• yapee said...
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    • 5 Jun 2006, 23:38

    Playing music

    Ok, so maybe something productive? What plays when you play? Does anything? For me it doesn't matter - i tend to get a bit carried away during games and usually the Fear Factory or Static-X in the background doesn't even reach my consciousness.

  • Basically anything for me too. Post-punk, post-rock, folk, metal, electronica, "indie" -- most work. I have a problem with listening to "garage" psychedelic when I am trying to concentrate on though (and by "garage" I don't mean anything like the smooth and progressive-sounding Pink Floyd). Perhaps other stuff interrupt me too, I just haven't noticed it yet... I usually don't "notice" the music either, but research have shown that people working in a noisy environment have a higher level of stress hormones even if they claim not to notice the background noise at all so... :)

    Anyway, since this is a music thread, have you guys checked out http://cuby.us/kgs/ yet? I think Cuby should be added as a artist connection. :)

    Edit: And we should probably be inviting the top fans to this group. ;)

    • jagular said...
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    • 13 Jun 2006, 23:46
    The Hikaru No Go soundtrack of course. I think it's composed by Megu Wakakusa, but most seem to have it tagged as Hikaru No Go.

    You have seen the anime, right? :)

    • comboy said...
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    • 14 Jun 2006, 15:15
    Thanks, I didn't know about Cuby. I added it as an artist connection :)

    • yapee said...
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    • 17 Jun 2006, 20:24
    Hmm... i haven't thought about the hikaru soundtrack. Maybe i'll try this approach... ;-]

    • [Deleted user] said...
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    • 23 Nov 2006, 03:09
    meshuggah, norma jean, burst, sielwolf, aphex twin, autechre, orbital, orb, ....

    all kinda shit ;]

  • Only Chinese meditation music that reflex Go spirit. Hikaru no Go OST sometime nice to increase the tension of the game

  • I like to listen to peaceful music when I play: jazz, ambient, classical etc. Pat Metheny is my new favorite. Yeah, it goes mostly unnoticed in the background if you are really taking it serious and reading sequences all the time. I feel it still influences my play.

    If I'm in the mood to listen to really aggressive stuff like noise or black metal, I'm not focused enough to have an enjoyable game anyway.

  • music

    I like to hear music I'm very familiar with, generally peaceful. It helps me relax a bit when the opponent takes his time to think, to give myself a break, but then I can ignore it in mute when I have to focus deeply in the game.

  • Any instrumental music is fine when playing go.
    and of course i agree with the Megu Wakakusa option ^^

    Ignorance and falsity,
    a perfect symbiosis..
    • Espirit said...
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    • 19 Mar 2008, 07:48
    I kinda like fast tracks while playing go. It keeps me alert, energetic, and raises my desire to win to a high level.

    But then playing go without music might be best. It would be a problem if you get so used to playing go with the music on, that you can't play properly without music.

  • I usually play instrumental music during my games, and mostly ambient and "slowcore"-type post-rock at that. Metal does make me play more aggressively, though. :]
    That said, I don't play on the internet, so there's always someone else around -- usually with a dislike for music with a "strong presence".

    • fabu666 said...
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    • 27 Sep 2008, 08:14
    Could be anything from Beethoven to Marduk ... I think I can blank out most music without having it influence my game too much if I seriously concentrate on it.

  • I like something rather slow. Like Tool or Porcupine Tree.

    With such background it's nicely to read variations. :]

    go player
  • When I;m focused on a game I turn the music off, but that rarely happens; when I'm simply having fun at KGS go server I'm listening to gothic metal and japanese "almost-folk" like the Yoshida Brothers, or the soundtrack from the Samurai 7 anime, and when I'm fooling arround on the polish site kurnik.pl (I say polish, but this site has a whole lot of other language versions, it's just that it is a polish... product?) I tend to listen to anything, be it j-pop or german nazi punk ;D

  • I am usually fine with whatever that comes out from my speakers. But it also depends on the game. If I feel that I am way ahead of my opponent I gladly play some loud music, but when I feel that I am behind I usually turn off the music.

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