• rubycone > headswitch

    3 Mar 2008, 12:44 by spikemobile

    Fri 22 Feb – Headswitch, Rubycone

    идя на это концерт я не знал чего ожидать вообще.. единственное что я знал, что в Rubycone играют примус и nigg@. на это все мои познания, что об одной группе, что о другой заканчивались..

    я, конечно же, шел послушать именно Rubycone.. и я не был разочарован - они порадовали своей интересной, но к сожалению ну уж очень короткой программой (как оказалось в последствии, они забыли сыграть одну песню). они удивили тем, что сыграли интересный кавер, о котором ниггер сказал, что всем он должен быть известен.. я долго ломал голову, но видимо не в том направлении, ищя в закомым мне харкдоровых и эмокоровых командах этого трека.. все зря - это была заглавная композиция из фильма терминатор (The Terminator Theme), которую ребята так и озаглавили - Terminator (live).. хочу отметить, что композиция эта объеденила в себе как дух оригинального звучания терминатора так и свойственный саунд rc. остальные их вещички - так как я их слышал впервые и названий не знал, то оотвественно и выделить ничего больше не могу - были сыграны отлично, качово и мелодично.. две гитары придавали этой команде особый шарм..

    что же сказать о Headswitch.. хмм, даже не знаю.. выйдя они с этим делом пару лет, был бы совсем другой разговор.. они хорошо и слаженно играли совмещая своеобразное звучание, временами напоминающее A Perfect Circle, а временами Linkin Park.. похвальны конечно поползновенния в электронно-порогрессивном направлении временами, но что-то все как-то не так..

    в целом, я не пожалел, что познакомился с такой группой как Rubycone.. будем ждать хоть какого-то релиза..
  • my mp3-player non-scrobblings, pt. 2

    15 Feb 2008, 10:38 by spikemobile

    well, just as i thought, here's the next chapter on the topic.. yeah, i am listening to a lot of music while going to and from work, walking and/or riding on public transportation. unfortunately it does not get scrobbled on the web, but it does so in my mind - it doesn't go unnoticed..

    so what are the bands and the albums that i have on my mp3 player lately (and it's weird, once i up the music on it, it stays there for a long time.. i kinda learn to enjoy it and then i don't want to get it off there):

    1. Dead Poetic and its Vices.. this album is different from the first two, more type of records. this one is actually more straight , sometimes reminiscent of Chevelle and even Tool. one can hardly find a weak track on the whole record, but the tracks that do stand out are - the poignant and sad Lioness, the beautiful In Coma and the melancholic and prayerful conclusion Vices, which i truly got stuck on after listening to the lyrics of it ("oh but Jesus / i got vices like any other man / vices that You're so used to /vices that won't make You think less of me.")

    2. russian act Stigmata's latest self-titled endeavor and its stand out tracks Лед, Сентябрь, Бог меня простит и Оставь надежду.. good quality music in the likes of As I Lay Dying! it really blew me away; didn't expect that from a russian band..

    3. this artist was recoomended to me by a friend of mine, and i would not give it a listen for a long time, but once i did, i got infected - From a Second Story Window and it's concept album Delenda. if you like Zao you're destined to love this, IMHO. it's hard to pick any songs that stand out, but there are a few - melodic Ghosts Over Japan, ferocious The Crusher and everybody's favorite A Piece Of History Written In English. this stuff is great, just give it a try and you'll not be disappointed! (can't wait for their new record, which is set for a 2008 release!)

    4. Johnny Cash! how could i live without this guy's music? it makes me laugh and cry, it's timeless.. there're like 16 different records on my mp3 device at the moment, but the ones i listen to the most and/or impacted the most are At Folsom Prison, At San Quentin, and The Gospel Road. @SQ is the first album that introduced me to the Man in Black, thus it does give me chills every time i listen to it. among everybody's favorites @FP has this song written by an inmate that johnny sings so humbly - Greystone Chapel. and TGR is a Gospel story set to music where mr. cash is the narrator. what an experience! i just can't understand how people cannot but love this guy, his guitar and his words. truly a legend! (i could talk so much more about the guys 'cus there's so much to say.. he deserves a journal, in fact a series of journal of his own!)

    5. Darkest Hour's masterpiece Deliver Us that was quite suspicious at first. i saw and heard everybody talking about and listening to this album. and usually i don't quite like jumping on a bandwagon, but when a friend of mine gave it to me i was pleasantly surprized. Demon(s), Doomsayer (the Beginning of the End), Tunguska and A Paradox with the Flies really show the beauty that can (and should) be!

