Favorite emo/post-hardcore/hardcore scenes?

  • Favorite emo/post-hardcore/hardcore scenes?

    My favorites are:

    Midwest (USA)
    the Merchant Ships family tree (Indiana)
    Sleep Patterns (Indiana)
    Former Thieves (Iowa)
    Victor! Fix The Sun (Michigan)

    West Coast (USA)
    Touché Amoré (Los Angeles)
    Killing The Dream (Sacramento)
    Yaphet Kotto (Santa Cruz/San Fancisco)

    Le pré où je suis mort
    My Own Private Alaska

  • Are you looking for scenes existant to this day? Because if not....

    Washington DC: 1977-1992

    The birth of Bad Brains through the death of The Nation of Ulysses.

    Bad Brains
    Minor Threat
    Artifical Peace
    The Untouchables
    Reptile House
    Government Issue
    Marginal Man
    Dag Nasty
    Gray Matter
    Rites of Spring
    One Last Wish
    The Nation of Ulysses

    etc, etc, etc.

    I love Dischord and unhealthy amount.

  • I was actually gonna list that too! I also really like Faraquet and Q and Not U, those are both late 90's/early 00's DC bands.

  • I actually just ordered a package from Dischord and got Q and Not U's "No Kill No Beep Beep" because I had heard great things about it/them. I really like it a lot. It's fun, but it still has teeth on it.

    Other contenders of mine would probably be late 90's screamo in the tri state area. Saetia, Jeromes Dream, You and I, The Assistant. A whole bunch of a great bands came out of there.

    Also, Sioux Falls in the late 90's early 00's was great. The Hareste, An Embrace of Angels, Sinking Steps... Rising Eyes, Spirit of Versailles.

    For a modern scene I would probably have to go with Pennsylvania. I think it's mostly Lancaster and Pittsburgh that are creating the bands, but: We Were Skeletons, 1994!, Algenon, Snowing, Who Goes There?, and Houston We Have a Problem.

  • Yeah, PA emo is where it's at!

    and I love New England hardcore/emo:
    They And The Children, Sofx, Sinaloa, Daniel Striped Tiger, ghosting. (thanks for your rec), Like Beasts, iwishididntexistrightnow, featherweight, etc

  • Jonjonjohny said:
    Chunk! No, Captain Chunk!

    goddammnit i hope you're joking, this band is so awful

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