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  • BooooooooB said:
    So it does. 'tis fixed now.

    Hmm... still doesn't seem to be working for me. I've uninstalled and reinstalled just to be sure I got the update. Was it still at the link you posted above? nofollow=yes

  • Um, I don't know what that nofollow=yes means. I didn't type that and the text doesn't appear in my post when I edit it.

  • It was working for me, but it hasn't for at least the past couple days. Uninstalled and then installed it again, and still no go.

  • Hmmm... It's still working on my other laptop. Strange. Both are set up pretty much exactly the same, with FF3 and the latest Greasemonkey.

  • sorry, i hadn't seen these replies.

    are you still having problems? it's been working fine for me all this time.

  • I installed it yet again and now it's working fine on both computers. Go figure.


  • Same here. Although I had reinstalled it before and got no change, reinstalling again just now seems to have fixed the lack of tracks displayed for groups' recent visitors.

    Thanks again!

  • I'm having issues due to the use of getElementsByClassName and my still using FF2 to avoid other crashes and bugs in FF3. Maybe I can find a prototype version of getElementsByClassName that works. I tried one and it got past the initial error to now say usersSmall[.getElementsByClassName is not a function... I'll poke at it a bit more. I kinda' hate FF3 right now.

    Thanks for your continued work on this BooooooooB.

  • This has recently stopped working for Friends, but still works elsewhere.

    Anyone else?

    • steejin said...
    • User
    • 8 Feb 2009, 15:31
    it doesn't work for friends anymore.

  • This script stopped working on my main page

    This script still works when I go to "friends", but it SUDDENLY stopped working on my main page...which is too bad, since I'm nosy. I really dig this script, it's one of my faves, if not my fave script.
    And if you need any browser information, 'tis Firefox 3.0.6 ... it may have been the last FF update that did it.

    • jontorp said...
    • User
    • 27 Mar 2009, 11:19
    I refactored and, amongst other things, added cache functionality for this script. I've spent some time testing this and have fixed most bugs, but I think it may need some more testers trying it out before I'm willing to release it publicly. Send me a PM if you're willing to try it out.

  • /deleted

  • Hi Bob,

    Thanks for a brilliant script!

    Like with other users it seems to have stopped working for the Friends section only - perfect with recent visitors - love to be able to see what my Friends are listening to again!


    Edit: it does resize Friends user images, but doesn't put in any listening info :(

  • Sadly, not able to fetch this any longer.

  • Still unable to fetch this script. :( I miss it.

  • Apologies for the non-working link. I changed web host and forgot to set up that subdomain again. it should begin working momentarily, in the meantime the script's still on at:

    As people above point out though it's not working desperately well at the moment. I'd suggest asking jontorp if you can have his version, which was working very well last time i tried it.
    I might get around to fixing the script, but can make no promises, i'm not sure how much of a task it might be.

  • Thanks! It is working great for me right now, after an install via above link and a closing and re-opening the browser.

  • Great.
    I've just uploaded an updated version (3.1) to fix the problem with Friends sections, and fix the sizing of the user image for people with no profile picture.

    marshee, could you post a message about the update in the update thread?
    Could you also change the link on the big list? I've moved around my svn repository, and the script's now at:


  • Awesome! Thanks Bob!

  • Well, now it doesn't seem to load anymore. I just tried to install it on another machine, and the link takes me to an install page but clicking that just brings up a page with the code for the script. .......

  • Clicking:
    should bring up the 'Greasemonkey Installation' window, then wait for the countdown to finish on the 'Install' button, and click it.
    is that not what happens for you?

  • Nahh... I see the script itself, as in: Quoth booooooob:
    // ==UserScript==
    // @name - Recently Played
    // @description Adds recently played information in various places around
    // @include http://**
    // ==/UserScript==
    // By BooooooooB -
    // Version 3.1

    etc., etc.,

  • Interestingly, when I open the page in Internet Explorer, it asks to run or have me save a .js file.... Should I do that, in Explorer? I use firefox.....

  • Working great here. Thanks again!

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