Gojira's Guitar Tuning?

  • Gojira's Guitar Tuning?

    I'm wondering what Gojira's tuning might be, on an internet tab they had Dropped D tuning but most of their songs have lower notes than D, I'm thinking it might be in low B or C, does any other guitarists know what it might be?

    • xantir said...
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    • 28 Apr 2007, 02:06
    hmpf. depends on what album and what songs I guess. I know that some From Mars to Sirius-songs are dropped D atleast.

    • CkerCky said...
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    • 18 May 2007, 15:14
    All the songs are in Open D tunning..

  • tuning

    I personally think the tuning is a tone down form standard, for example, DGCFAD from low to high. I can play the whole of From Mars... with this tuning a lot easier than with drop D, maybe I'm wrong but meh. I'd be quite suprised if it was a different tuning to be honest.

  • They use dadgbe standard drop d tuning!

    Walk with me in hell
  • No they do not use Drop D tuning. Open D like stated before.

  • Yeah, they use DGCFAD from low to high, you can clearly see that from the Link Alive DVD, and the reason it maybe sounds lower is because they use a lot of bass in their sound.

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