• Irish Metal...

    If anyone here is at all interested in what Ireland has to offer in regards to metal, then follw this link here. This book of Irish Metal Wiki has been developed by Irish bands themselves and upkept by the mods of www.metalireland.com.

    Irish Metal Wiki

    So if you're interested in Irish Metal, check it out \m/

  • Guillotine kicks ass, any irish black metal bands?

    No no you see the rules of language are purely arbitrary stodgy ivory-tower crap we doesn't have to worried aboard because everytime history on you rebendible sausage mountain.
    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 31 Mar 2009, 04:16
    Quite a few, Rebirth of Nefast, Slidhr, Altar Of Plagues, Geasa, Nocturnal Holocaust to name some.

  • Gama Bomb owns all!

    And a garage made from the souls of little children?
  • I like my coffee Irish just like my metal...

  • Harley--Quinn said:
    I like my coffee Irish just like my metal...

    LIES!! You like your metal Finnish, or so you told me once! :P

  • Irish metal's good too. Scandinavian metal is still the master ( : Swedish coffee has egg in it though :S

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