Whats your favourite movie?

  • Think about what you want from life.

  • okaay, some of my favs afair... depends on my mood (like listen to music ;]

    braveheart, sin city, gone in 60 secs, mad max, once upon a time in the west, the godfather, underworld 1 & 2, american werewolf, pw swordfish, gladiator, alien, american history x, hanibal (...lector), bourne ..., payback, we were soldiers, havanna, die welle....

    edit: deleted some, cause its imho silly to count all... just want to show my faved genres

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  • Spiderman 1-3, Figth Club, Der blutige Pfad Gottes (Boondock saints), Watchman,
    Donnie Darko, Resident Evil 1-3, Matrix 1-2, Silent Hill, Halloween, Crank 1-2, All James Bonds, Police Story 1-2, and many more.

    6Sha1dow6 the Lycaner
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    • 2 Apr 2010, 23:48
    This is an oldy but a very good suspense movie by Alfred Hitchcock.
    With Jimmy Stewart and Grace Kelley.

  • Dances With Wolves

  • edit: wrong discussion... deleted

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  • one of my favs a long time ago... hf

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    • 7 Apr 2010, 16:37
    This is an Anime but it still counts as a movie.

  • yay... repairing a japanese machine - howto ;)

    several scenes are quite cool... and the feeling

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  • twilight part one in the sims

    Sk8r dudes ,bois ~skateboards~dcshoes~drama~rock out~live your life while u can!~!

  • This isn't a movie, but it's a damn good series on a movie channel.

  • some scenes are quite cool...

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  • Literally watching it at the moment....think at least the thought crosses the mind of most sane men, put in such a pickle...

  • Thanks for the rec Lisa. :)

    This is an incredibly dark if not stunning spin on the legend of Robin Hood.
    This is another masterpiece by my favorite Director, Ridley Scott.

  • Long gone are the days of Romper Stomper...poor Russell.

  • One of his best.

    Now these are some bad ass babes!

  • Long live the mullet!

  • This one will be when it comes out!

  • Sorry miss D. That turkey will never fly. I think it was canned.

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