Season 7 episode 1

  • Season 7 episode 1

    so it came out yesturday, the 26th!!! im so excited.. im gonna watch it today though.. so whoever watched it please comment on this thread.. and discuss it :D

    so to whoever didnt watch it. dont read... it will be filled with spoilers :P

  • ok so i watched it.. well its not looking good for either lorlie and rory..

    i think rory should speak up a little.. she just keeps it all inside.. as for lorlie.. she did the right thing.. luke doesnt deserve her.. chris does!! , she should make it up to him (chris)

    thats all =D can't wait for next episode

    • chiefy said...
    • User
    • 3 Oct 2006, 20:12
    i hate lorelai. i hate rory. poor luke.

  • haha, well ive always liked chris, i have nothing against luke.. lol. everyone has their own opinion =D

  • I think Lorelei already made it up to Chris by sleeping with him! ;)

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