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Created on: 26 Feb 2006
We got the best of both worlds ; )

From the Urban Dictionary LOL!:
"yeah i know it sounds like a weird combo... a goth hippie is one who is one with nature... completely hates everything tho... wants peace but cuts themselves... and has a fashion sense of a retarted crack whore... save the rainforest+cut the wrists.... "

"A gothic hippie is precisely what the name implies. The exact combination of goth and hippie can vary widely based on the individual. In general, A gothic hippie is someone who believes in peace and love, embraces and strives to be one with nature and a higher energy (often-times through the practice of Paganism or some other New Age activity). These people generally also have a facination with history, praticularly the Middle Ages and the Victorian era. They tend to have a dark and cynical sense of humor and take very little seriously except for major issues (peace, love, social rights, etc...).
Stylistically A gothic hippy can look like either a goth or a hippy or some combination in between (think tie-dyed t-shirt with black fishnet underneath it and long dark hair)
Someone who listens to gothic music (especially more ethereal stuff), is into meditation and the pagan worship of nature and feels that people are stupid because they take things too seriously that aren't really worth it.
The highest goal of a gothic hippie is to trancend this world of materialism and pop-culture filth and achieve a higher form of enlightenment and inner peace."

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  • Ep0na

    balance and wholeness. without darkness, there is no light. it all must exist. we must conquer our fears. we are all part of the universe and love shall prevail.

    4 May 2014 Reply
  • Finnegannon

    Nice group idea, but that cutting line is just a bit silly, methinks :\

    23 Nov 2013 Reply
  • lailamb

    Wants peace but cuts other people

    14 Nov 2013 Reply
  • ringwraith10

    From the description: "wants peace but cuts themselves" -- I'm sorry, but that's kinda dumb. I agree with imp-errat-iv (and I think I remember hearing Voltaire say that once, too -- though he also said something about pirates and other things).

    26 Jun 2010 Reply
  • Ursulabear

    this is soooooo mee!

    9 Jun 2010 Reply
  • imp-errat-iv

    Lol, that's me! ;-) I remember Voltaire used to call himself a 'dark hippie' - I sympathise with his version maybe a bit more (prefer 'dark' over 'gothic') but I guess it's more or less the same thing ;-) Greetings to all!

    3 Apr 2010 Reply
  • SoniaBurkell

    De momento en Madrid nos conformaremos con Epica que vienen en unos días

    24 Mar 2010 Reply
  • vientounicornio

    Un nuevo Monterrey en gothic estaría bien.

    12 Mar 2010 Reply
  • arsenaultk9

    Funny, never thought of it's existance, although with this group description I feel at home. Wish more people would enhance dreamful lives and get rid of this fucking machine we call society!

    10 Mar 2010 Reply
  • vajko

    darkness and death are integral parts of the cycle of mother earth, nutrients are absorbed from the earth in life and released back into the earth in death to be taken up again. Open eyes see clearly that all has its place, and only fear finds evil.

    14 Aug 2009 Reply
  • andelyn

    Just like the sound of bats wings in a summer garden....gothic hippy IS MUSIC TO MY EARS

    22 Jul 2009 Reply
  • TheWolfGang_de

    Howldy! Howl do you do? Our "First Blood" EP is new on and ready for free download. Enjoy! Goodbite, The Wolf Gang &

    13 Jul 2009 Reply
  • lofo__

    peace and hail to the ethereal violin and everything in between. add me! kante mou add! ajoutez-moi! befreunde mich!

    8 Jul 2009 Reply
  • jadziaadax

    nice ;)

    16 Apr 2009 Reply
  • misslynx

    This is possibly the best concept for a group I have et seen. Well, apart from possibly the "bipolypagangeek" (full name: Bi Poly Kinky Pagan Gamer Geeks) community on Livejournal. :-)

    10 Apr 2009 Reply
  • spitit0ut

    New Dark Ambient album! Free Download!

    31 Jan 2009 Reply
  • manischepoeten

    Manische Poeten - new on lastfm! Give it a try, and tell us what you think about it! Manische Poesie

    2 Jan 2009 Reply
  • cosmopotter

    I don't know where I fit in but this might be close. Any other closet goths out there? Should I come out?

    6 Sep 2008 Reply
  • spitit0ut


    1 Aug 2008 Reply
  • cowboymimes

    Owl people unite

    24 Aug 2007 Reply
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