Why do gay-world love music like Gaga and Schlager?

    • mateu89 said...
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    • 23 Jul 2012, 20:39

    Why do gay-world love music like Gaga and Schlager?

    I can't make a threat without bias. Ofc, everyone in the gay word don't like Gaga and Schlager-music. Mainstream shit like Black Eyed Peace, you know.

    But why is the homo-normative like that? At pride in Stockholm, they have only Schlager, shit like Jedward.. And some Drag-shows - it is music? FUCK NO!!!
    Gaga has a cool image, no more than that.

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  • it' s the same mechanism as in the "conventional" mainstream. it pays. that's all there is. full stop.

    do you really think the gay taste is better per se? how that?

  • It really annoys me to hear people talk about Gaga who I know havn't actually listened to her third album.

  • u guys can think whatever you want and ill probably get reamed out for this, but she's NOTHING like the black eyed peas (the worst thing ever to happen to music) or j lo or whatever and a majority of gay people I know (& i know a lot) HATE her because they think her new music is ~wierd~

    theres so much worse shit out there like jedward for u to get worked up over but everyone hates gaga soOoOoO much. you all think everyone who likes her is a sheep but so many people who hate her are total sheep too

  • and what the hell is shlager? cinnamon vodka?

    • mateu89 said...
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    • 30 Jul 2012, 19:29

    It's eurovision song contest stuff, shit. Thought it was same name in english.

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  • Schlager is the German word for "pop" music actually. But it refers to that type of music that mateu89 well described as "eurovision song contest stuf", so trashy but top-selling songs.

    I think Lady Gaga is quite a cool person, but there's too much influence from outside on her music. I'm sorry, but "originality" is just not the first word that i associate with her music. The end, to me, was Bad Romance, which basically sounded Schlager at some points. It's the same feeling i get from the new Marina & The Diamonds album as well...
    just not MY kind of thing, i guess it's still good commercial pop music and there must be a reason why so many people listen to it. peace <3

    • mateu89 said...
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    • 6 Aug 2012, 10:48
    Schlager = pop music in Germany, cool :p

    Well, I don't know if the gay-culture is different in the other countries than Sweden but here is next to all -. yes all, gay guys crasy in that Eurovision song contest-music. I was at a club in Stockholm pride, that music. Omg, could't dance to it, i tried but can't. No feeling, only easy lyrics and same sound.

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  • At least in Spain (where I live) the straight-world love things even worst than Gaga. I don't think it's about being gay...

  • I have been organizing alternative, rock & indie parties for gay people in my hometown! you should all come next time :) no schlagers,gaga, britney or other shit there

    • mateu89 said...
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    • 19 Aug 2012, 14:09
    That's sounds very cool! :D

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  • Sobakasu_ said:
    a majority of gay people I know (& i know a lot) HATE her because they think her new music is ~wierd~

    I adore weird music. I am drawn to such things. That's a major reason why I am into artists like iamamiwhoami and planningtorock. They are off the wall. I also love their sounds.

    As for gaga, I like her image and presentation. It is cool. Her music is not bad what so ever. The woman can sing like no one else. Musically, it's just not my style. Not bad, and if someone around me turns it on, I'll listen. I'm not going to go out of my way to listen to it though. And yes I have heard her 3rd album. It's just not my thing. I like really bizzare or unheard of song structures, and she sticks to pop lines that I can't get into.

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  • I don't think Gaga is bad either, but I think all her hit songs are made by the same receipe... she just takes a syllable and stutters it... pa-pa-razzi, pa-pa-pa-poker face, ba-ra-rom-ma-ma, ju-ju-ju just dance and so on. Kinda lame if you think of it, no?

  • but you have to admit there are also many indie pop bands these days that just sing SHALALA in their choruses... :D

  • I think she is a plagiarist. She did not create any new thing, everything is totally deja vu. That`s why I don`t like her music. And like michiel88 said...everything is pa-pa, ma-ma-ma, ju-ju....etc. But, I do have respect for Madonna, she was the first in many things..... And everyone can copy, like La-la-lady Ga-ga-ga. Maybe Gaga is that popular cause she steal from the best??

    • mateu89 said...
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    • 30 Aug 2012, 20:46
    Maybe because she's queer and all the gay loves her :p

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  • I guess it's kind of hard to make a general statement on the common taste in music. Or where it derives from. Yet popular music such as Lady Gaga and so on is quite easy to grasp and to having a good time to. It's the invasive vibe that gets one going nuts to it in a vast crowd. I can't imagine Alexisonfire being played in a gay disco with the majority of people having a good time (I'd prefer it though xD). As already mentioned - it's the recipe that has been reused dozens of times and therefore I don't think you could call it stealing parts from here and there. If there ever was an original it has happened long ago. Everything going on now is just a copy or evolution of what has been here before.
    What also plays a role is the appearance of the artist. The more provocative it seems the better it sells. Especially among youth as in this phase most of us wish to be something different to the crowd. Yeah Gaga is kinda "weird", but nothing special in that terms either. It has happened before, too. Only were it different times with other things being provocative. I guess the first woman ever performing in a swimming suit was a huge shock once, too xD. And in some years we might just have people performing completely naked or having sex on stage. Whatevers. It's just going to be the next step to something that has smoothed the path priorly.

    To make it short; A common "good-vibe" recipe mixed with appearance that to the majority seems avantgarde.

    Btw! I also guess most people don't really search for music but rather take what comes along. Whereas music that isn't in the charts doesn't get any attention.

  • glad to hear balanced opinions and yes she isn't avant guarde on a large scale at all, but the amazing visuals dont hurt. Yeah, everything she's done has been done before. She namedrops all her influences all the time so she doesn't claim that what she does is her own invention, people who don't like her dont read her interviews though and then they claim she never talks about her influences. how are you supposed to hear her talk about it if youre not listening?

  • Michiel - when's the next party? lol

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  • probably december... I'll let you know the exact date :p

  • if anyone ever comes to munich (although oktoberfest is nearly over), try candy club http://www.candyclub.de/index.php - they always have a no-bullshit set (with occasional gaga in it) in different no-bullshit locations. setlists on the homepage in "musik/playlists".

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