    6. The Agony Scene and their latest Get Damned took a little time to grow on me unlike their self-titled debut that blew me to pieces right from the first seconds i heard. this album is different, and i should say it's a great record. it's still not as good as their debut, i think; but it's definitely deserves a head-and-shoulders higher praise than their sophomore release. Deliverance and Old Scratch are the tracks that you wanna come back to, over and over again. but more importantly this album has unity to offer; it's got to be listened in its entirety, and that does creat a feeling of completeness. it is a record that defies metallic genres!

    7. the 's finest Immortal Souls with its polished Wintereich. one can see the growth of this band from album to album, but one thing is constant - winter! it starts of with a killer Nightfrost, which is a great start! two other tracks that i really enjoyed (off of a truly enjoyable disc) are Winter of My Discontent and Black Water. the title track's good too, but i wish they made it like 2 minutes short or smth.. other than that it is a winter favorite!

    8. The Black Dahlia Murder's latest Nocturnal.. i don't know.. i can't still say that i get it. it's good, but it's somewhat generic, to me that is. the only track that i do remember off of it is Warborn (man, this one's so good!!!). don't get me wrong, it's a good record, but it just doesn't cut it for me (at least not yet! i'm still listening to it while going to work - it's fast-paced, and that's good for it)..

    9. and the last but by no means the least is It Prevails! the last because it was the latest addition to the mp3 player. in all honesty i can say that this album (The Inspiration) has become one of my favs.. been listening to it over and over again in its entirety. remember what i said about Get Damned above? well, same here.. i mean i can't name any stand-out track whatsoever because i never took time to see which one's playing - all of the tracks complete the big picture. The Inspiration really does inspire! it's just one of those albums! (i don't know if they'll be able to top this record in the future; but we'll have to wait and see.)

    as far as i know there will be next episodes (once i change the records), so stay tuned.. comments are welcome.

    oh and the numbers don't necessarily mean that they go from the most enjoyed to less so. (it's just something to keep me organized and all.)
  • From the edge of the abyss to the Victory!

    3 Feb 2008, 13:40 by Orgedus

    So my parents are religious and I've been very close Christian events and life since my childhood (kid's camps, Sunday school, bigger religious conferences). Nevertheless when I was on upper level of comprehensive school I started to become interested in all kind of drugs and alcohol, so the Christian life was forgotten. For a start I tried smoking and that made me to steal smokes from the store, so there came the crimes in my life. Although I stopped smoking at summer 'cause I didn't have to play to friends and I didn't get that from smokes, what was I looking for.

    Soon there came in my life alcohol and especially spirits. There must be always spirits, which we mixed to soda. I noticed in early point that I could drink a lot of alcohol and that didn't affect to my physique. Instead my mind was fully in confusion and I couldn't think anymore with any sense or normally. Soon there came with alcohol always some kind of crimes like all kind of vandalism and burglary to departments. First time I woke up in the lock-up my 16th birthday.

    When I started my studies in education school in Kuopio I made be some time without any alcohol. Although that pain in side of me didn't eased and I wasn't interested in Christian life. And soon I was again drinking more than ever. Furthermore I started to sniff and everything with what I could get my mind confused. At the beginning of the year 2006 I wasn't moving in the public places clear without any drugs and I haven't any purpose in my life.

    At the spring 2006 I consequently drunk and studied, which was one of the only things where I felt succeed. 'Cause I use more drugs than ever that saw in change in my spirit. All the time I had to plan different crimes, which I wanted to try. Through these crimes I wanted to show people that I'm more than just a kid who succeeds in school. At the one Friday night when we were implementing these plans with my friends, everything didn't go like we had planned. And on Sunday afternoon cops came to get me with a charge of busting.

    Even I end up in a cell for two days and got several charges, I didn’t care about that. Summer and fall 2006 went with alcohol and some drugs. I met more often officials who wanted to help me, cops and even a psychiatrist. Although I felt like nobody could help me and I didn’t find any help anymore. I created for me some kind of security field for myself.

    I didn’t allow anybody to become close to me. Even my best friends were like brothers to me I kept some distance to them also and strived to get them involved a little than possible. Although I had got them into “the world of crime” and lots of troubles also. I thought then that nobody could ever help me
    anymore and me neither anybody, only hurt. But anyway something got me to move on.

