide "My Radio" + "My Playlist" Sections by zloh [ comments ]
    This script hides the "My Radio" and "My Playlist" sections.

    [ 2008-03-15, Working ] Free Tracks Playlist by iriebob [ comments ]
    Adds a link to the dashboard to play the week's recommended full-length tracks in the Flash player.

    [ 2007-07-10, Working ] Mininova Artist Torrent Links by wdaltec [ comments ]
    Adds a list of relevant torrents from Mininova to the artist page.

    [ Not Working ] - Multi-Tag Radio Launch Panel by TheMariner [ comments ]
    This script will add a panel below the "Featured Stations" panel on your profile page. Enter a list of tags separated by commas and you can launch either the flash player or full client.

    [ Not Working ] Chart Delta Colourer by andymantell [ comments ]
    Colours in's 'official' chart delta arrows, instead of creating entire new ones like Chart Changes does.

    [ 2007-04-23, Working ] - Add Flickr Photos by mrspeaker [ comments ]
    Add images from flickr based on the "content analysis" of LastFM recent songs from yahoo pipes.

    [ 2007-06-12, Working ] Event Tags on Flickr by vertino [ comments ]
    Associates a Flickr page with a Event. Using a machine-tag (e.g. "lastfm:event=148549"), a link will appear to the Event information page.

    [ 2008-03-14, Working ] Ad Remover by lajevardi [ comments ]
    Removes all ads including Google ads from

    General Scripts
    The following script(s) are not specifically related to but may be found useful once installed.

    [ 2006-12-06, Working ] User Script Updates by Richard Gibson.
    Checks for updated versions of user scripts that request it, and notifies the user of their existence.

    Last updated 2008-06-29.

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