Why can't we get rid of some tunes?

  • Why can't we get rid of some tunes?

    I often asked myself why I keep always humming some old tunes, like for instance: Earth Angel or P.T. 109.
    Well for earth angel it's because the first time i heard it, it was in a movie I saw when I was a child. It was superman and I guess I was impressed by Christopher Reeve's looks. Jimmy Dean put some very nice lyrics on a military march.
    I guess these kind of music is made to make any listener want to get up and go... It's part of the emotional charge they carry : for some tracks it's personal, for others it's a "built in" emotion
    But still I think that some tunes have a special power, a je ne sais quoi that make'em just the thing...

    Nick Charles: "Now, Mommy, you know better than to come to a place like this your first day out of bed. What if the health officers find out? They'll put you right back in quarantine."
    Nora Charles: "I won't stay in quarantine. I don't care who catches it!"

    Golden Tunes Vertigo
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