    In the end of the fall we were once again with my friends drinking and we went to local church’s (not the one church where my family is member) youth group. There is every Friday-night coffee and some cakes on offer and young people come there and talk about Jesus with members of the church. There was a friend of my dad from our church and he came to talk with me. I don’t remember what were we talking about, but soon he asked “Can I pray for you?”. I didn’t make it say anything before my friend said that “That couldn’t hurt us so pray!”. And so he prayed for me and two friends of mine. We didn’t take that seriously but laughed, anyway something stayed in my heart.

    After that night I started to read the Bible in the evenings and I went to some youth group nights of my own church. Unforgettable moment in our youth group was when our youth pastor asked in our Christmas party from everybody “What are the positive things which have stayed in your minds of past year and what are you waiting for next year?”. Question made me totally silent when I thought what positive thing was in my life with drugs. I couldn’t answer more than “School and practical training went great”, and to the other question shortly and succinctly “Next year could be better than the past year”. Even I had been in many youth group nights during fall, I haven’t still interested in religious things and sometimes I even went drinking after the youth group.

    In the beginning of year 2007 my best friend turned 18 years and we celebrated that by getting drunk. I didn’t have any money to get him a present so I decided to promise him that cops wouldn’t come and ruin our celebrating tonight. Although when we had drunk enough my psyche started to shake totally once again. We left with my friends walk home but I had different plans. I had got one friend of mine’s liquor and my own I drunk too. So soon I was yelling in the street that I’m going to kill one young guy. Luckily friends of mine called the cops to get me and once again I woke up in the lock-up in Kuopio.

    After that night I started to think my life and that what kind of I become when I get drunk. I decided to left alcohol and started to go more often in our church’s young group nights. About a month after that there was a bigger youth event in Kuopio, where I gave my life to Jesus Christ! And about two months after that, I was baptized.

    So this true story told about that how my parents’ numerous prays and that personal pray in local church got the answer. Today I can live believing in Jesus Christ and I’ve noticed that I can still help somebody. By the power of Jesus Christ I’ve testified in several events and tell about that what Jesus has done in my life!
  • Rock and Metal - 2007 musical summary, fuck yeah!

    31 Dec 2007, 15:29 by MATI9630

    Ok, you won't find here The Apostasy or another Dark Passion Play. You won't find here weak albums neither. Why only so high ratings? Because I don't listen to the stuff I don't want to - I am not fucking reviewer! So here we go, yaay.

    3 Inches of Blood - Fire Up The Blades
    I am a bit disappointed about this stuff... Not bad, quite good, but nothing really special. 6,9/10
    Genre: heavy metal

    Arch Enemy - Rise of the Tyrant
    Goood, solid album, I'd say. 8/10
    Genre: melodic death metal

    Clutch - From Beale Street to Oblivion
    Hm, quite nice stoner rock here. 7,8/10
    Genre: stoner rock

    Dark Tranquillity - Fiction
    Kicks ass. 9/10
    Genre: melodic death metal

    Derdian - New Era Pt. 2 - War Of The Gods
    Average. 6/10
    Genre: symphonic power metal

    Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos
    Best of 2007 IMO. You don't agree with me? Fine. 10/10

    Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden
    Has its good sides, but overall nothing interesting. 5,5/10
    Genre: rock

    Ensiferum - Victory Songs
    Now, this will blow your mind. And Petri is very good vocalist too, he isn't worse imo than Jari. Well, maybe a little. 9,3/10
    Genre: folk metal

    Helloween - Gambling with the Devil
    Niiice :P. 9/10
    Genre: power metal

    Lessdress - Sugarfree
    Now, this is so fucking underrated that this is unfair... 8,5/10
    Genre: hard rock

    Megadeth - United Abominations
    Very fucking good. 9/10
    Genre: thrash metal

    Monstrum - VIII Dzień Tygodnia
    What can I say... it is indeed very good. 9/10
    Genre: heavy metal

    Nanowar - Made in Naples
    The best metal parody that you can find. Also, really good music :P. 9/10
    Genre: comedy, heavy metal, power metal

    Nuclear Blast Allstars - Out Of The Dark
    Copy of Roadrunner United, huh? Maybe, but at least they don't play shitty metalcore, just pure melodic death metal (other album = power metal, but I haven't listened to it yet.) 8,5/10
    Genre: melodic death metal

    Ozzy Osbourne - Black Rain
    Good. 7,5/10
    Genre: heavy metal

    Pain of Salvation - Scarsick
    It's crap and a masterpiece in one thing. Seriously! n/a/10
    Genre: um.. progressive... metal?... nvm.

    Paradise Lost - In Requiem
    Awesome. 9/10
    Genre: gothic metal

    Porcupine Tree - Fear of a Blank Planet
    Hard to get into this one, really.
    Genre: progressive rock

    Queens of the Stone Age - Era Vulgaris
    Eargasm. 9/10
    Genre: rock

    Riverside - Rapid Eye Movement
    Another masterpiece. 9,7/10
    Genre: progressive rock/metal.

    Scorpions - Humanity - Hour I
    I didn't expect that this album could be sogreat. 9/10.
    Genre: hardrock, a little bit progressive, I'd say.

    Serj Tankian - Elect the Dead
    I got bored of it quickly... but still pretty good... 7,5/10
    Genre: alternative metal

    Soilwork - Sworn to a Great Divide
    I though it'd be crap, but I got disappointed :PP 9/10
    Genre: melodic death metal

    Sonata Arctica - Unia
    Hard to get into, but if you will - then God will bless ya. 9,8/10
    Genre: Progressive/power metal

    Symphony X - Paradise Lost
    Nice ^^ 8,9/10
    Genre: progressive/power metal

    Tenacious D - The Pick of Destiny
    Fucking awesome :d 9/10
    Genre: rock, comedy rock

    Therion - Gothic Kabbalah
    Genre: symphonic metal

    Velvet Revolver - Libertad
    Very good. 8/10
    Genre: rock.

    and now
    the best
    of fucking the best
    Xan Arcanist - TRU3 M3T4L 0F ST33L 1337 H4X W00T SL1PKN0T SVX C0CK
    Words are meaningless...
    Genre: a lot.

    Feel free to comment :)
  • my mp3-player non-scrobblings..

    26 Oct 2007, 21:29 by spikemobile

    i recently caught myself thinking that a few bands (and albums/tracks) that i been lately listening to a whole stinkin' lot don't get the mention they deserve because they don't get scrobbled whatsoever and the reason is i listen to 'em on my mp3-player.. i say it's plainly not fair..

    1. August Burns Red and their latest endeavor Messengers (which unfortunately ain't on yet) - pure masterpiece. listened to it for like over 200 times if not over 300 times.. i mean the songs The Eleventh Hour and Redemption have been on repeat quite a few times, especially the latter (this one has been repeated for like 50 times alone - both words and lyrics are truly inspiring!).. in fact the words to Redemption - "... on my knees praying for mercy / ... wanting your grace, wanting your security / ... i am just a man with a heart and sinful hands / ... Lord, show me the way / i ask of You Father, let my words be Your words / let my thoughts be Your thoughts / to You, i give my praise / show me the way / take me in Your arms / never let me go / Lord, show me the way, as i give myself to You / never let me go / hold me with Your everlasting love / be my strength / be my voice / be my glory / set me free" - have become my daily morning prayer as i'm going to work and listening to this track on repeat.

    2. War Of Ages's Pride Of The Wicked. this young but relentless outfit brings me joy every time i press play. combining the aggression and energy of with melodic guitars and riffage of the old style they earned a special place in my heart. hard to pinpoint any standout tracks or anything since i listen to the whole album in its entirety and it's real good, i should add. if there're special tracks these would be Bittersweet, Stone By Stone and Absence of Fear.

    3. Sepultura's Dante XXI. first was introduced to Dante through a video to Convicted in Life (which alongside with Buried Words and Fighting On are my favs on this one), and got to say that these brazilian fellas keep bringing it! been their fan since Chaos A.D., and they still got the stuff!

    4. In This Moment's Beautiful Tragedy. a friend of mine got me hooked onto this new band, although at first i was somewhat skeptical about another female vox in a metal band. but have to admit she's handling both growling and clean vocals equally well - that's one of the great things about this record. hard to pick any standout tracks since the whole album is pretty solid, i should say; maybe Prayers, Circles, and Beautiful Tragedy.

    5. Maps and Atlases's Tree, Swallows and Houses, which i gave a few spins on my comp as well. truly a great album with unique guitar stylings and a very interesting vocals (ones you need to get used to, but once used to, it's there to stay). can't wait for their next release.

    6. Comeback Kid's Broadcasting. this one was a little harder to get into; took a while. a really good solid record with a few tracks deserving a repeat button, such as Market Demands, In/Tuition and Defeated. it's still a record i have to be in the mood for, but once i am it is the record to enjoy and shout to!

    there's also some room for Thrice's Live Acoustic from the Apple Store and Maylene and the Sons of Disaster's The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow EP. but i don't listen to these too much since i do have them on my computer and listen to them every once in a while. don't get me wrong, both EPs are awesome, though.

    enough rambling on my part.. maybe more will come some other time..